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    if you want cheap and compact you could also go the icebox route http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…ukjqjef8q66xb6vzsl937p3b4 (note:this is not a CASUC its just a SUC you fill the reactor with ice before you start and the cycle will run its course before it runs out.)

    I improved your design. Oh wait, I posted it one hour before you. Just to make sure you find it: Non-water cooled reactor.
    Also passinglurker I don't think you linked what you think you linked. :D (this one ?)

    i don't remember my design now but yours looks like an improvement.

    rick has a no eff:1 policy but he is also on vacation this week so i figure fallen's odds to be about 50/50

    also i think you should give water cooling a shot just minus the bulky blast chamber half the reason we have blast chambers and secure rooms even for mk1's is the off chance that a griefer breaks in and stuffs your reactor full of uranium but in ssp that isn't a problem. your most convenient option is just to throw you reactor in any pond, lake, ocean, underground water filled cavern, or river and center your advanced machine room around that.

    this design only needs 1 layer of water in the 3x3 cooling space to be safe(at least 8 blocks)

    No. The title has to be Suggestion: [Your suggestion], not [Suggestion] Your Suggestion. This is stated in the HELP: Suggestions.

    Correct. I was the first one to suggest them at all, even before nuclear fission reactors were added!

    while the brackets are not needed you do need to designate in the title that this thread is a suggestion thread for when it eventually reaches the archives. that being said the social norm is to use "[suggestion]" in the title.

    the quantum suit sports 100% damage absorption which means while it holds a charge you are effectively invulnerable to anything the natural world can throw at you. the more damage you absorb the more charge is expended. the way you die is a player hits you with a nano saber which the q-suit is coded to be vulnerable against. alternately a similar effect can bee achieved by nuking a players base forcing them to start almost fresh.

    I though that's how we welcomed all crappy suggestions? (with a solid punch to the face, that is...)

    if he comes back with a response like

    Quote from NOT_DoctorLemon

    but why not :( ? its an awesome idea its realistic its cool and who are you to say alblaka won't like this one? plus right now nukes are OP a safe reactor makes to much energy and its to easy to make adding radiation will fix that

    then i would be more than willing to rain down flame on him. :D

    I dont think u have the ability to decline my suggestion.

    use the search bar you will find this has been denied many times and has been rejected by alblaka himself. it will never happen no matter the implementation sorry

    also re-posting repeatably denied suggestions is severely frowned upon here if you read the stickies before posting like you should anywhere on the net you would know that.

    also don't say you use tekkit we don't need to know that, and some users can get a little flame happy about it.

    Meanwhile in nanomanz bunker
    time awake: 03:13:05:32
    * Indiana Jones music plays*
    *boulder rolls*
    *crunch crunch crunch*
    Bad Bertha! BAD! you know your not supposed to eat boulders.
    *radio chatter*
    sigh don't people read notes any more
    Negative Leo I'm already here and making my way to the stasis chamber I'll meet you on gregs ship once I grab nanomanz to discuss how to take care of the spambots it may interest you since your into remelting the core
    ok almos...
    *1000 beady little bot eyes suddenly open*
    *lurker smiles*
    Bertha its hammer time
    *chain retracts to the handle and locks in place*

    welcome to the forums :D
    now about your suggestions
    nano/qsuit- sigh another nerfer
    no especially when it comes the the quantum suit it is an endgame item the powers are the whole point people craft it for what it costs, and why do we need to nerf it? if its a gut feeling i suggest you see a doctor.

    back to nice mode
    hazmat suit- the suit should provide total protection from all environmental hazards but will be extra vulnerable to mob and player attack just like how it was proposed

    gardener- boots that prevent trampling are sufficient for me

    flight- there is an addon that is very close to this

    nano saber- this already does extra damage to quantum and nano armor no change needed

    You answered your own question in the same span of two lines...

    neowulf pm'ed me and said he is willing to drop all this and get along if you are. I highly recommend you drop the subject and walk away cause he isn't going to say out of this if you continue to say things that he's considers grossly inaccurate. simply put as long as you don't attack he won't defend and we can all go back to being distant internet acquaintances/friends. I'm sure you raise valid points but really I don't care your effectively preaching to the choir here (with the exception of neowulf) so all the well constructed arguments won't change anything. Technic still exists, alblaka probably won't sue Technic, or weaponize his code, and the Technic users won't suddenly become enlightened and abandon it in droves. Really what do you hope to accomplish from all this? (no one answer that I don't want to give any reason to perpetuate this flame war)

    That's a shitty excuse... His add-on isn't that awesome to allow for his misbehavior. NO add-on is..

    Yes being an addon author isn't enough to justify going all flame happy, but he isn't the only one to blame here *looks at bbqroast*. Simply put there are several active technic bashing threads at the moment and all they accomplish is string up unnecessary conflict. He's only being obnoxious cause he's a hard head like the rest of us and you guys are provoking him.

    can't we all just cut the drama and get along?

    Neowulf stop trying to get the last word in