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    I am using the newest IC² with forge 3.1.2.something and newest ModLoader and also have this problem. I had it from the very beginning when I started using IC² 1.8.1.

    This bug is known since I reported it over and over again, same as the fall damage problem, but I don't know if its fixed. Someone of the Coders said around a week ago or so that he has finally fixed the fall damage issue, but I don't know if this reload problem remains.

    For me any jetpack (fuel, elec.) is recharged once I remove it from the chest plate slot...

    Hey guys,

    I had an idea for the opposite of the mass fabricator which produces energy from mass.

    Why not have the opposite. A generator which when placed will start consuming blocks around it (maybe in a 10 block radius) to produce energy until there are no more blocks left to remove. Also it should be working faster and maybe twice as efficient when putting scrap in it just like the mass fabricator.

    It should obviously be quite an expensive machine, for example consisting of 3 iridium plates, a generator, two diamonds and wires/circuits...

    You think ;)

    I thought that as well, just the fact that the (rundown) wikipage simply says that quantum boots absorb all fall damage is wrong then. Quantum boots dissipate the heat created on landing into the other armor pieces :P That makes quite a big difference I think...

    Also the wikipage says: Hold CTRL while jumping to activate. It is difficult to say if it is talking about the high jump or the falling or both. Obviously you need to press ctrl for high jump but for me the fall damage wasn't reduced when holding it.

    Okay, I have done some testing now with the quantum boots in combination with armor and jetpack and they show quite different behaviours depending on the situation.

    Versions I used are: Forge; IC² 1.95b.

    I tested drops of around 40-50 blocks while I was wearing ONLY the quantum boots. From that height I lost 2.5 hearts and it didn't matter if I was holding CTRL while falling. Also I tried I jump from the same height (which increased the falling distance by 10 I guess) and lost around 5 hearts then.

    Now another test with quantum boots and the rest of armor to be nano armor, the jump then didn't make me lose any hearts (I still heard the fall damage sound though). I don't know if you can enchant nano armor, but this one wasn't.

    Also I tested the jetpack together with quantum boots. When you fly high enough and drop down while you don't at any point fly up again during the way back down, you get the same heart damage as you would from just dropping down. However, if I fly upwards just a little bit before I hit the ground I land smoothly without even getting the sound of fall damage.

    All of this looks like quite weird inconsistent behaviour of the quantum boots, especially the fact that the presence of a nano armor reduces the fall damage. Is it supposed to be like that? Are the boots supposed to maybe spread the fall damage to all the other armor pieces?!

    I have the feeling that sometimes my quantum boots don't absorb as much as they should when flying with the jetpack...

    On the wikipage, it says that quantum boots absorb ALL falldamage, but that is 100% not true. I often lose up to 5 hearts (I always hold CTRL on landing) when flying with the jetpack. Also I died a few times while doing some tests where I flew high up and then let myself fall. I have the feeling that quantum boots will only absorb the damage if you pressed CTRL on jumping and do a high jump...

    If you don't want to wait, I came up with a MKIII design which blows up after only 19 minutes :D

    So I usually let it run for only 10 Minutes and it produces around 4 mio. EU in that time with an efficiency of 3.6. It's not a very cheap design but at least you won't have to wait too long :P

    About all those bugs I found reported already. Jetpack doens't directly kill you when landing, instead the fall damage is calculated wrong and that is still true in 1.90.

    The resin hole problem you describe I cannot confirm in 1.90. My resins regrow all the time :D

    So is there any way around it? I mean it should be possible to get the fall distance from the last highest position until you hit the ground where this time was not interrupted by pressing space or is that just not possible due to the way minecraft calculates it?

    It is getting quite annoying I have to admit, because the jetpack is only useful when you try to get somewhere high up but not for lets say jumping down or flying around. Also the jetpack still recharges once you remove it from the chest armor slot :P

    Whats your version of IC/IC², forge, MC?

    Maybe you should try out different types of wooden planks. Since they introduced different ones I too had some problems crafting things with a mix of different planks or some things didn't even work with certain types at all...

    Any cable can provide any average energy.

    The important thing is, how much EU is transported per packet... If you connect 100 solar panals, there will be an average of 100 EU/t but still just 1 EU per packet, so you are not transporting a 100EU packet, but 100* 1EU packets and that is fine.

    Where on the wiki does it say it is for 1.2.5? The latest (top) version I can see says 1.2.4...

    And don't mind people calling you noob and being annoyed. It appears like every day someone posts a new thread saying that IC² is not working and the reason is almost always, that they try to use it with the newest minecraft version even though it has not been released yet. And somehow I think everyone is just getting quite frustrated :D