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    I don't see how using redstone on the second MFE makes any difference. All it would seem to do is require for it to be full in order to output EU. But if the redstone is always on, once the MFE is full, it will function just like wiring, passing through ANY EU that goes to it since it never can get drained. Since the first MFE splits it's charge between numbers 2 and 3, number 2 will always get EU from 1, and split that charge between the mass fab and MFE number 3. Basically, looking at it on paper, I don't understand the purpose of MFE number 2. It seems the system would function the same if it wasn't even there, or at the very least, not redstoned.

    @above ThIs! compact your overflowing cactus for 8 x the storage and more energy later!
    on auto charcoal making... Yes I have done it and It is possible but you need to always have enough energy for them to run constantly and/or have a reduced automated rate of wood coming in (fixing overflow automatically is really a pain since the buildcraft pipes which arent supposed to connect (obsidan, wood, cobble & stone) do connect for some reason)
    and after begining to use Equivalent exchange I find that burning anything in lava a horrendous waste.

    For the most part I tweak my automation so that I'm producing a little less than I can fully process instead of burning overflow in lava. I can deal with a little less production if it means my automation doesn't have to deal with overflow. I do that either with timed release with Eloraam's RedPower, or enough processing to keep up with say a cactus farm, or diverting any overflow to my boxes that go to my recycler.

    I was not really condoning dropping stuff in lava earlier but that was the topic, so I showed the easiest way to hook up a machine and deal with overflow without using a bunch of extra piping, chests, and space.

    Well I am currently thinking up a 50 EU/t Mark I reactor which will have an efficiency of 2.5
    and yes they type of reactor you use does depend on how you are going to use it.
    BTW I actually think that your reactor design was better than my revision of it :) (my design actually melts the single coolant cell next to the plating)
    in my world over the course of approx 5 days playing time I have found more than a stack of uranium ore (when i currently have the amount of resources to produce
    1 1/2 full sized reactors) so I deem it (for myself at least) a waste of time to breed uranium. In addition I see no reason to have a higher efficiency than 3 as i just cant be bothered with less than 1/10th cycles.

    Edit: I may be unable to regularly update my own designs so feel free to use/improve on them

    Well, i've build a breeder first, and it is running now, but... yes. It is slow, very slow. I am using the miner, and it gives you some uranium each cycle, and i think, you can run miner several times while reactor is running through one cycle. Breeder is fun, but it is very easy to miss the moment, and cool down the breeder, when the breeding is done, of uranium cell is gone ^^
    Unfortunatly i can't build the second reactor, because i've ran out of lapis lazulli. But i think, i'll build that Mk.II EC reactor:

    I agree with both of you. Breeding takes way too long to be useful, and there are far easier ways to get new U-cells. It's even faster to just spit surplus energy from the reactor into a mass fab and make new U-cells from UUM. I still have my breeder running only because I built it already, but in a new game I doubt I'll go through the hassle.

    It is possible to build more efficient reactors. Just use some redstone repeaters with inverting torch and connect this pulser to reactor. Then you may divide a heat production by 2. You may build even more complex redstone control schemes to build more efficient reactors by slowing down reaction process.

    It would be impossible to set up a timed pulse like that with a breeder running at a high heat. You would have trouble synchronizing your pulses with the reactor ticks to get a balanced heat oscillation that doesn't climb or dive. Once Alblaka puts in controllers, then it would be safe, but right now I wouldn't trust it. Plus, efficiency is only part of the equation. Time is also a factor. So by pulsing like that, your effectively cutting your production in half as well. Either you will be producing half the energy, or your breeding will take twice as long. Not a good trade off.

    Pretty basic no frills design. Also, your calculations on HP is way low. According to Alblaka, reactor plating gives 250 hull each, not 100, so durability should be at 28,250. 9k heat would be less than 30%.

    Yes his design is a perfect breeder, and yes it's supposed to be run at 9k heat.

    Would this make a good breeder then? I could use the configuration I have to heat it up to 7777 while getting good power out of it, and then I could hopefully figure out 2 coolant cells to take out and put 1 u-cell in the middle with 4 surrounding it right?

    How much does one lava bucket heat up the system? Should I put some in near the endo f the cycle to push it to 9000?

    Not really useable for breeding in that configuration, but here's what would need changing to make it a breeder:

    1. it has no reactor plates, so this reactor would be spawning lava at 9k heat. Add some.
    2. Reactor is water cooled, so long before it spawned lava, all of your water would evaporate. Either put in enough reactor plates to prevent water evaporation at 9k heat, or make it air cooled.
    3. Removing the center U-cell takes out +50 heat and replaces it with a constant +1 h/t. So your total heat would now be -14 h/t. To make a perfect breeder you need to get that to 0 h/t either by switching to air cooled, and/or swapping out cooling cells for reactor plates. Just be sure to keep your reactor plates disconnected from your heat/cooling loop. There's no point in damaging them too.

