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    I would like to see an iridium enforced CF block for Nuclear explosion resistance :D

    While Minecraft and IC2 have a VERY tenuous grasp of reality as-is, Iridium is only alloyed with metals for use in high heat environments - and ONLY metals, at that. It would have little to no effect on how strong a material would be.

    Bah, but I'm taking the fun out of the game with my realistic input. Blame the wiki article for this.

    Anydangway, Al, I thought the 4000+ block IDs were already part of MC with the 1.2.3. update. Was I misinformed?

    Also, Iron Bars, Iron Fences - doesn't matter, it'd get the point across all the same (though now that I think about it, Iron Bars would probably be more in line with Real Life(tm)).

    Hey, peoples!

    This idea came from a side tangent I had in Cidercraft's Iron Scaffold Thread. During the course of the topic, someone suggested having the iron scaffolds being able to be covered in construction foam, and this gave me the title idea.

    With suggestions from Snoochy and others, the idea came forward to allow IC2's Iron Fencing to act like rebar does for concrete in Real Life(tm) - it would help strengthen the material for structural purposes. Obviously, for balance (and to avoid obsolescence completely), it wouldn't be quite as strong as reinforced stone, but it would be a cheaper alternative (in addition to being quicker to place) than r-stone. I can't tell you how mind-numbingly tedious it was to make a 4-block thick "coffin" of r-stone for the first nuclear reactor I ever made (I must have gone through 100 stacks of the stuff, if not more). Now I usually just do 2 layers, but it still requires an incredible amount of material (and time, even with Buildcraft and logistics pipes helping) to make.

    Reinforced CF would obviously have the drawback of needing direct exposure to sunlight before it could harden, but that has the obvious fix of simply cutting away a hole for the mold if the roof's just a few meters underground - it obviously wouldn't be very practical if you were at the bedrock layer, though, and it wouldn't work in the Nether, as there's no light to begin with!

    So, with that said, what do you guys think?

    Backspace deleted my initial post, RAWR!! D=<

    Reading about all this talk about CF gave me an idea, Cider - what if there was a second form of iron scaffolding, only for construction purposes, that could be used to act like rebar does in concrete? It'd be nice to have something that was comparable to Reinforced stone, but a MUCH cheaper alternative - it would also give me an actual incentive to build a canning machine, as I usually just build a massive 2+ thick wall of Reinforced stone to keep my reactor from causing any harm to the environment.

    [...] vanilla IC2's reactor bears about as much resemblance to an actual nuclear reactor as the mob spawning mechanics do to a real ecosystem.

    Understatement of the year. XD

    The Realistic Reactors sounds quite intriguing, Kent - are you anticipating even higher efficiencies than if we'd stuck to most tried and true methods of loading reactors or CASUCs? I'd understand if such was not your intention, but it would certainly be nice to have something that competes with CASUCs without having to worry about a nightmarish setup (other than positioning moderator in the reactor, of course).

    Here's a few more:

    The definition of "irony"
    Kill 3 or more creepers with a nuke.

    Sky-high paradise
    Terraform a minimum 20x20 land mass at layer 128 or higher.

    Lord of the tides
    Generate a total of 32 EU/t from Water Mills.

    Bring some shades
    Generate a total of 128 EU/t from Solar Panels.

    Blow you away
    Generate a total of 128 EU/t from Wind Turbines.

    Waste not, want not
    Craft a Recycler.

    Not the fall that kills you...
    From full health, take fall damage that leaves you with 3 hearts or fewer wearing rubber boots.

    Ah, Direwolf. I have seen many of your LPs before - I just watched your preview of Thaumcraft 2 today, in fact. It makes me consider starting a new map to incorporate TC2's features, but until then, I'll just keep truckin'.

    Hey, guys!

    Well, just yesterday I finally got a real start on progressing to my ultimate Minecraft base (a sky fortress - originality, yay), but today I just had a thought - in what ways (mods, etc.) do you add to minecraft in order to make the experience more enjoyable?

    Aside from IC2 (otherwise, I wouldn't be here!), I've used EE2 to get all the materials (hereafter called "mats") I need to start building my base. From Buildcraft, I've used Automatic Crafting Tables and Pumps to speed assembly and fuel geothermal generators, respectively - having logistics and teleport pipes helps even more. Though I have Redpower and Forestry installed, I haven't really used anything from either as of yet (though I've fed all matter of new ores to my relays from EE2 to get up to speed), but I plan to use Forestry's raincatchers for cooling and RP for wiring, in addition to wireless redstone for long-range stuff. Computercraft will also help lock my base down and run the general activities of the fortress when it's all said and done.

    As for addons to IC2, I'm currently using CompactSolars for performance reasons, and, once they update (if they haven't already), the Buildcraft/IC2 crossover and Rocket Science mods will be added posthaste for more energy, and to turn my fortress into a flying nuclear silo to rain down destruction upon hapless creepers. >=D

    With that said, how about the rest of you guys? What do you use in addition to IC2 to have a great time, be it new content or just aesthetic overhauls?

    you don't run and operate 8 nuclear reactors at once for a SMP server do you? :D lol

    8| I've never played online as it stands - and even one reactor takes me hours to get set up (between the wiring for the reactor's on/off switch, finding a water source to add extra cooling, and encasing it all in a 2-layer thick box of reinforced stone, I'm lucky if it's done in the day I start work on said reactor).

