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    I'm responding from the other thread, so as to hopefully let it die? Anyways, thanks for such a quick response! How opposed are you to a multiblock structure? That would be the easiest way to increase the cost of the components, but would definitely make things a bit more difficult to code, and the lag could be minimized to only search for the other blocks by including them as apart of when the device is used (if you have the transport console, energizing coils, phase transition coils and molecular imaging scanner, but no transport platform, there could be problems). Similar to MFFS's pseudo-multiblocks, where you need a certain type of energy which can be transmitted wirelessly to other blocks which require their own added modifications for functionality.

    If you were to use a multiblock structure, it looks like a minimum of transport platform (where the heisenberg compensators would be located), a console, the energizing coils can easily be replaced with mfsu's/whatever gregtech capacitor you want, and the phase transition coils and molecular imaging scanner could be functionally combined into a single unit. That would be 3 blocks required in addition to the capacitors.

    Maybe take a page from greg's books, and use emeralds as data storage (rarer, don't have as many uses as diamonds), which would be useful in something that stores the necessary information to recompile teleported objects.

    So, if you're teleporting a player to yourself, and there is no platform for them to materialize on, would that kill them? This could make a sweet assassination mechanic. Especially if you set things up so that they conveniently had a beacon on them at the time (have an ally throw it at their feet).

    I would love a mod that does this. My only requests would be for:
    1) a configurable eu cost, with several options such as a flat eu cost, options to disable parts of the cost like materials on person etc, and making the eu cost per distance configurable as well
    2) a hard mode cost for components, something that would fit in with gregtech style.

    How difficult would it be to teleport between mystcraft worlds and/or other dimensions, like the End or the Nether? Could there be a configurable cost between dimensions?

    I love the ability to gradually bridge the gap between OP status and player status with technology. Technology lets us become like the gods, and in minecraft, OPs are basically titans... some are benevolent, some are malevolent, depending on what the admin allows for. While I would hate for certain things like bans or kicks to be implemented into the game, this is definitely very cool. Hope you do carry through with it!

    For the supercondensator question, the reactor outputs 32K EU/t in 1M packets via supercondensators so you need 4 supercondensators to be able to get the power out of it fast enough.

    Fusion Reactor > 4x Supercondensators > 16 HV Transformers > 64MV Transformers > 256 LV Transformers

    That is exactly what I was hoping for, thank you!

    I posted these questions on the unofficial wiki, but I figured I'd try here too.

    1) supercondensators claim to transform packets of 1million eu to 8096 eu packets. Does this mean I need 113 supercondensators and 452 high voltage converters to fully utilize the packets produced by the fusion reactor, or any energy transformed up to 1million eu packets? This mainly has to do with the next question-

    2) the fusion reactor, according to the computer, outputs 1million eu packets, but the burn recipes output tens of thousands of eu a tick- does this mean the packet size counts as the 'ultimate' voltage, but the packet only contains the energy emitted each tick from the reactor, or does the reactor build up 1million eu before sending the packet out?

    Very sorry if this has been answered before, I'll keep scanning the thread in case it has.

    I'm from a server that features balance and a lack of cheat mods- but we are interested in this one. Is there any chance that you would be willing to include a file to toggle the different items? The remote items are felt to be a bit overpowered, but we would like to use the rest of the mod. To ensure fairness and focus on skill rather than items, the ability to toggle the remote items would be greatly appreciated.

    If this has already been mentioned in the thread, my apologies!

    I seem to be on a different server than you, spawnx. Actually am limited to 64 green generators including redpower generators- anything you can't turn off (and things you can turn off, need to be off when you log off).

    Greg- are those batboxes or low voltage transformers? Do low voltage transformers work as repeaters, like batboxes?

    I haven't played with industrial craft's wires for a while now, and some things seem to have slipped from my memory. If I use two high voltage converters, back to back, can I split up a fiberoptic line in the same way you can use MFSU's to reset the energy loss along the line? I've been reading up on the wiki, and it doesn't say anything about it, but I could have sworn it was an option a while back. Either its no longer in the game, no longer on the wiki, or was never on either. I am extremely frugal with my energy, and on the server I've been playing on, we are limited to 64 green generators.

    Private chat would be awesome. I was toying with an idea to combine something like this with a bukkit mod that only allows chat inside of a certain radius, but ultimately abandoned any hope of it due to the unfortunate lack of coding skills. It would prevent newbs from filling up the chat, and would allow you to effectively PM other players, but requiring tech. Because whats more fun than advanced tech that nobody else has? It would also enable chat interception, if it was kept in text form.

