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    When right clicking fast on water you loose cells either due to a bug or lag im uncable to deduct which,

    i started with 64 empty cells, i right clicked on water fast and i ended with 51 watercells and nothing more, i searched around incase they spat out onto the water and nothing

    easy to replicate yes, ive done this a few times and ended with random numbers of watercells niether of which were 64

    Well i guess its my turn now :P alright this is semi legit... meaning i did not spawn a single item but i do use equivalent exchange (some people regard that as cheating) but heres my place

    First of all heres my central part of my base (where the magic happens)

    secondly heres my machine setup

    theres 1 compressor, 1 extractor, 2 induction furnaces, 2 macerators and 2 recyclers

    my chest setup next

    top and bottom are all used, although lacking resources currently

    just behind my chest space is my glowstone room

    and next we have my oil storage building

    beyond that we have my water storage room

    to its left (i think) is my lava storage

    beside that i think is my fuel building to store fuel

    currently empty youll see why

    below my house is my automated cacti farm using obby pipe

    outside my house no on the roof is solar panels

    to the right of the pic is rubber tree farm

    brief overview of my house

    and the big building is this

    and now to my WIP fuel building

    well thats m current home although i need to expand dramatically its kinda cramped

    well no minecraft is roughly £15GBP server joining is £7, and your guaranteed no griefers (whod pay £7 to grief a server?) although i however do not play on P2P servers (mostly dues to having no job = no cash) but by paying, your showing support in keeping the server alive so you will have somewhere to play with your friends, and to show alblaka and spacetoad support also

    i used to help run undercraft industries, was a F2P server that was run by jakh33 with me being his right hand man, and keeping things running smoothly while hes gone, but at the moment im keeping the other server he helps run in check (mostly fixing plugins yes it uses bukkit) its not a mod server just vanilla, undercraft industries kinda died badly lol

    but if you want to play on a server you can have fun on then im sure £7 is nothing and just secures your enjoyable experience

    the recipe that requires a sprayer water redstone and gunpowder to produe cement blocks (i think thats thier name) well the only way to make that recipe work is with a spawned sprayer otherwise the recipe doesnt work

    will keep you informed of more bugs

    how about this idea and aslo could someone elaborate on the acronym IMBA or whatever it was

    how about being able to combine jetpack/batpack to the quantum suit but.. add a secondary storage system to it so there can only be the same amount of energy reduced from it as the item on you back singularly would extract? i think its a possibility but would annoy the hell outa player coding such a thing? but having the disadvantage of being nondetachable so when you combine them theres no way to get them uncombined or......

    do what the aether mod did.... add another slot to the players inventory screen? although i have a small suspicion it would require basefile modification so perhaps not

    just my 1 penny (rough currency conversion of "2 cents")

    your date is incorrect that was the original idea but he changed the date to the week after (i think) because of different reasons..... although 11/11/11 is rememberence day for us brittish people.... so thought that it being a release date was annoying to say the least lol

    ok my physics does suck granted... but theoretically it shouldnt produce at night... but the recipe to craft suggests tier 2, not tier 3, so perhaps making it abit more expensive if its going to be tier 3, i really dont see the point in the lapatron crystal... perhaps where you got the output 512 eu/t thing... (ye i know mc isnt realistic... but i like realism to an extent XD)

    ok so ive thought about this and let me offer a suggestion...

    change the ouput to 5EU/t in day and 0EU/t night because unless you actually know what a solar panel does then youd know "THEY USE THE SUNS RAYS" yes the moon is lighten by the sun but it doesnt give off its rays so its impossible for them to produce during the night, and your recipe is more like a tier 2 recipe so changge it to a tier 2 solar panel and with 5eu/t it would make it a tier 2, also drop the ability to hold EU its a generator not a storage device

    if you want it to be tier 3 then make the ricepe something like this... (only my idea obvioulsy you can disregard it)


    C = Carbon plate
    R = Reinforced glass
    I = iridum plate
    A = Advance machine