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    The mod is not gone, just parts that rely on the deep internals of other mods.

    In short, anything I use that there's no API for? Gone, except if the mod author gives me permission. I already got a couple of those.

    So i guess giving him permission is an option as well :P

    I've read that RG is going to drop support for |Nuclear Control from his Misc Peripherals... which is pretty much the only thing i've used both mods for.

    Any chance to get a built in peripheral support (many mods seem to do this nowadays) or an API someone could use to integrate it properly?

    In the table, modifying a helm, the vision category is outside the blue area, and is getting covered by the salvage/install area. Also if you are going to split vision stuff into a separate category... why on earth isn't NightVISON under it? :P

    About the flight control module ... Something feels really wrong about how forward and backward movement works, i'm having to hold my view at the horizon, which combined with the UI elements on the bottom of the screen makes makes me unable to see above what i'm actualy flying. Backwards just seems to drop height even when i'm looking at the horizon, so no idea what's up with that.

    In general i feel that unless you are pressing space or z your Y level should stay the same and forward/back controls should only control that axxis just like left and right do.

    I can confirm it works.

    +1, Running modular powersuits 0.2.1-67 with IC2 1.115.213-lf without issues so far.

    Unrelated suggestion:

    Using a keybing that's bound to a module that isn't currently on any equipped armor pieces should give some kind of an error, just spent 2 minutes figuring out why my nightvision stopped working... with my helmet in my backpack :P

    Awesome! Thanks so much. This should be fixed and in the latest experimental build :)


    I was playing with TC3 a bit and noticed the goggles of revealing module (tho i didn't get around making one yet), that's really cool :)
    I was wondering, does it count for the vis cost reduction bonus, and could you add modules for the other TC armor pieces with that bonus?

    You need 16 Infinity Multi-Purpose Gems (which is only obtainable from Creative/Op commands/TMI/NEI)

    Why require 16 of them if they can only be cheated in anyway? :P

    Saving keybinds doesn't seem to be working for me (win7, minecraft in a nondefault location)

    Edit: looking at your code, it tries to load/create the config file relative to the current working directory, which for me wasn't the actual minecraft folder.
    I've changed my (private, unpublished) launcher script to chdir() into the minecraft folder before starting it and it seems to fixed the issue, weird that i never ran into issues with other mods about it :rolleyes:

    Love the keybinding UI, good job :)

    Is jetpack hovermode already in? if it is i don't see how to activate it.

    Also, not sure if it's intentional or not, but if you use the sprint assist module to accelerate to the maximum then start jetpacking you get to a really ridiculous speed, like (ballpark estimate) 80+ blocks per second and minecraft fails to load chunks fast enough :)

    Oh and how does the glider wings module work? doesn't seem to do anything for me.

    I can confirm that installing modules seems to randomly not consume components.

    Unrelated to that, i think the diamond armor module should be un-craftable back into diamonds if you manage to salvage it, sooner or later everyone will be switching to energy shields and that's just 20 diamonds down the drain.

    I am tempted to use this mod but first, I hear it is far cheaper to use UE, which I am a total N00B at for charging these suits, is this true... Also the expensive GregTech Recipes must be a config option for me to use this addon, maybe when the J to EU ratio is balanced and the GT recipes are a config I might use this mod... But, it sure looks cool :thumbup:

    GT recipes are optional, and in pure IC2 mode the recipes are pretty reasonable. No idea about UE.

    While I see where you're coming from and respect your view, I disagree. The suit, at that tech level, costs exponentially more than the gravity suit does, and does NOT offer near-invincibility and creative flight (it's jetpack flight).

    Huh, how does it cost more than a gravy suit and it's zillions of sub components and their iridium requirements?
    Unless you are talking about gregtech mode which i don't play so can't really discuss.

    What do you, or anyone reading this post, suggest? We need more voices!

    IMHO the power cost balance at that 50:1 mode a few versions ago was pretty sensible.
    When i just installed this mod in my current world i was at "one geogen with infinite lava and an mfe" infrastructure level and it was useable, with reasonable flight time for the jetpack and constant visits to said MFE to recharge ;)
    When i upgraded my infrastructure to the "~700 eu/t constant production and 5 full MFSUs just sitting there" energy cost became a non-issue as it should be IMHO

    For the future additions: i think hover mode should cost like the current (err, the 50:1 i mean) jetpack if you constantly hold space down and creative flight maybe 50%-100% more than that, no 10x exponential multipliers please :)

    Also a small feature request - something that makes sprinting a toggle, so i don't have to constantly double tap forward.

    It would really make choosing your upgrades wisely and sparsely until you can upgrade your capacitor, so there's that. (ie, running a jetpack on a LV capacitor would probably get you a few seconds of flight, lol)
    Sprinting and jumping could be a viable option for someone with the LV capacitor, but only at 120-140% sprint speed, or you run into some serious energy problems. This wouldn't be a problem for someone with 2 HVs, they could go crazy and boost it to the max.
    Thruster-upgrades (jet boots/pack/underwater) and the Energy Shield would be extremely energy hungry. This would push you to have a high energy infrastructure already built and producing, and have a high capacity energy storage. You would have to recharge your armor at the same frequency as the guy across the street with his LV, and use TONS more power, but you're Flash compared to him.

    And by that point you just got another gravity suit with a funky table.

    Yes, the default EU->MJ ratio is 1:50. It's pretty silly. I also definitely need to tune the energy costs, as mentioned. What would you think is a reasonable cost?

    I'm also thinking of making it an exponential scale rather than a linear scale; so that, say, 200% sprint boost will cost 10x as much energy as a 100% sprint boost, and 300% will cost 10x as much as that, rather than costing twice as much.

    Alternatively, I'm definitely going to change it so that rather than having a 'battery size' slider, you can simply install more than one capacitor in an item. Maybe this sort of discrete 'more upgrades = more power' would be more intuitive for people.

    Was something about power conversions changed recently?
    Your site states that it should be 1:1 unless UE is instlled, and i think it actually worked that way a few versions ago and seemed pretty reasonable.
    Now it's using the 50:1 ratio which makes on one side everything ridiculously cheap in terms of power and on the other stock IC2 tools just murder my capacitor.

    I'm not sure an exponential scale is a good idea, it's harder to understand and harder to balance (without making the low end stuff way too cheap or high end stuff cost way too much power).