    Your questions answered:
    One bucket of lava provides 2k heat. Problem is that with HD's, that 2k heat gets spread out to all of your cooling cells.

    I am talking relative efficiency. the cheapest reactor you could build would have 2 individual uranium surrounded by water. sure, that uses minimal resources ignoring uranium, but it has the worst possible efficiency. The design offered above is a good example of what I am talking about, but also note that a mk 2 is also acceptable, and if the cooling-heating ratio is close enough for an exceedingly simple redstone circuit to control on/off time, even mark 3. just don't let components melt. As for breeders, I haven't gotten a chance to fully test it or upload it but if my math is right its a 3 core breeder that you heat as a mark 4 and then run at ~6000 heat with redstone turning it on and off so the net heat by the time it finishes doesnt spawn lava.

    Breeder can be done efficiently with 2 extra chambers, no less:http://forum.industrial-craft.…read&postID=5044#post5044

    Basically, lets talk about efficiency. It's more efficient to go gather the needed materials to increase your reactor chamber size than it is to try and breed with 0 chambers. Trust me, by the time you get it working and produce 1! uranium cell, you could have built several full reactors. That's because even at max efficiency (9k heat), it's still a very slow process to do. If you reduce that efficiency, it's even slower (think 6-12 minecraft days). You could spend a little time gathering materials to make a couple reactor chambers plus components, and still finish breeding cells before the first one. Likewise for energy production, think about the time it would take to make and set up a single reactor with all the needed components inside vs making 20 or so solar panels. Trust me, either you have/get the supplies to deck out a reactor, or it's just not worth the time.

    All of that only matters if your only looking at efficiency. If it's about fun (and it should be), do what you want.

    both of you do realize this was a solution for getting rid of excess cactus produced by automated farms, right? In that context, the farm will always be producing faster than the generator can burn them, so your solutions are to get rid of the excess, or add more generators. Looping it back, or putting it in a chest doesn't solve a thing, or else I would have put that in the design. I was providing a simple quick and easy solution to dealing with excess renewable automatically produced resources. No offense, but both of the above posts just made me think neither of you read the posts that came before mine.

    So, you mean that i should heat up reactor hull AND coolant cells? Hmmm... it makes sence! But may be it takes a lot of time to warm-up... But it will generate some energy! Anyways, thank you very much!

    Exactly.. I have my reactor set up with a chamber on top and bottom, and my cable attaches to the bottom of the lower reactor chamber. That keeps it out of the 24 square air cooling area. That cable gets wired into my MFSU so I get some energy while it works. Remember, if you stay on top of changing out the depleted cells and uranium from the breeder, you really only have to heat it up once and it will run forever.

    I know... i mean... If you trying to use some energy-hungry stuff like The Mass Fabricator, the only important thing is the average amount of energy per frame.
    So, reactor with the output 60 eu/t and long cooldown may be worse than the reactor wit the constant output of 40 eu/t

    Your right. It depends on what your using it for, and how religiously you check the thing. If your good about getting back there after the cells are depleted, then go with the mark I. If you think it might sit there a bit after the cells deplete before you get back there, go with the mark II. Entirely depends on your playstyle. Also keep in mind that the 60Eu Mark II is also designed to give you more energy for less uranium. So if your short on uranium, the Mark II will provide more energy produced per U.

    Sure... You don't have to use lava to deplete your cooling cells. First build your perfect breeder using HD's. Once it's built, replace your depleted cells with extra uranium cells, or add extra uranium grouped together in moderation. Be sure that you don't remove any HD's or cooling elements attached to HD's. If you have to rearrange to fit U-cells in a cluster, be sure all the cooling cells stay attached to HD's. Once the heat gets to where you want it, remove the extra U-cells, replace the D-cells, and rearrange the rest back to your perfect breeder. If you need a little visual help, here is what my perfect breeder looks like when it's running:

    Should be around 9k or so. Doesn't spawn lava.

    Interesting, but... Well, efficiency 3 is good, but... What cooldown period you need to restart this reactor? I mean, if you running MK.I reactor - all you have to do is replace the uranium cells, when they are depleted, and still have the constant energy flow. With this reactor, you wold gain more energy per uranium cell, BUT less energy per second, because of the cooldown...

    Well, remember that once the uranium cells are depleted, it starts cooling down even if you don't remove the depleted cells. Like the above poster said, store it in an MFSU, and you worry about it far less, and end up checking on the reactor far less as well. Many times when I come back to an empty reactor, enough time has passed to cool the cells. If not, I usually drop some buckets of water in, or some ice chunks to bring it back up to full.

    I haven't figure out the nuclear power yet, so i just tried one of your designs in my test world, The "Mark II-0 CB Reactor"... And it exploded at the very end of the cycle (generated about 11kk eu, and then melted out the heat dispensers)
    Is it just as planned? ._.