    With that in mind, I guess it'd be Alblaka's choice whether or not to have Uranium be affected by the upgrade. I'd personally still say no, as I've never gotten to a point where I needed a ton of uranium, but that may change.

    Thanks - I put a fair amount of thought into these three when I thought them up. :D

    100% double drop could only be done for coal, redstone and diamond.
    Otherwise players could abuse from miner to duplicate stuff.

    I believe I specified it'd only double those three's drop rates, as well as Lapis - you'd still only get single blocks of iron, tin, etc. ore. Lemme clean up the original post to make it a bit less ambiguous, now that I've taken another look at it.

    What do you think? 10-15 percent increase a good ballpark for the Topographical upgrade? Or am I a bit high/low?

    Hey guys.

    Before you bite my head off, let me just begin that, in my view, this is NOT the same thing as an upgraded miner.

    Instead, these are 3 upgrades that you could install on the Miner, kind of like the overclocker/energy storage/transformer upgrades you can have on your other machines. However, for the sake of balance (though as I play SSP exclusively, it would be a non-issue in my case), you can only have ONE of these upgrades on the miner at a time, and they can't stack with themselves.

    First off, let's have a look at the Topographical Scanners Upgrade. This is aimed at people who want something that can compete with the Quarries of Buildcraft, while still maintaining the miner's precision - when installed on your miner, it will upgrade your OD or OV scanners to allow the miner to search in a 7x7 or 13x13 area, respectively. However, the boosted scanning range results in a higher power draw of...I dunno, 10-15 percent more EU/t, maybe? Gimme some ideas with what you'd think would be acceptable. It'd be made as follows:

    G W G
    R C R
    X X X

    G = Glowstone dust
    W = Gold Wire
    R = Redstone Dust
    C = Integrated Circuit
    X = Nothing

    Next up, we have the High Speed Rotors Upgrade. With this installed on your miner, it'll mine its standard 5x5 or 9x9 area...except it'll do the job 25% faster than a miner without this upgrade installed. The problem is that those rotors require a rather substantial power draw to keep going, not to mention cooled - a 20% increase to the normal draw, in fact. To make it, here's how:

    O I O
    W C W
    X X X
    O = Cooling Cell
    I = Refined Iron
    W = Gold Wire
    C = Integrated Circuit
    X = Nothing

    Finally, let me introduce you to the Precision Mining Upgrade. I wanted to save the best for last, and I felt that this would do it. Ever felt that, good as the miner is, you wish that it'd let you know it'd stumbled across some coal, redstone, lapis or diamonds so you could take your Fortune III pick to get more of each? No more! By installing this upgrade on your miner, the drills will target these veins in the most efficient manner, guaranteeing double drops of those four blocks - all other ores (Iron, Tin, Copper, Uranium, etc.) will still only yield one block of each. Though as you might suspect, such calculated precision means that the miner not only harvests these veins at a slower rate (a 50% drop in speed, in fact, if it comes across any of them), it also takes 30% more energy than normal for the miner's computerized brain to perform all the high-level calculations to most efficiently harvest these resources. Hope you've got some deep pockets, because it requires the following to be crafted:

    P L P
    F A F
    X X X

    P = Carbon Plate
    F = Glass Fiber Cable
    L = Lapotron Crystal
    A = Advanced Circuit
    X = Nothing

    These are just tentative recipes, but I at least wanted to get them out here for review. That said, what do you guys think?

    Might as well jump on this bandwagon...

    Shining end goes into other man
    Craft the Nano-saber.

    Okay, who else wants some?
    Kill an Enderman while your Nano-saber is unpowered. (Quote comes from Pathways into Darkness)

    Explosive Overclocking
    Power a Macerator, Electric Furnace, Compressor, Recycler, or Extractor directly from the EV range (512-2048 EU/t, in case you've forgotten) using Transformer Upgrades.

    Was that a Mosquito?
    Take no more than 3 hearts of damage from an explosion while wearing the Quantum Suit.

    Safe? No. Efficient? Yes!
    Achieve a power output of 2000 EU/t from a nuclear reactor.

    What's this button do?
    Kill at least 10 monsters with a Nuke.

    Hot, hot, HOT!
    Craft a Geothermal Generator.

    Spring in your step
    Craft a trampoline.

    Flying without wings
    Use trampolines to ascend a total height of 20 blocks by jumping from one to the next.

    For those about to rock...
    Kill at least 2 enemies using the scattershot mode of the Mining Laser.

    That's a good enough start for now.

    Dude, SHH!!!

    Please put spoiler tags around stuff like this. It's supposed to be secret for a reason. *stern look* >=/


    Kent, just out of curiosity, aside from IC2, what other mods, if any, are you using while you and others are working out the bugs on this addon?