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    The problem is with energy flow. The scripts don't get edited themselves so I got the quote from the wiki. This problem didn't exist in 1.9b, 1.95, etc. From what I've read, it came in 1.103. And what I quoted came from the v1.103 section of the wiki's Read More.

    I've never seen a cable rendering bug? Why exactly would we go back to old, inefficient rendering when the new, faster rendering works fine?

    Do this:
    1) Place an MFE/Batbox/MFSU
    2) Fill it with energy (a stack of SU Bats are OK)
    3) Wire it to a machine (Induction Furnace, F.E.)
    4) Hook it up to redstone/make it operate.
    5) Remove the cable
    6) Notice how it keeps working as if it was still hooked up.

    I've been using MC 1.2.5 with IC2 1.9B to be able to play with Tropicraft. When I noticed that IC2 came out for 1.3.2, I saw millions of bugs. The one that mostly caught my attention was the cable error. I looked through the Bugs section and saw that the error was from 1.103. I went to the wiki and read this:

    IC² v1.103:Fixed crash when putting an unknown item in the fuel slot of a Geothermal Generator or Water Mill with BuildCraft 3.2Fixed crash when highlighting Machine On/Off triggers with BuildCraft 3.2--> Rewritten cable renderer to improve performance <--

    I can honestly say that I have a terrible PC, MC will only work with settings as low as possible and still lag with FPS around 4-6. But I prefer a CPU whore that works like a charm rather than a CPU-saver that works in a not-so-good way. Although this bug is great to reduce resource usage, it kills the fun of being stuck deep underground, mining for ores.

    Basically, what I saw people do so far is this:

    P1: I gives u powa 4 1 min 4 five cole

    One minuit passes but P2 still didn't use the EU making him to waste coal. (PS: Noobs, go to school -_- )

    What I do:

    :Generator: :Glass Fibre: SplitterCable :Batbox: SplitterCable :Glass Fibre: :CustomerHouse:

    This setup is quite easy and qickly understandable.

    Generator: Self Explanitory

    First splitter cable: Prevents the flow of EU while the batbox is charged and your client is using the EU.

    BatBox: Stores the 40k EU you're selling to him.

    Second Splitter: Prevents the flow of EU if your client didn't pay or the batbox got drained.

    This will allow you to charge your client for every 40k EU he uses. Neither you nor your client gets ripped off. Feel free to add ideas, bitch around or bump the topic. :P

    Note: best used in City Building servers. If used in PvP, you can get ripped off by a nuke :o

    You could do it in ssp but that will make you a HUGE forever alone.

    Meh, pretty useful but also it means free-power-4-uz. Make it like, you need 2 of them to make 32EU/4t And with just one, you get 16EU/4t meaning 4EU/t so it doesn't make it free-powa-4-us

    Basically just a gadget to determine if blocks within 10-20 or so range are solid or not. Would be good for underground bases so you don't expand into a cave with all the hassle that comes with that.

    Pretty good idea. Another use for it is to check for noobs or griefers near your house/plot/base/plant/etc.

    I got this idea that delays cables. Barely anyone uses golden cables so this gives golden cales a time to shine. In RL, electricity doesn't reach your house INSTANTLY. It takes some time. Especially if the power plant is miles and miles away.

    Each cable has a diffrent delay time. Golden cables are called superconductors because it has the smallest delays. However, HV cables have the longest delay to conduct EU.


    I got this idea from when I wanted to see how many times a button was pressed so I came up with this idea. It can be useful to make stuff like a counting system or to make realistic 8-bit machines. Basically, you can make a register and 3 counters. One is a counter with a GUI that, when you rightclick it, it shows how many times it got powered. Another one is a counter that displays a number in he world and the 3rd one a letter in the world. Basically, with the letters, it's simple. Every time it gets EU, it will display the next letter in the alphabet. Same with the number one. Every time it gets EU, it will display the next number. The screens basically can show off one dcharacter at a time. If this is possible, here are my crafting ideas:


    :Refined Iron: :Cable: :Cable:

    :Cable: :Metal Block: :Refined Iron:

    :Refined Iron: :Cable: :Cable:

    Letter Counter:

    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    :Advanced Circuit: :Compressed Coal Ball: :glasspane:

    :Refined Iron: :Copper Ingot: :Refined Iron:

    Number Counter:

    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    :Electronic Circuit: :Compressed Coal Ball: :glasspane:

    :Refined Iron: :Copper Ingot: :Refined Iron:

    Gui Counter:


    :Gold Dust: :Compressed Coal Ball: :redstone:

    :iron: :Copper Ingot: :iron:

    Cmt plz