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    There IS iridium in every world, trust me. It's just that you'll find one on average per ~35x35 block area. Assuming ground level at 64 blocks it's one iridium block per ~81920 other blocks. To put it in other words, for every 1,000,000 blocks mined you'll get around 12 iridium ores. You either need to dig/run around a LOT or stripmine huge areas to bedrock to find it.

    Of course you can also always just change the config values :)

    Re: modders modding each other mods

    Gameplay experience changes with every mod they install, more with some than others. I think it's ridiculous to expect that each mod only changes vanilla MC and at best is kind-of compatible with other mods. Telling others to stop extending their stuff is just mindbogglingly arrogant and preventing innovation.

    What Gregtech has done is, in my opinion, something extremely awesome. He has taken some pretty good basic ideas and made them even better by actually making different mods work well together instead of simply being alternative and completely independent ways to reach the same goal.

    Instead of bitching about it modders should concentrate on improving their stuff or even better, working together with other modders so that their mods would work even better together. I'm not talking about stuff like converting power from one system to another but actually making machines from one mod useful for some other. E.g Mystcraft portals + railcraft transportation is one such example, though it works automatically anyway. It's just an example how a feature added by one mod can greatly increase the amount of options and fun-value in other mods.

    Diamond Drill + Titanium is approved.

    I hope this means you'll "re-nerf" the normal drill as well :)

    I might be missing something but as it requires steel it is waaay out of reach before relatively high level of advancement with other mods. For steel I'd need a blast furnace that takes a ton of magma creams (= blaze rods). Kind of an overkill for a low-tier thingy I think.

    Or is there an alternative way to make steel that I've missed? Running with a metric ton of mods* the only alternatives I can see for steel is macerating chain-link armor that I can't produce myself. Alternative ways for blaze rods would be to farm a TON of enderpearls or breed a special kind of bee.

    *) 50 mods and including almost all the bigger ones, all installed without ID resolver. Had about 5 ID conflicts in total that I had to fix manually. So take that you people wishing for ID resolver-support :)

    What about making miner a bit more useful in later game? Even with diamond drill and max-range scanner it's pretty weak, around T2-2.5-ish at best with no better alternative. BC Quarry can be big but I don't really like stripmining all that much + I LOVE how miner+pump take care of liquids so elegantly. Sure, I could always just use several miners in parallel but that seems kind of cheap and not really fun in my oppinion. Also miner reaches bedrock quite fast meaning I'd have to move them around quite frequently.

    I'd love to have a new tier for miner that is relatively expensive (but not quite iridium-needing), takes much more energy (3-4x) than regular miner per-operation, mines a few times bigger area (21x21?) while not being too much faster per-block than regular miner (1.2x faster?). I'm not sure what's easier, adding a new tier of drill+scanner or just making a whole new miner (though still keeping the symbiosis with pump).

    First of all, you have one incredibly awesome mod here :o

    Second, am I missing something about getting mixed-alloy ingots for advanced alloy with default config? I know you made them use aluminium now but to get aluminium I need industrial centrifuge. That one needs advanced machine blocks that are built using mixed-alloy ingots. Kind of a circular dependency there :)

    Not quite sure what exact version I'm using but I downloaded it about 30-ish hours ago for MC 1.4.2, haven't yet tried the very latest one.

    If it matters then I'm also using buildcraft, forestry and railcraft + a ton of tiny stuff that shouldn't change things too much.

    I originally wanted to write a long post explaining why I, an opensource software developer, think bitching about modpacks is rather stupid thing to do but I'll just leave this little bit of information:

    Technicpack serves around 1TB (~1000 GB or 1,000,000MB) of data per day to it's users.

    How many mod authors have the resources to offer similar service?
    How many of the individual mods get anywhere near the exposure as they do inside technicpack?

    Also without the pack I'd still be playing vanilla. Some mods are pretty nice but I simply don't have the time to combine the stuff I like myself and I'd simply wouldn't do it at all if I was forced to.