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    I did as you said and the server managed to start.
    (I also tried deleting both files and letting the server generate them again, which solved the ID conflict.)
    Now the server works for a few seconds before this happens:

    I've got this little problem. My first ID conflict, what do I do?
    It popped up on my server console, 1.4.6.
    4074 seems to be cable on both server and client
    The mods installed are:
    ComputerCraft 1.481
    IC2NuclearControl 1.4.5
    IC2 1.112.170
    Forge 471
    RedPower2 pre6
    Thaumcraft 3.0.1.c

    Thank you!


    I think every plants mentionned here hadn't been added as Components for Plantballs because of Automation possibilities. Cactus --> Very easy. Pumpkins/Melons --> Pistons are enough. Flax Seeds ... it belongs to RP2 ? I think it could be done for Flax ...

    Yeah, Eloraam won't publish an API before RP2 is out of the pre-release state.
    That's also why the tubes won't connect to geothermal generators.

    Also; cacti is not used because of the automation without any machines. It was stated that as long the automation required machines and redstone, it was OK. Cacti didn't need machines.

    Similar has been suggested, but we need to check what can be done and what can't, and why.
    If it's too hard to implement into the code then we'll have to live with it.
    Somehow the tools have to request energy, rather than getting supplemented...

    Every single time I want to move my miner to another location, I have to take down the solar panels.
    When the losseless wrench mode is used one time you don't have enough charge to use it again.
    (Very) Often I forget to equip my Lappack (using a JetPack instead) and I have to either use the normal wrenchmode or charge the wrench back home. The lappack won't charge it if it's not equipped while using it.
    Can we somehow improve that? It's not only the wrench, but also all the other tools, especially the mining laser!