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    Haven't been here for a loooong time ;)

    I hope nobody suggested it yet, I tried the search tool but it's a bit wonky. Anyway, I'm playing industrialcraft-2-2.6.188-ex110 (I checked changelog from this version up, and can't see the thing I'n proposing) and I'm using Advanced Miner in Silktouch mode.

    Aaaaand... I have lots of ores I can't process because no IE2 machine wants to do anything with them but smelt them (coal, diamond, redstone, lapis). And smelting yields absolutely no bonus. So I use more energy for silktouch and then even more for smelting and end up with exactly the same amount of resources I would get if I didn't use silktouch in the first place. So why bother at all?

    I suggest the following:

    Coal ore - macerating, yelds 2 per ore.

    Redstone ore - macerating, yelds 4/6? per ore.

    Lapis ore - macerating, yelds 4/6? per ore.

    Diamond ore - macerating yelds 18 dust, compressor yelds 1/2 diamonds.

    Any other ores I've forgotten - similar recipes.

    Amounts for discussion, but they have to be higher than what falls out of ores on average.

    (BTW is my memory bad or did the "old" IC2 have those or something like that?)

    I would play. Maybe not pure IC2, but IC2, BC, IC2 addons (the "small" ones, not GT) and some basic utility mods, like backpacks, iron chests. Would be nice to focus on a couple of mods and not having the easy way out with having 10 different ways to do one thing.

    I usually end up playing on a heavily over-modded server, because that's what my family likes ;) But if anybody had a simple IC2 server, I'd love to play (no PvP or at least PvP contained to some kind of arena is a must).

    Actually, VirMan, your server sounds fun :)

    I've built two of them. I may try to build Water-Jet Cutter later, but, honesty - what is the cutting mode even for, after you start makig cables with extruding? ;)

    Anyway, Liquescent Extruder and Impellerized Roller both work beautifully. Two things about the Roller:

    1) After I made it, I got one, slightly used, Forge Hammer back. Is it a bug or a feature? ;)
    2) Would be nice to have two output slots in the roller, so when I input 64 plates, I can get 2x64 casings.

    I foolishly decided to try 1.7.2 with IC2 and Buildcraft. Everything is peachy except... I cannot force NEI to work, not even a little bit. It crashes my minecraft even before the Mojang screen.

    I'm still determined to play, but I need some recipes. I've tried to search the forums, but "metal former recipe" yields tones of posts ranting about the old wires vs the new wires and things like that...

    So, if anyone would be kind enough and simply write here the recipe for metal former, I would be eternally grateful. All I remember is it requires 2 toolboxes.

    If you can think of anything else required at early stage, that is different than the classic IC2, write that, too :D

    Other ideas: simplified cable losses: forget measuring length and just impose a fixed penalty each time cable is used at the incorrect tier.

    Allow any un-insulated cable to be used at one tier higher than its insulated form, so bare iron wire could be used as a substitute for glass if you avoid standing too close.

    I like these ideas :D

    But, if our dear developers insist on cable loses according to length, can you please let us players know at least your general idea how this will work in the future? "Old" IC2 losses were too high IMHO, I hope if you implement any, we still get to make "lossless" cables longer than 4 blocks that aren't glass fibre (which is a bit too expensive now, I think).

    Whatever you intend to do, it would be nice to know, so players don't end up having to completely redesign their factories because they didn't think about cable losses.

    I stopped to play Minecraft a few months ago - didn't have time. I'm now trying to set up my family's favourite mod's for 1.6.4 and its frustrating as hell... X(

    Anyway, as someone, who usually plays heavily modded Minecraft and, as a result, always have the resources badly balanced with the mods if I leave them on default setting, I simply love the Metallurgy mod. Out with every other mod's metals (except for things that don't exist in Metallurgy - I need to tell those guys they have to add Uranium ;) ). In with only Metallurgy-generated metals.

    The nice thing is, you can tweak resources generating values for everything, vanilla too. I do that. Not to give us tones of diamonds, but to balance the world with the mods.

    Would work for the lapis too :D

    I stumbled upon this thread accidentally, but I actually also have problems with lags in one, quite highly developed, map. I thought they were all caused by Factorization, but now I start to wonder.

    How many UHS panels on one map do you need for them to create a lag? Would 6 of them (4 in one chunk, 2 in another) do it already?

    Thank you all for answers. It seems, if I want to try, I have to be careful. And patient. Luckily, I am :D

    The server thing is not an issue - it's only for my family and they know not to mess with something when I say they shouldn't. And we don't actually have a server - one of us is just hosting the local game.

    (I was thinking about installing a server, I even have some spare parts that only need a case to became an actual computer, but I was always too lazy to do that. Since the local thing is working... ;) )

    <disclaimer>This post is not a question about release date, nor a complaint nor anything similar. Don't read more into it that is written below.</disclaimer>

    I would really like to start a new world with MC 1.5.1. All my favorite mods are out, except for IC2. But I was thinking, I could use the current-in-development version just as a placeholder, so it generates all it's ores, claims it's blocks and items ids etc. So when a stable (or beta or whatever playable) version comes out, I just substitute and go on playing.

    So, my question is: how stable is the mod as long as I don't actually use any mod-specific items? Just gather the ores (and lots and lots of lava, hehe), build the house and do some other boring things to prepare a nice map for me to play?

    (I'm also thinking about adding GregTech. Used to play it, then got annoyed by constant changes, but maybe I should try it again? The same question goes.)

    And please, spare me the suggestions about tools that can prune chunks, so they regenerate with new ores. I know they exists. I don't like to use them. If I dig a tunnel, I want it to stay there :P

    Whatever else I have installed (BC, ComputerCraft and some more, as the mood strikes), I have backpak mod :D

    Day 1)
    Punch a tree, make wooden pickaxe, mine some cobblestone, make a set of stone tools/weapons.
    Find at least 3 sheep and make a bed.
    Kill every cow that happens by.

    Night 1) Sleep in my new bed.

    Day 2) (sometimes day 3 also).
    Find and kill as many cows as possible. Make at least 3 backpacks. Cook the steaks ;) Gather some wood for torches.

    Days... many days: MINE!

    Day ... something or other, all the backpacks are full of goodies (ores, gems, redstone, coal, things found in chests in dungeons and mines):
    Find a really nice spot for a base.

    Next day(s):
    Build a base, generator, extractor, macerator, electric furnace, compressor. Upgrade generator to something better (Advanced Solar, usually). Build everything else I need/want.
    By the time I run out of resources I have some more or less automated way to gather them, so I play mostly stationary.