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    So the brother of my friend on my server made a array of 19 solar panes for some odd reason I cannot understand since he has only 4 machines.
    He attached it all to some low-voltage tin cables and then over to a batbox. (Se picture)
    Why doesn't the cables burn up? They can only take 5 EU/t and one solar produces 1 EU/t.
    Latest IC2 verion with addons nuclear control, seed manager and mods Forge, ForgeML, RP2 and Computercraft. (I made it myself, no modpacks).

    EDIT: No pic, couldn't get it small enough.

    while(true) do if (rs.getInput("top")) then turtle.dig(); end end

    The ";" means that the Line ends. And the "end" means that the if-Condition/while-Loop ends.

    Thanks for the ; tip!
    The turtle did only say

    1. bios:206: [string "mine"]:1:
    2. unfinished string

    I called the program mine.

    EDIT: Managed to write a good program with it's own timer. Thangs for all the help! :)

    No you cant detect the ID. Only if there is a Block or not, with turtle.detect()

    Try this:

    if (rs.getInput("top")) then turtle.dig(); end

    It will only break one time if the redstone signal already is on. I wanted something I could hook up to a timer, wich break s the block in front everytime the signal hits.
    BTW, what does the ; mean behind the command?

    Two question:

    1. Is there a way for the turtle to know what block it detects? (My underwaterbase-roof)

    2. I want my turtle to mine the block infront of it everytime a redstone signal hits the top. What am doing wrong?

    if redstone.getInput("top", true) then

    EDIT: Yeah, my first day with Lua 8)

    EDIT: Or do I have to use while command?

    I built my base way under ground, so I use multiple towers of watermills.
    It works nicely, and it easy to build. You only need to place some water sorceblocks on top of a 5*5 shaft, and then place a cable down in the middle.
    Then place the watermills around it on each side, leave a block over and under, and place more. You get maximum efficiency of 25 waterblocks around.

    Looks like this:


    ... :Water Mill:
    :Water Mill: :Cable: :Water Mill:
    ... :Water Mill:

    A handfull of those towers, and you'll have a fully functional base, with luminators.

    PS: Reactor is advised if you want to run a mass fabricator.

    Yep, but I thought you ment the BC quarry-block.
    But I disabled them for now (by telling people not to use it).
    Why? They overuse it and create massive lag because they make so many in long pipes, and if I am the last person on the server, and the machines are still running while I'm not in those chunks, everything will clog up and crash.

    thats what we got IC2 resin for with forge resin replaces slimeballs atleast i can use resin perfectly to craft sticky pistons

    Are you frakkin' kidding me?
    Hmmm, I'll look into the wiki:


    As of version 1.64, (almost) all crafting recipes involving sticky resin have been changed to use rubber.
    Sticky resin is still used as an alternative to slime balls for crafting sticky pistons.
    Sticky resin can also still be used as an alternative to coal in crafting torches.

    Um, well...
    Why didn't anyone say anything? :pinch:
    IC2 never stops surprising me! Seems lie the wiki page is updated since last time I've been there.

    Problem solved!

    It's not expensive. (As plantballs are SOOOOOOO easy to get with chainsaw ...)

    It costs as much as fuel, and therefor the value is higher. I wouldn't say that it's extremely expensive, but it's not cheap either.

    Also, I think most people have their own fuel-producing machine, if they use fuel. It isn't very fast to make if you automate the process, instead of going out on a chainsaw-rampage against all living plants in Minecraft.

    I like the idèa of the sticky rason.
    But it needs to be expensive!

    What about:
    :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball:
    :Compressed Plantball: :Resin: :Compressed Plantball:
    :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball:

    Let's drop the UUM discussion. I think if we should have a way of making slimeballs it should be with the compressed plantballs. They cost enough (compared to fuel), it's logical and we don't use up a matter recipe.
    Everyone who needs slimeballs probably want to have them before they can get UUM.

    Old habits from before the 4k blocks thing. Plus there's still some mods (or parts of mods) that don't like being stuffed above 255. Plus I really don't wan't to be swimming in copper blocks. It's bad enough with just the one from redpower enabled. It gets much worse with multiple copper and tin enabled.

    Really doesn't matter much once you get your first quarry running.

    Well, I don't like quarries. I removed BuildCraft from my new server. I think their overpowered, and my servermembers used them to much. The server wasn't looking good anymore, and the IC2-miner did a better job. Also, BuildCraft causes a lot of lag, and has that pesky duplication-bug which people were obviously using.



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    BTW, why don't we have an own tutorial section, instead of support and general discussion?

    We have. Its a Subsection of the Industrial-Engineering-Subsection. "

    If it's a subsection of a subsection, it's no wonder why I didn't find it! :D



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    One question: If I restart my server, will my systems (Computers and turtles) stop their current programs, restart or just shut down?

    It will just restart the whole device using the "startup"-File (only if it was ON before). I use that Function as Chunkloaddetector for my CASUC-Coolantsystem (see Maintutorial in my Signature)."

    So my wheat farm could actually mine a hole in the glass of my underwater base? :S

    EDIT: Frakkin' quotes!

    Nice tutorial! Can't wait to see it done!
    If you add some functions and examples with IC2, I'm sure it'll be moved back!

    BTW, why don't we have an own tutorial section, instead of support and general discussion?

    One question: If I restart my server, will my systems (Computers and turtles) stop their current programs, restart or just shut down?