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    Drama much?

    Some other mods, notably RP2, are broken up into different modules, with some being optional and others having dependencies. I think this is something that IC2 would benefit from.

    Yes, there are config options to turn off some things, so if for example I believe that quantum armour is completely overpowered or too buggy to allow, I can disable it. The Bukkit port gives us even more options to disable specific recipes. I know that just mentioning Bukkit triggers knee jerks the likes of which the Russian synchro-swimming team would die for, but you're going to be forced to use it or its descendants from 1.4, so may as well get used to it.

    But there are still numerous things I can't disable, and some of those things occur in groups of functionality. Someone running an IC2 server may have the opinion that his world doesn't benefit from a group, or that a group doesn't mesh well with the other mods being used, but still wants to have fun with another area of IC2.

    Something like this:

    IC2 Core (not optional) - additional ores, basic resources, basic machines, basic energy generation, energy net/cabling
    IC2 Advanced - Teleporters, Terraformer, Mass Fab, Tesla Coil (depends on Core)
    IC2 Armour and Backpacks (depends on Advanced)
    IC2 Electric Tools (depends on Armour)
    IC2 Crops, Food, Drinks (depends on Core)

    Blocks and items go in the module that requires them. For example, rubber is required for cabling, and rubber trees are required for rubber, so rubber trees have to be a part of Core. But nothing is dependent on Coffee or Booze, and nothing outside of crops themselves is dependent on the Dupenalyser, so they can all go in the same module.

    I have some idea of how much work this would be, and how hostile this forum is to suggestions, so I'm not hopeful; just throwing it out there.

    I'm trying to block RP2 microblocks (ID 136 on my config) from being recycled in an IC2 recycler.

    Adding 136 to the recyclerBlacklist option in the IC2 config results in the following crash during FML initialisation:

    I wondered if this might be happening because RP2 hasn't loaded yet. So I tried to add a_ and z_ prefixes to the mod filenames, to make RP2 load first.

    However FML decides to impose some other arbitrary order on the initialisation, and I can't resolve this issue.

    Has anyone else had successing in adding microblocks to the recyclerBlacklist config option?

    distance(a,b) = sqrt(((xa-xb)^2)+((ya-yb)^2)+((za-zb)^2))
    weight(animal) = 100
    weight(mob) = 500
    weight(player) = 1000+(for each inventory item: 100*stacksize/maxstacksize)+(armorItems*100)

    eu_cost = weight(user)*((distance(source,destination)+10)^0.7)*5

    I'm sounding like that screenshot of a WoW game master solving an algebra problem through support

    We're not getting anything like that. We have inventory weight disabled, so I was assuming a base weight of 1000. A 60 metre jump is costing in excess of 277,000. Plugging the numbers into the formula above, it should cost only 97,844.

    Could somebody confirm the equation for EU consumption of teleporters? Myself and two other players on my server have tried plugging in the numbers to the equation on the wiki and we consistently get numbers which are just over double what they should be if the wiki is correct.