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    Suggestion: An energy orb that can store infinite eu.

    That's very OP. And there is a problem, Computers CAN'T handle a number growing up to infinity, they have limited memory to store a variable. In Java, the minimum possible value is -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 and a maximum value is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 (inclusive). You can use some kind of classes like BigInteger that support some greater numbers, but they are REALLY REALLY slow (impossible to use in a game).

    Hmm I just noticed something it appears the world gen for ores doesn't follow some other mods. By that I mean extrabiomesXL. See if I want rubies and I find myself in a mountainous desert biome I would assume right away since it's a desert biome but mountainous that I would find rubies in it. So far NONE and this is with using a 64x64 quarry. So it appears that beside the vanilla desert biomes, you won't find rubies in other mods that add other desert type biomes. At least this is what I have observed with mining in one with and without a quarry. So it seems there might be a bit of a bug/error here.

    I found 8 in the vicinity of my home base. Not easy, but they exist.


    As I see, you override the quantum chestplate, quantum helmet, thick neutron reflector, neutron reflector, but you forgot to add the possibility to translate them (from official IC2.lang file). If I remove you mod, I can see the translation for those items, but if I add your mod, they appear in English or with their labels (like "quantumchestplate").


    id conflict (almost sure), read the entire log (or use MultiMC Dev Version, it show the ID conflicts)

    I get this while trowing a lot of scattered mining lasers (keep pressed right button)

    I went through about 10 or so on one map an just another two to be extra sure on another map no ic2 stuff

    Use the same world seed to test it with and withoug IC2 installed, to be sure (find a dungeon without IC2, then generate the same world with IC2 and try to find it again). Are you testing diferent worlds with different seeds? maybe you have bad luck generating dungeons...

    I get this after using this beta, using an existing world

    I can play, but the console say that msj

    Edit: The sounds work only when the machine get out of energy (the sutdown sound), but dont work when its working. Like nukes.