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    I just dont overload the Armor if the QSuit-Config is identical to the regular behaviour.

    I did some testing and I realize that your mod is avoiding IC2 translation like Quantumchestplate or uraniumcell (and others).

    To reproduce this always, do:

    1) install IC2 alone in a fresh MC with forge.
    2) in creative mode search "quantum"
    3) you will see that all body parts have blue font, and for example, the helmet text is "QuantumSuit Helmet". If you translate the lang file, the names appear translated.
    4) install gregtech
    5) in creative mode search "quantum".
    6) you will see that Quantum chest appear in white font, and the text is "Quantumchestplate" (without blank char). If you translate or manipulate the lang files from IC2, the item always show "Quantumchestplate" in white and ignoring the translation.

    there are other items like that like "uraniumcell". If I install other mod.. sometimes the problem switch to "quantumhelmt", but I cant reproduce the steps.

    I hope this help to explain the problem.

    Greg, I have an idea to satisfy the people who dislike some of the features of Gregtech. I am not included in this pool, but that is not relevant. Would it be reasonable for you to make a version of Gregtech with just the new content, and none of the recipe modifying?

    That could give Gregtech a bad reputation (lots of exploits, for example), and require a LOT of refactorization and maintenance (two branchs). Maybe turning off the recipes in the config?

    YOU did not read ANTHING about this thread/mod/main post?? that's what the mod about! (and use NEI for the recipies instead of "research" for hours...)

    @People thinking IC2 recipes are too easy and "OP"
    You guys have played the mod a while, after playing anything for this long, what doesn't become easy and a sort of routine? Remember when you first picked up IC2, had no idea what you were doing, and just sort of progressed up the tech tree? Back during your first experience I can say with 99% certainty that nobody thought "wow this is OP" when they first reached UU-matter, or thought "that was way too easy" when they first crafted a diamond drill.

    "easy" means 1-2 hour of gameplay if you know what are you doing... I think that 3-5 days of gameplay = "normal" gameplay for a very good tool.

    Small rant time...

    • Last but not least, the recipe tampering. A nether fortress and a bunch of slimes before you can get a mining drill? Really?

    I played IC2 for almost a year, and Gregtech for a month.

    I think (and All of us I guess) IC2 recipe are unbalanced and easy to get. I think that IC2 is an extremely enjoyable mod, but it need more gameplay. That's why I support Gregthech. I think that for a future IC3, the length of the game should be grater (like this addon provide).

    Can you please play an entire gameplay with this addon? (updated one!), you will notice that the life of IC2 is extended in a good way. Maybe it have some faults, but it IMPROVE IC2 nerfing and extending it in a comfortable way.

    Sincerely I hope that IC2 and Gregtech work together to improve Industrialcraft! maybe some ideas from gregtech can be merged to vanilla Industrialcraft.

    PD: I get a mining drill without going to the nether.. :S

    I think that no equipment is too expensive. If you can create it to mine, is cheap. The only expensive thing here is TIME. Mining time is expensive. BC quarrys or IC2 automining machines are more than enough to "unbalance" the gameplay.. minecraft. So machines->automatic mine = good and cheap investment always.

    I have an idea, not sure if it's been said before. Some type of high tier item that allows you to scan your surrounding areas and it will give some type of idea of what ores are around you. It would obviously have to be somewhat expensive to make and use, but it would be great to have this ability, and it could be worked into high tech stuff easily. And it would make manually mining more worth it even at higher tech levels

    you can do that with IC2, you get a numeric value about the ores in the actual chunk

    Suggestion to the main post:
    Add a version number beside the mod spotlight, to show which one is the most recent.

    I agree with you. But if you read the Important things section, he will not do that... don't know why (a simple script can do it automatically, and dropbox link problem can be solved linking a DIR/FOLDER containing the file instead linking an exact file name)

    mass bug reporting is useless, every bug discovered at 3rd page and nothing new reported later, now i understand why devs kept IC2 beta testing closed for soo long time.

    bug reports here is useless because everyone must report them to the bug tracker...

    I think that automated quarry should be end game content, because this is minecraft. If you get rid of that, you get crafting only (aka creative mode).

    Your example is not the good one. Because in the 2 case, you'll lose 3 Diamonds, with Xp in the one, Circuit + Iron in the other. The problem that could be mentionned would be the fact you need Diamond to repair Vanilla Pickaxe, while you only use Energy for Rockcutter. But I'm not complaining about the Rockcutter, since it's speedness is already a problem --> I only use it on Diamonds, Uranium and if never I find one, Iridium. But I agree with the fact it should be a little more expensive (than Diamond Pickaxe). An energy Crystal instead of the RE-battery would be enough, + non being compatible with Batpack.

    Edit: You're cheating, you've edited your post 5 times and it makes the mine a bit irrelevant. When I did it myself, that was for grammar corrections.

    sorry, but when I read your post I realize that my translation was not accurate and my post was confusing my original idea.

    Did I say that this Diamondcount was in Vanilla-MC and with Mods?

    What I'm trying to said, is that the diamonds are shelved (or "unused") in tools maintenance. For example, I have a diamond pick with 3 enchantments, and I treasure it a lot (its "difficult" to repair and obtain good enchantments).. but if I loose my rock cutter in lava (like yesterday), I simply create another with no much effort, and with a lot of benefits, and almost 0 maintenance.

    I think that a drill/tool loose its sharp edges, so a maintenance is not so crazy.

    In vanilla-MC you have to play a lot to gather a stack of diamonds to maintain your tools and armours. But my point is not about diamonds and enchantments, is about the maintenance of the tool. Maybe more energy consumption? some kind of usage limit (loooong time, but limited at least) until make a new one?

    EDITED> wrong english translation :P

    How did you get 81 stacks of redstone with 1 hour mining.. considering you need 6 redstone ores per stack, that's 486 redstone ores per 1 hour.. 1 redstone ores per 7 seconds? With Dense Ore? ..but I think you will need those redstone ores for rubies.. so not a big deal..

    I play with my girlfriend in a lan, so we are 2 mining. I was not using mystcraft. Per ore you get 10 redstone with the "industrial Mercator". Maybe luck? (I said "almost" 1 gold chest)

    Since when are Diamonds valuable? I always have stacks of them in my Chests, and nothing to do with them. And the diffrence between them is that you cant use the NaK-Cells for the Laser and the greenish Color. Nothing else.

    I think that The problem is the mods. All this technical mods make diamonds not valuable using the electrical tools and armours. I like the tools, but they are overpowered in my opinion (maybe more energy consumption?).