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    4xDepleted Isotope Cells in the filter and Transfer mode with Wait on. (oh and they were Advanced variant cause I wanted to keep the track short)

    At most times there was a full cart waiting to unload and the buffer was full also.

    you should try redpower+tubestuff for a auto-breeder, Auto Crafting Table II (combining depleted with coaldust) > filter > tube > relay pointed into reactor chamber, and filter > tube > chest to get the goods out again, personally i paint the lines into the relays and chest and filters set with colour boxes meaning i can use only 1 tube between the 2 breeders 14 blocks down in a Tungsteel box under my house and the point of collection/supply at the basement

    the point of steam reactors is to ADD complexity and make it MORE difficult, but to answer your question the steam production is 1eu/t = 3.2mB/t, whatever you set the generation multiplier at the steam production will follow I REALLY suggest using a direct connection via placement on a valve block of a railcraft steam tank or multiple connections of liquiducts (1 duct per 320mb of steam/tick produced) or you wont be able to transport the steam causing a bottleneck

    you even get a direct output buff if you use industrial steam engines + MJ>EU transformer (at the default 2.5) instead of a turbine that effectively converts at 1.5625

    ( a 100eu/t reactor produces enough steam to run 1 turbine at 100eu/t, but in steam engines this amount of steam produces 64MJ, which then converts at the transformer ratio to 160eu/t, a 60% increase) that is unless you balance the transformers mod to railcrafts standards at 1.5625 ( a ratio of 16:25) or make it easier for a little loss at 2:3 (1.5)

    if you are using reactors with steam you should almost always place it on an iron tank, this way no matter HOW much steam you make you always have enough block faces to get the steam from. i run a 9x9x8 iron tank with 6 microcycle reactors on it, feeding a bank of 64 industrial steam engines, the tank has 16 liquiduct extractors on it, merging to a 1 block pipe that then splits out again to the engine bank this works out to supply ALL the engines with 8 mj/tick worth of steam. thats 512 MJ, or 1280 EU, you get less if you use turbines ( and theyre more expensive)

    The supercondensator outputs 8192 EU/t, 4 times more than a HV cable can handle.


    no shit sherlock. thats the damn point. to create an energy net event / tile entity since the superconductors wont on the first placement next to the condenser. so place a hv and after the hv cable dies and a SC is placed it works a jimbo.

    edit: this has to be done only once, it works fine on reloads, i diddnt have this problem before i updated forge, so im guessing its that. and this only happens with superconductors/condensators not normal transformers or wires

    I seem to have a problem with supercondensators, they are not outputting their energy to superconductorcables, if redstoned, they just store up the energy(checked with debugitem), BUT if i place a HV cable on the output side only 1 block in the place of a superconductor (it goes poof ofc) and THEN connect a superconductorcable it works fine. very strage but im guessing thats a quirk of the E-NET.

    playing on forge, IC 1.109, Gregtech 255b

    also: here have a bucket full of cockroaches the integer overflow bug on the cooling cells is even more reason to switch to NBT

    If you log out with a hot cooling cell (right after crafting for example there is a integer overflow (looks like one to me anyway) when you log back in on the item
    2 cell can craft together to 1 with the shapeless tool repair recipe.

    edit: the integer overflow bug happens in reactors and chests too, not just player inventory

    Hey fenrir could you use NPT for heat data on the cooling cells this would also allow you to just use 10000 damage on the items for a smoother scale. also this would allow logistics pipes to differentiate between the different heat levels. ATM it just pulls items with damage difference either way id like to be able to pull out full ones (or cooled ones in the case of cooling reactors)

    really loving the cooling cells, they made my eff7 3min run 1min cool micro-cycle MK5; into a 35min run 10min cool MK3,

    personally i don't mind the slight nerf to the capacities, its the auto-self-heat-transfer that makes them godlike anyway

    also cooling not colling ;3

    an idea: extra-thick neutron reflectors, 8 thick reflectors around a containment reactor plate ( that costs 1 copper plate and 3 advanced alloys)

    lasts 8x as long as a thick reflector, (more cost total for less hassle changing)

    connect the reactor to a iron tank (larger the better) it will dump ALL its steam into one by just 1 face connected to 1 valve block, you can then pump out the steam using autarchic + gold pipes or valve pipes + industrial steam pipes (denpipes addon to BC)

    this also allows you to run a high end microcycle, fill up the tank at like 4000 steam / tick for as long as the reactor wont overheat or the tank gets full and while the reactor cools down your turbines work thru the massive burst of steam that got dumped into the tank, if you balance it right just as the reactor hits 0 heat you're almostt out of steam ready for another huge burst

    easy EFF7 without Lapis or coolling cell exchange.

    another random idea: making carbon plates IRL requires mesh AND some form of epoxy or plastic resin, in your "make everything a littlel(lot) harder. i suggest that making a raw mesh to require 2 raw fibres and 1 resin. ( or 3 rubber). probably keep it shapeless,

    Maybe i am completly stupid but... the latest IC2 version is for 1.4.5 (v1.109) and on top of this post is written there is a addon from greg tech for v1.109 but i cant find the link for it...
    yes call me stupid if you like because i cant find it lol :D

    open important stuff, then installation, and don't forget to read it all.

    Voted Yes, keep most,

    i would say maybe a 10% loss on the act of removal,

    using the same stacking mechanics of RE batterys (2 item IDs one for uncharged one for variable charge)

    if its found the power transport to be a balance issue you could also debuff players carrying MFE/MFSU (like chest transporters mod does) maybe a 30% slow and hunger debuff, maybe even a jump debuff.

    as phrost said earler.

    "sulphur as fertilizer" = calcium sulphate.

    its more of a soil conditioner but whatever. minecraft logic

    if you want more info on sulphur as a plant fertilizer heres some info,

    its wikipedia so not 100% accurate but enough to get a good gist.
    personally i would go for N-P-K-S in a 1-1-1-1 ratio, the potassium and nitrogen are in the saltpeter, sulphur as-is, not sure where phosphorus would come from though, glowstone maybe?


    seriously sorry for the necropost but i bring GOOD NEWS EVERYONE. after asking f4113nb34st to fix this "useless hunk of a block" there is now a solution to the "crap magnetizer problem"
    follow the link for a fix to the magnetizer that allows it to have a much longer pole at increased eu/t

    its coded up for for 1.108

    all thanks to f4113nb34st