    This is kind of exciting, to have Thaumcraft 2.0. I've been waiting for it since he stopped updating last month. I'm kind of disappointed that it isn't SMP yet, but that can wait. I'll just playing SSP until it comes out, and then mod the private server. Can't wait to turn the spawn into a danger zone for the cousins :D

    the problem with your machines causing pollution is it opens the door for a new form of greifing (pollution machine under victims micromanaged ic2 farm)

    I'm not sure thats griefing as much as it is an act of war- a really brilliant act of war too. I would love to see that- invest some time and coal to dig beneath your foe's base and set up some engines to pollute and kill off their farms. Hardcore, if you ask me. Pollution is a good idea, but seems terribly difficult to implement. Not only would you need to set up biome code, but the ability to turn one biome into another. One cool aspect about this would be that the terraformer could reverse this, once you reach that level of tech.

    The side view would look like this:

    :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil:
    :Tesla Coil: :Water Mill: :Tesla Coil:
    :Tesla Coil: :Glass Fibre: :Tesla Coil:
    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:
    :Tesla Coil: :Glass Fibre: :Tesla Coil:
    :Tesla Coil: :Water Mill: :Tesla Coil:
    :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil:

    when :Tesla Coil: =water and :Glass Fibre: =tin cable

    The problem I have with your diagram is that is places the water mills directly against the main cable. While its easier to place it, you're losing power generation.

    and yes, condensing into a third dimension would be extremely useful, depending on your construction scheme, however I'm still trying to figure out an effective way of describing a design with 2 dimensional pictures without using slices or an isometric view point. It shouldn't be difficult though- taking the basic principles of my designs and turning into a sort of tentacle monster (excuse the phrasing). My original thought had been to stack these plates, as it wouldn't take much cable of a higher voltage to connect the layers.

    Today, I was reading through the water mill wiki, and immediately noticed that the design posted is far from being efficient. My first thought was that by placing the water mills so close together, you lose 0.02 EU per tick. This number, by itself, is utterly minute and as a value totally worthless. But, when you're dealing with each generator producing .25 EU a tick, or in this case, .23EU a tick, it can add up once your numbers start getting a little high. By placing a cable between the central power line (or batbox) and the water mill, you get that extra .02EU/tick.

    This led to the next thought. Why run them in a string? Why not a web? Since cables deal with packets and not total EU, you can actually hook up as many green generators as you want to a tin cable, as none of generate power exceeding 5EU a tick (solar and water are far less than that). You're only limited to wire length. Taking this into consideration, with water mills, you can run a tin cable that stretches 37 blocks long. From here, with a central energy container (batbox/MFE/MFSU), you can create the following shape (when grey=tin cable and red=energy container):

    With this layout, you can easily place a layer of 684 water mills on the top, and 685 water mills on the bottom, when you place the water mills with 1 cable between them and the central 'plate'. That is 171EU a tick from the top water mills, and an additional 171.25EU a tick form the underneath water mills.

    But wait! There's more! By replacing top water mills with solar panels, you get considerable more coverage, and are still able to place water mills on the bottom. In addition to this, you can move the power storage (you're going to want and MFSU to emit the energy fast enough) to the bottom of the plate. With this set up, you would be generating 2813EU a tick from just solar panels, plus the 171 from the water mills. Basically, attach this to a mass fabricator, and you'll never worry about having the right blocks again. Of coarse, if you have 2813 solar panels laying around, and 684 water mills, you're probably not too worried anyways.

    If you're totally opposed to solar panels, this is THE way to optimally design your wiring for water mills. None of this non-optimal efficiency garbage that is posted to the wiki. The design isn't totally minecraft-y though, so the next easiest thing would be a square of wire with a width of 37, a gap of 1 around it, and water pouring from the ceiling. The wire design would like like this, if grey=wire and red=batbox

    This is a stylized design but still uses the least possible wire. Out of a design like this, you would get 324 water mills, or 81 EU/tick (649 water mills and 92.25 EU/tick including bottom half).With this, you would still need an MFE just to pull the power out of storage as quickly as you generate it.

    I hope this was informative to newer members, and at least an entertaining idea to the older members. The first design is by no means practical, but rather aims to be extremely efficient. The second design is far more practical, but still quite large. My thinking goes that as the game goes on and you are building larger and larger generator fields, you still want the most bang for your buck, which means that your fields will have to be designed more and more efficiently. As it stands, its utterly futile to use any wires besides tin and fiber optic to design any large scale power fields efficiently, especially with green energy when every EU is valuable.

    Ehm there always was a use for coal be it in generators or making diamonds with them.

