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    As the title says, I would be pleased if there was a slimeball recipe in IC2 using IC2 components.
    I've seen another post with the idea, but it seemed dead.

    Slimes are rare to find and can be used to make certain potions, and are maybe supposed to be rare because of the powerfull sticky piston.
    Nevertheless, this is an industrial mod, and for making certain machines and buildings they are much needed.
    I also know that some people are so (un)lucky to have their house on a slimespawning chunk, but most people don't.
    Without thirdparty-software (which I consider cheating) they are very hard to find.

    Originally I though of UUM, but that's a bit excessive.
    A fairly logic recipe would be compressing of several plantballs.
    It needs to be expensive, because they are rare, so the cost is the same as precious fuel.

    EDIT: 8 compressed plantballs in a square gives an unfinished slimeball, which you compress and get a MinecraftSlime .
    Maybe a watercell in the middle (watercell=x)?
    What do you think about that?

    :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball:
    :Compressed Plantball: x :Compressed Plantball: = Unfinished slimeball :Plantball: (Something like that) -> Compressor = Slimeball MinecraftSlime
    :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball:

    If we can make diamonds, why not slimeballs?

    I would appreciate response and feedback.
    Thank you for reading.

    EDIT: Frakkin' smilys! I'm gonna frakkin' kill them some day!

    If you want to make a spaceship, you could just delete everything in a world using an editor, and some kind of mod/plugin that keeps the night.
    Also, you could delete everything in the End and set difficulty to peaceful.

    The first time was hard, so it is with everything else.

    Having to manage you mods on the client and server took time, but it made playing the mods funnier!
    Forge did make quite some improvements in the past weeks, and it will hang around quite long, even after the API was made.
    How long can they keep updating the API for the growing needs?
    How long can Mojang afford to pay the Bukkit devs, which surely want to get home and away from Sweden some time too!

    That is Google Translator!
    A translator that "learns" by looking at the word combination in every language after every translate and saves it.
    It is impossible to "learn" it grammar!
    It is not a perfect translation, and I don't want to know how HAYO! is spelled on russian.

    If it's one thing I hate, then it it wiki's who end nowhere when they get translated.
    If you want to do it, then you must complete it!
    Good that you ask the leaders, and don't just make random wiki's!

    But most of the wiki is driven by the makers of this mod, and there are many rules you still have to follow.
    I don't know if Alblaka can speak Polish, but how is the staff gonna check if you did add plant combinations or UU-Matter recipes?
    Right now there is a big discussion going on about the wiki here, so you might want to read that.
    Remember that this mod is much about exploring, and secrets need to stay secret!

    Good luck and best of regards