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    Well, it's pretty clear that this idea has a considerable amount of merit to it. :D

    @Fenix: Not only that, but more powerful, to boot. =P Pre-tagging would be nice, as well, now that you mention it.

    Fallen: That's a good point. However, it should also be noted in the wiki article that different materials are used for different purposes. An example given is that an aluminum liner (the cone you spoke of) is used when the target surface is concrete.

    Hey, guys!

    To my knowledge, this hasn't been suggested before, so I figured I'd put the idea forward.

    It's pretty self-explanatory. Much as I love my explosives, I just never use 'em - partly because I play SSP, but also because they're just too messy to begin with. So, I got to thinking - why not make an explosive that only destroys blocks in one direction?

    Typically, shaped charges are used in demolitions as well as mining, so my thought was also using it to get through reinforced stone/glass on SMP servers. For a recipe, here's what I have in mind:


    X = nothing
    C = Clay (balls, blocks, or dust - not sure yet)
    T = TNT (Vanilla or industrial - again, not certain, but probably vanilla)

    To ensure the blast goes the right way, you could re-orient it using a wrench. I don't know how penetrating the blast should be, but I'd say 3 blocks deep is probably a good ballpark.

    So, what do you guys think?

    The proper term for this would be a "Proton Pack." (Sorry, nerd moment there XP)

    Why stop at Ghasts, though? It could fire a solid stream of energy that deals extra damage to undead, but pitiful damage against everything else. And would take a LOT of energy to operate, as well...

    Though one wonders if there should be an effect if people decide to cross the streams in SMP... XD

    Hey, gang!

    Well, this idea sprang from the fact that you can use sticky resin to make sticky pistons. Pistons are the ideal choice for making secured doors, but only if you don't mind the doors being 2x2 without serious redstone setup. What if, then, you could use sticky resin (or perhaps refine it somehow) as a binding agent to keep blocks stuck together? I don't know if this has already been suggested, but to my knowledge, it hasn't yet.

    It would certainly stack with RP2's frames, as by gluing blocks together, you can make a fully-sealed blast door with this glue and Reinforced Stone.

    Anyway, what do you guys think?

    Heya, gang!

    Now, if this has been brought up before, I apologize, but as far as I know, it hasn't yet.

    Just as the name suggests, I got the idea in my head that it should be possible to use RP2's Diamond Saw (or its equivalents) to create reinforced stone slabs, panels, covers, and so on. With Eloraam's addition of frames, and the ability thus to create massive doors/elevators/whatever suits your fancy, R-stone slabs would allow for blast doors, ordnance elevators, and probably a whole lot more than I can come up with.

    There is one point I'd like to make, though - if the stone does gain the ability to be cut, it might be a smart idea to also decrease the blast resistance for each smaller piece, if possible. The reason behind this is because if the blast resist stayed the same at all thicknesses, people could just place 8 covers back-to-back and create a nearly-impenetrable wall of R-stone just one layer thick. For SSP, this wouldn't be a huge issue (the worst you'd have to worry about is multiple creepers), but in SMP, it would make PvP horribly unbalanced, as even nukes would be rendered virtually useless.

    So, with that said, what do you guys think?

    I've read all your posts, and rest assured that I'll respond to them eventually, but the end of the semester is coming up and I have quite a bit of research to do before exams. Rocket Science is on hiatus until mid-late May, after which SMP compatibility and bugfixes will become priorities.

    Understandable, sir. Take as much time as necessary to get Real Life(tm) sorted out first.

    Well, Kent, having officially used your machines, I have only one thing to suggest:

    Can the Isotopic Separator have upgrade slots like on basic machines? It's a pain having to step down my energy from 512 EU/t from my MFSU to 32 EU/t for the separators. In addition, since I have it part of my massive autocrafting factory, it's way a little too slow for how long it takes to craft everything. But, I suppose it can't be helped.

    The Fission reactor that outputs 2000 EU/t requires a lot of manual maintenance to control along with a lot of setup to work. One slip of the hand and it goes super-critical then explodes. After a quick check of the Reactor thread, the best mark 2 reactor does 180 EU/t while running, average 112 EU/t after cooling down. The Fusion Reactor outputs 128 EU/t without risk of meltdown or needing to cool down. As long as you can keep it fueled it'll keep running safely. I think the Fusion is balanced as it is, its easy, free power once you have it set up.

    Fixed. In the nuclear industry, "critical" means normal operating parameters. What you're thinking of is super-criticality - or, more precisely, a condition known as prompt super-critical. If a reactor ever reached prompt critical, the accepted response is to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. Super-criticality is needed to actually turn the reactor on from a cold start, but it is ever so slightly supercritical when this happens - nuclear engineering covers a lot of the nuts and bolts of how the process actually occurs.

    Sorry for the terminology rant, but I needed to point it out.

    Kent, first off, let me say thank you for updating to 1.2.5 - my crafting factory will be able to churn out nukes once I start getting a large mining operation going. >=D

    Secondly, RedPower2 has added computers with its latest release - I plan to use that to set up my own fully automated nuclear silo. It uses the FORTH programming language (ComputerCraft uses LUA), but it seems kinda like Java that I had to take back in college, so it ought to work.

    With the advent of Redpower2's frames, I am also able to create a fully-sealed silo door - the only sticking point is setting up the doors themselves, as I need to ensure they can open and close fully.

    Now if only I could use panels made out of Reinforced Stone...

    The chest with the sattelite pipe has to be right next to the craftingtable wich is crafting the overclockers. attach it to the side (left/right) is the best way i did it in my last map and dont Forget to set wich items will be provided from the sattelite pipe (Crafting-Pipe settings)

    Tried that. It still dinnae work, whether with a default chest or EE's Alchemical Chest. I'm gonna give it another shot to see if it doesn't work, though the orientation of "left/right" is a bit ambiguous (It could mean "North/South" or "East/West," for all I know).

    EDIT: It works now. My previous orientation was "in front" of the table, so to speak. Krapht (Logistics Pipes' creator) probably needs to be notified of that bug, if he doesn't know already.

    Hey, guys.

    I realize this probably would be better suited to the Buildcraft Forums, but I'm a bit lazy, and as it deals with IC2, it's still relevant.

    I've been setting up a massive crafting system for the past couple days, now, but I find myself stuck on one issue - the system can't craft any overclockers.

    I know I need to use a satellite pipe to provide the 3 cooling cells needed for an overclocker, but every time I ask the system to craft, they just sit in the chest. I've tried literally EVERYTHING I can think of to get the system to pull the cells from the chest - provider pipes, supplier pipes, removing the cooling cells from the automatic crafting table assigned to make the overclockers, positioning the chest right next to the table in question, using all three slots of the "satellite" section on the crafting pipe or just one with 3 cells - nothing seems to work!

    The crazy thing is, I didn't have this issue back in 1.2.3 - I was able to churn out overclockers without any trouble. What is it that I'm doing wrong?

    Hey guys. Not sure if this would be classified as a bug or a ticket for support, so I'm putting it here.

    The thing is, I seem to recall the Macerator accepting the tin and copper ores from Forestry and Redpower 2 back in 1.81 (I think...whatever IC2's 1.2.3 release version was) and turning both into IC2's respective dusts, but now it isn't. Is there a way to fix this manually, or is it imbedded in the mod's code itself?