    It always felt like a waste just burning it once nuclear energy became available, and turning it into diamonds really, really eats away at your coal reserves. Mine is usually turned into carbon plates, or left as coal until needed for another project. Having the super fuel makes it a very viable fuel source right up until you have multiple mkII generators constantly running.

    ff255away : almost everything in your paragraph has been suggestion apart from mind controlling the local population. even the cyborg (nano-bot modifications) have been suggestion and were liked by alblaka.

    That's good to know- there are times when it feels like there is a lot of missing information joining the community so late into the development of the mod. I've read through a lot of the forum and found little or no mention of most of these things, or little recognition from the dev team. Is there anywhere else where Al and everybody keeps the community a little more up to date? Or are they taking the secretive stance on ic farming to a whole different level?

    Filled it out. Forgot to complain about wiring. Because honestly, using anything besides tin, fiber, or the occasional insulated copper is totally pointless. Between excessive power loss and relative ease of finding diamond later in the game, building anything but extremely compact bases seems totally pointless until late game when fiber is in abundance. Cable is cheap compared to generators- wasting power on distance is frustrating.

    Psh. There are loads more ideas! The constantly rejected teleporting chests. More advanced farming. Advanced building tools. Expanding UU-Matter. Cloning (how cool would it be to have expensive back-up clones in a hardcore world?). Nano tech lab. Grey goo. Expanding the armor system and stretching out the tech tree to make stone tools even further away from quantum armor. More specialized armor. More dangerous nuclear reactors that are actually able to emit radiation while active, and let you watch their temperature with something other than 'everything is okay' turning into 'everything is melting'. Fusion reactors (something more complicated than rocketscience's already interesting fusion reactors). Computers! Robots! Androids! Artificial intelligence! Expanding the teleportation system, allowing you to carry around homing beacons and going more startrekky (is this even possible?!). Scarier mobs as you advance the tech tree (from cloning? YOUR FAILED EXPERIMENTS!)! Turning the nether into less of a 'hell' replacement and more into an alternate, more hostile parallel dimension for fast travel (this can be expanded upon HUGELY). Chemistry! With the bukkit team building the new API for minecraft, you could forcefully turn off the public chat, forcing communication within a short distance unless you have a two-way radio. Currency that doesn't suck, and can evolve from physical coins to virtual currency (yo dawg). Travel to other planets via rocket ships to FUCKING COLONIZE THOSE BITCHES. Enslaving local populations with mind control. Turning yourself into a cyborg- slowly replacing your body with mechanical parts that get more and more advanced, from parts that need repairing and replacing, to forcefields that need energy and replacing your food bar with a god damn energy bar. Did I mention robots?! FORCE FIELDS, WHICH AL PUBLICLY STATED HE WANTS TO INCLUDE. And I know not all of this is possible, but seriously- use your imagination. There are LOADS more interesting stuff that could potentially be included.

    The idea is similar to a cloning machine, but really all I'm proposing is artificial meat. A machine that turns EU into food, by a novel process that is scientifically possible but implemented as simply as possible. Stick your machine on a power grid, and watch it churn out raw beef! Farming would still be there for people looking for leather, sheep wool, pork, feathers, etc, but it would allow a player who doesn't like the food bar to simply generate the meat via power generation. This could easily become imbalanced though, nothing comes for free, so charging 10-15k EU per food restored (steak restores 4 food), you come out at 60k EU for the raw beef (plus the energy necessary to cook it). This is by no means hard to achieve with 4 solar panels, and easily makes sense as far as growing an animal (if anything, under charging). The other cost would be time, it couldn't be instant, and it can't take too long unless you don't want people using the machine. So make it take less than 10 minutes, but greater than 2.5.

    Also, there is the possibility of harvesting the fecal matter for fertilizer?

    As far as the looks should go, I'm pretty sure everybody has seen vats in science fiction cartoons/tv shows/movies/illustrations containing a floating body with tubes sticking out of it. Its not really that odd of a choice at this point. Anybody who doesn't like the idea of eating a baby cow probably doesn't eat a normal cow anyways- there is by no means anybody or anything forcing the player to use the machine. You still have the option of growing a mushroom farm, or an animal farm, or a wheat farm, or even an IC2 farm, to provide your food. I suggest beef because its a happy medium between chicken and pork for restoring food, its a liked food, you don't get leather from the machine (unlike actually farming cows), and its exactly the sort of thing a mad scientist might think of. It doesn't make farming animals irrelevant, but does provide an alternative to fast teching to a quantum helmet or extensive farming just for food.