    And i am trying to run it with the RedPower Logic controller, that gives a one-second cooldown period each minute, but it is going to explode again... I've increased the period to 5 seconds, but it looks like it wouldn't help. May be it is too late ^^

    - Can you do that? Can you explode twice?
    As expected, it exploded again. I know, this is the design for IC2 v0.9, but maaaybe my experiment will help you a bit. ^___^

    For a Mark II that works in 1.0, try this:

    The 4 uranium cells should deplete faster than the cooling cells. At least I've never had any problems with it overloading. Keep in mind, that reactor is water cooled. Toward the end of the cycle, I noticed it evaporated a bit of the water. Not a huge deal though as it still ran to finish.

    I really try to avoid using plates as they provide 0.1 cooling per tick and that is Really a pain when making an equal breeder but you do provide sense in your reasoning

    I stay away from plates as well due to them not reacting fast enough to temp changes to be worthwhile. I also like that HD's provide the only window into the reactor's heat levels.

    as I am now discovering saturating the cooling elements requires absurd amounts of lava buckets however with the new pump (hopefully to be fixed some time soon)
    bucket filling in the nether should not be a problem.

    same problem I had. I did manage to make an air cooled equal breeder though with one uranium and two isotope cores.

    also I am going with high heat breeding because if you have 1 uranium core and 1 isotope breeding a 0 heat i will use 8 cores for every single isotope enriched.1/8
    using two isotopes with 1 core will result in a 1/4 winback at 3000 heat it will be 1/2 or 50% at 6000 heat you will simply be wasting your time in crafting depleted cores
    and at 9000 heat you will double your uranium yeild. so truly this is a starter breeder for the time with not as many resources for multiple reactors I have a dual core breeder (which I suspect is not up to par math wise) but testing will show

    I found another problem as well. With an equal breeder running using HD's, I would think that the HD's would equal out the reactor heat as a percentage, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Taking all the plating out should make the HD's go down in level, as the reactor now has less durability, but the HD's don't move a pixel. This means that the extra durability that reactor plating adds isn't taken into consideration for reactor heat balance. What that means to breeders is, there is really a max heat you can attain on the reactor (9k) before all of your components melt. If you can get your reactor plating high enough to withstand 9k heat with no side effects, then your breeder can't go any faster using HD's or the HD's will melt. Anything past that would require no HD's in the machine.

    Yes all of the cooling bugs are now fixed i will be revising my designs and so on feel free to do the same :)

    And yes that would even out the heat perfectly but you must also consider two things:
    1. Never use water blocks to cool breeders (unless you dont want uranium efficiency) as they will evaporate at 35% reactor heat capacity
    2. you have to leave at least one space in the reactor for heat regulation.

    good work though, keep at it

    1. Makes sense. Problem is, without the water I'll have to figure out some way to even out the heat, because with that design, you can't do it with cooling cells alone. I'll have to think on that one.

    2. Perhaps, although I have no problem doing a quick bucket swap with a cooling cell though, so it's only a minor concern. Those few ticks that the reactor gets 1 less cooling are not going to send it into meltdown.

    By the way, how much heat does a bucket of lava add to the reactor? Trying to heat this thing up becomes a problem when the heat gets evened out across all the cooling cells.

    I imagine with the reactor code being fixed now that most of these designs don't work as designed anymore. I already know for a fact that the 2 chamber perfect breeder is no longer perfect. I did the math on it, and it should be producing 4 heat per reactor tick.

    Math stuffs:
    h/t = heat per reactor tick
    h/p = heat per uranium pulse

    1 Uranium Cell:
    w/ 2 cooling elements:8 h/p.
    w/ 2 fuel cells bordering: 3 total pulses (2 extra)
    total heat produced:24 h/t.
    2 depleted isotope cells:
    2 h/t.

    Total heat: 26 h/t

    -1 h/t.
    2 reactor chambers: (-2 h/t per chamber)
    -4 h/t.
    11 cooling cells:
    -11 h/t.
    24 air blocks around reactor: (-0.25 h/t per air block)
    -6 h/t.

    Total Cooling: -22 h/t.

    I modified the design to balance out that 4 extra heat, and I'm testing it now. It theoretically should be a perfect breeder now. To get it, do the following:

    If you number the cells in a grid, with the top left being 1,1 and bottom right being 6,5

    Remove the cooling cells at 5,2 and 5,4.
    Remove the integrated heat disperser at 5,3
    Move the cooling cell from 6,3 up to 5,3.
    In effect, your removing two points of cooling from the reactor, bringing the heat up to 6.
    Now we dissipate that extra heat externally.
    Replace 8 blocks of air (+2 heat for a total of 8 heat) with 8 blocks of water (-8 heat).

    That should bring heat production/dissipation to exactly 0.

    If my maths are all wrong like, feel free to let me know. I'm still trying to figure this system out.