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    does this effectively kill TMI? (i didn't like TMI, too much trouble)

    TMI? Seriously? People still use that? XP


    I tried a world with Large Biomes yesterday. Cool though it may be, it'd probably be better for maps you intend to play with friends - I spawned in a jungle, and even with a bonus chest, I was in danger of starving right from the get-go. I do like the new cocoa beans, though.

    I wonder what Eloraam's gonna have to do with regards to the new gems (rubies are slated to come out in addition to the emeralds).


    *nods in approval*

    For a first post/topic, sir, this was very well-thought out. As others have said, it's probably been suggested already, but it'd mesh well with the game (and give more incentive to get those upgrades/tools in the first place, to boot).

    STEP 1: Use Search.
    STEP 2: Check the Suggestions Compendium thread stickied at the top of this forum.

    If your suggestion has been posted already or in the Compendium thread, please don't waste our time and post it anyway.

    *reads up on the defoliant*

    Hmm. Could be useful. I, however, detect a catch somewhere in all of this - the fact it's called Agent Bronze brings to mind the horrifyingly disfiguring Agent Orange (WARNING: PICS OF PEOPLE WHO SURVIVED EXPOSURE TO AGENT ORANGE ARE DEFINITELY NIGHTMARISH AND POSSIBLY NSFW. SEARCH AT YOUR OWN RISK). I get the feeling that the defoliant would also be rather hazardous to one's health.

    HEAVY: "Doctor, dis way!" XD

    These ideas have probably been suggested already, but a search didn't turn up anything. Wasn't mentioned in the things accepted/maybe/denied thread, also, so I think I'm in the clear.

    I'm one of those weird people who don't like to eat ANYTHING unless I'm down to like 2 hunger or so (to ensure I have maximum satiation) - as such, when I'm out in the field, I find myself REALLY hurting for health, but my hunger's nowhere near empty. I rarely build canning machines (don't have a significant use for them at this point - not unless my earlier idea of Reinforced Construction Foam is implemented at some point, so I don't have Canned food on hand, either.

    That being said, why not implement some first-aid stuff into the mix? Here's a few ideas I came up with.

    First off, the humble band-aid. It's great for those cuts and scrapes, but not so much for serious injury. On the plus side, they can stack to 64. Instantly heals 1.5 hearts.




    X = Nothing
    P = Paper
    W = Wool (any color)

    Next, bandages. This is an intermediary between band-aids and the next healing item - it also stacks to 64, but heals 4 hearts due to better wound coverage.

    S S S


    X S X
    B S B
    X S X

    X = Nothing
    B = Band-aid
    S = String

    Finally, for the portable side of things, the First Aid Kit. Rather expensive to make, but it fully heals you, even if you're on that last half-heart of life. Unfortunately, it's also pretty bulky, and can only stack to 16.

    G R G
    U A T
    P P P

    G = Glass
    R = Rose Red
    U = Sugar
    A = Bandage
    T = Stick
    P = Wood Slab (any type)

    Now to the title idea: The Auto-doc. As long as it's powered (and you're in its 3-ish block radius), it'll slowly heal you at a rate of half a heart every 3 seconds of real time. The problem is that it drains EU even if you aren't using it, so a switch (cable) may be necessary. Accepts up to 32 EU/t.

    C R C
    F M F
    X E X

    C = Insulated Copper Wire
    R = Rose Red
    F = First Aid Kit
    M = Machine Block
    X = Nothing
    E = Electric Circuit

    That's about the extent of things I want to cover at this point, and the recipes are obviously subject to the whims of Al and the rest of the team, should these be implemented. So, what do you guys think?

    More ideas.

    Journeyman Geneticist
    Craft crop sticks.

    Nether Here Nor There
    Obtain some Terra Wart.

    Instant Base, Just Add Water
    Craft a CF Sprayer.

    Use CF to create a structure with minimum dimensions of 7x7x9.

    Light Fuse, Get Away!
    Craft some dynamite.

    Light Fuse, Get it OFF!
    Craft sticky dynamite.

    Can't Stop The Signal
    Teleport at least 500 blocks wearing a full Quantum Suit.

    Hey, guys!

    To my best knowledge, this hasn't been suggested yet, nor is it a denied request (and I searched this time!), so I don't feel that anything's wrong here.

    Sometimes, I listen to the sounds that IC2's items make, and I find that they're just kinda...meh. Probably the most glaring example of this would be the Nuke.

    So, I thought to myself, "Why not bring forth some sounds that Al and the rest of the IC2 team could add?"

    As noted, the Nuke's explosion doesn't really cut it for me. So, I submit the sound at 6:10 in this vid as a potential candidate.
    Building off the Nuke some more, perhaps when it's lit, it might also give off a VERY clear warning sound, such as this air raid siren? It'd certainly get the point across.

    Beyond that, I don't know what else could be added, but it's a start.

    Well, it has been a while since I last touched Minecraft - mainly because I'm waiting for 1.3 to come out.

    So, sounds like this isn't entirely necessary, though it does still get me thinking - do the teleporters "remember" the cart orientation when you jump?

    Hey, guys!

    Dunno if this was suggested already or if the mechanic is already present in IC2, but I'm too lazy to search so...yeah. ^_^;;;

    Anyway, as the name suggests, much as we all love teleporters, it'd be nice if we could also warp via minecarts. This would, of course, be quite costly (both in terms of materials and EU requirements), but for those of us who use Railcraft or Steve's Carts (or both!), this would be an invaluable addition. As with default Teleporters, it would have to be supplied with power via an MFSU - indicating which side is the teleport "direction" might also be a good idea.

    So, to craft these crazy rails, here's a recipe I came up with (ultimately subject to change):


    F = Glass Fiber Cable
    A = Adv. Circuit
    P = Powered Rail
    T = Teleporter

    How many rails this recipe would produce is subject to debate, but only one would keep things balanced - it wouldn't make teleporters obsolete, to be certain. And how the rails would actually work is also up for discussion.

    With that said, what do you guys think?

    After a long period of silence, I return with more achievement ideas.

    Zero Effort Required
    Craft a Miner.

    Space-Age Material
    Make a sheet of Advanced Alloy.

    Shock Value
    Craft a Tesla Coil.

    Deal 10 or more hearts worth of damage with a Tesla Coil.

    Good for What Ails You
    Craft a can of Weed-X.

    Too Lazy to Farm
    Craft a Crop-Matron.

    What's on Tap?
    Successfully brew an alcoholic beverage.

    It's The Only Way to be Sure
    Detonate 10 nukes simultaneously. Preferably from a LONG way away.

    Speaking of underground bases, Fenix, I just thought of a REALLY nasty trap you could make with shaped charges if they were implemented - a hallway completely lined with shaped charges, all linked to a single switch. Makes for a great "panic button" if your base was breached. >=D

    Keymaster pretty much nailed how I think the blast pattern should work. Right at the block next to the charge, it'd be its narrowest, but also at its strongest. Beyond that, it'd kind of expand into a conical shape, but lose strength as it did so.

    Alternatively, I was happy with taking out a 3x3x3 area in the direction of the charge, again, with the blast losing strength as it progressed.