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    FUN FACT: Just because it isn't raining doesn't mean you're safe. Lightning can strike 10 MILES from any sort of rainfall.

    Back on topic, this idea has some merit, but I don't think it would negate the effects of a coil entirely. Some of those bolts would still find a path to the ground, one way or another.

    This would probably be covered by the (eventual) Industrial Conflict addon that Al and the rest of the boys are working on - but as long as the topic's here...

    I kinda agree with SpwnX on this one. It'd be better to have some sort of Flak system that can target any flyers if supplied with either gunpowder or a sufficient amount of EU.

    Just in case you guys don't know this yet...

    Forge for 1.3.1 has been released. Go get it!

    LexManos did caution that they need modders to iron out any bugs that may be present, however.

    Better Than Wolves creator known for making his mod incompatible with literally every other mod out there except for buildcraft with his Better Than Buildcraft mod

    Not quite what I meant, but I was a little vague, so not your fault - I was curious as to what "FC" stood for (Flower Child, upon reading further down the page).

    Alright, we'll compromise. Since people seem so set against removing 2 circuits from the equation, how about this: the original solar energy cell recipe will generate 2 cells, but you need 3 cells to make a solar panel. This was one of my original ideas, as an aside.

    Building on that idea some more, why not also make a pinned topic where each person can upload all their suggestions to (with the already-approved/denied stuff, as well)? It might save time, and it'd certainly save me the trouble of wading back through all the other topics to find the ones I made months ago.

    I don't really see them as such, panels you plop down, instant eu, water gens require systems of Redpower machines with a blutricity requirement, to produce any meaningful amount of energy; they aren't exact plop down and receive instant eus, wind gens could be considered start and forget, but you have to take into account the possibility of breaking at high heights requiring maintenance which if you work out the math on it you can make it so it doesn't break, but once again, it's not really the whole plop generator down and attach cable ease of solars, so even though I do use solars for starting energy (I don't like high bases, and I can never get ender pearls for retrievers) I think that the two circuits is completely justified


    Using that tutorial, Wind Gens will NEVER break. So, sorry, but it still becomes a "set it and forget it" situation. And who honestly resorts to water mills any more? I certainly don't.

    So it costs 1 more Coal, 1 more Glass and just 1 Iron and 6 Coppercables less? OK, if i want a cheaper Recipe, then i'm using my Silverbased Circuits (gives a x2 Bonus).

    But the Logic behind the Recipe (except the 2 Redstone for the Solarpanel) is worth consideration.

    The 2 redstone were just kinda tacked on there to preserve some of the cost - my main beef was the requirement of 2 circuits, which tend to gum up the works in the massive autocrafting factories I make when I want to create multiple MV Panels (Yes, I use CompactSolars, and I prefer Logistics Pipes to RedPower's stuff, because I know how Logistics Pipes works better than setting up RP2 Autocrafting).

    Again, the cells could be used for more than just a rework of the solar panel - another idea I had was similar to RedPower's Solar Detectors that Elo implemented. But, that's something to explore at a later date.

    Hey, guys!

    Before you bite my head off, I searched both the list of approved/denied ideas and the suggestions forum itself - in both cases, my idea did NOT turn up, so I am not restating any old ideas (to the best of my knowledge).

    So. Solar. We love it, use it, and argue over it. In my case, what if we were to add another step (or two) to make Solars, yet take away from the cost ever so slightly?

    My thought is this. The current recipe to make a solar panel, barring a nuclear reactor and its chambers, is the most expensive of the generators to make. You need 13 insulated copper wires (for the battery and 2 circuits), 4 tin (battery again), 10 refined iron (for the circuits and machine block), 8 cobblestone (furnace), 6 redstone (battery and circuits again), 3 coal (for dusts), and 3 sand (for glass). Clearly, there has to be a better way.

    I propose, therefore, an intermediary step.

    Instead of the current crafting recipe, why not implement the need to craft solar energy cells? The photo-voltaic circuitry could also be implemented into other things, but for now, the solar panel rework is the main one. The recipe I have in mind is as follows:

    G D G--------- D G D
    D C D---OR---G C G
    G D G--------- D G D

    G = Glass (Panel, possibly, but the actual block is what I am planning for the moment)
    D = Coal Dust
    C = Electronic Circuit

    This would yield one or two solar energy cells, depending on people's opinion. For the moment, though, I'm sticking with just the one, and you'll quickly see why with the new Solar Panel Recipe, which is as follows:

    X S X
    R P R
    X X X

    X = Nothing
    S = Solar Energy Cell
    R = Redstone
    P = Generator

    The Solar Helmet Recipe would remain unchanged, however. Anyway, just throwing this idea out here. What do you guys think?