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    I'm almost certain people would get more money if they hosted the mods on their own page and put ads there.

    As for the whole EULA "change", the content of it didn't really change. From the very beginning it has stated people can't sell Mojang content to make money. Making monetized youtube videos is fine. Asking donations is fine. Putting mods behind adfly is NOT fine. Giving ingame stuff for "donations" in servers is NOT fine.

    My favourite games from last 5-ish years in random order:

    Kerbal Space Program
    Space Pirates and Zombies
    Defense grid: The Awakening
    Path of Exile
    Dungeon Defenders
    All the RTSes from Warhammer series

    I believe there are about 2-3 games in that list from big companies, rest are from more or less indie devs. Those indies most definitely have by far the most innovative gameplay compared to pretty much anything I've seen from the big names in the industry.

    Players on my server came with such a nice idea.
    They complain about portable scanner totally spams the chat...

    What about to have more tiers of scanner, first few tiers will show only limited info, some specialized tiers will show only herb info, or electricity info.... then some really advanced tier showing almost all, and of course, debug scanner everything.

    What do you say ?

    I would say it would be nice if we could choose what bits of information the scanner shows with a config setting. There is a ton of stuff shown that is useful only for debugging/developing that could be turned off for normal gameplay.

    When people are bitching about mod not describing in the main post how massive changes it makes (it wouldn't fit there anyway but there is a link pointing to a relatively nice wiki) while simultaneously saying they will never read any warnings or descriptions and aren't even capable of finding a download link in a post you know they have run out of credible arguments.

    With all the drama surrounding GT at virtually all the time I'm almost certain people know about what changes it makes to gameplay better than what changes other bigger mods do.

    to be fair, i think the new version is a tad bit too 'grindy,' and my suggestion would be make the overclockers a little more effective by either reducing the eu spike or improving the speed %.

    I haven't played non-GT IC2 since forever but I believe the machines can take full 64 stacks of oveclockers in each of the four slots. Sure, you'll need to reserve some for other upgrades to be able to actually use the overclockers but you'll still get at minimum of 128 overclockers in them, possibly 196. I'm almost certain it's enough to make any process take one tick :)

    The increase in power is nearly nothing with non-GT overclockers. I think one needed 4 or more overclockers to double the active EU use.

    lack of interesting and exotic features

    Such as fully-configurable nuclear plants and crop breeding?
    Oh, you were simply talking about OP ways of generating stuff out of nothing/cheap items. My bad :)

    Also, IC2 is under massive development and not feature-complete. It makes no sense to criticize half-finished features as if they were fully developed.

    Can't remember when some big guy last made a game that I actually liked. I've been massively disappointed in every big-name game I've bought in past 5 years or so and there were many I tried.

    Luckily I have found a mountain of stuff from small devs.

    Making it only costs steel would make it more appealing to all players who use other mods that offer auto mining options in their packs.

    GT has never tried to fit itself to the progress path of other mods. It also has never pretended to be aimed at people who prefer going for the easiest and most OP way like many other mods seem to do nowadays.

    I was saying that the server im on made the BC quarry even MORE expensive than the GT recipe, and people STILL wont make Miners. They KEPT the drill but instead of the Iron gears, they substituted GT steel gears, so more metal required, and its 24 steel for 3 years, vs 8 ingots for the BC gears.

    As I said, GT makes that change to the quarry by default.

    I just made an ender quarry, skipped right on by a Miner.

    Well, ender quarry is obscenely OP anyways. I can't see how it could be balanced, even with massively increased cost for creating it.

    As for making titanium, the first blast furnace I made was 2000K. The wiki says titanium is 1500K, stainless is 2000.

    Apparently I have had some sort of conflict for big part of the time I have played 1.6. I made a clean new install with minimal mods (removed the old configs+non-GT needed stuff) and now NEI reports the smelting point of titanium properly at 1500K. I'm not sure how that could have happened but indeed titanium takes less heat than stainless steel.

    Im in 1.6 still. The diamond drill does take the two titanium, but the pack I play has special recipes so it adds steel gears to the BC quarry recipe, not iron, and its STILL better to make that than a Miner.

    Wait, you are complaining about the non-default recipes of your server not being properly balanced and you ask other mods to change their default recipes to "fix" this? It's GT that changes the quarry to require steel gears, advanced circuit and diamond drill

    By default GT changes the BC quarry to require diamond drill. To make a diamond drill one requires a regular drill. This means the only real difference between quarry and miner is the need to upgrade the drill to diamond for the quarry. Regular drill requires stainless steel that you claimed to be the most problematic resource (in my worlds I often had a ton of chrome from exploration before I even got my first steel produced).

    Now, if your server has changed the quarry to NOT require diamond drill then it's a problem with your server being way out of balance.

    You need the blast furnace for the stainless steel anyway and if you didnt find chrome you needed a centrifuge for the chrome. So what does titanium add? Electrolyzer.

    Not only that but you also need to upgrade your blast furnace from 1700k required for stainless steel to 2500K in order to be able to process titanium. A 800K jump in heat is no small thing and you WILL need a bunch of advanced casings for your first blast furnace to achieve that. With lava core and full reinforced casings it only reaches 2200K. You can't produce any heating coil upgrades before you already have 2500K blast furnace.

    So, yes, upgrading from a miner to quarry does require MASSIVE upgrade to your infrastructure. Claiming that titanium is no biggie is simply ignorant.


    Read the fucking Manuals, is all I can say about that.

    If only there was a way to have access to all the books GT adds ....

    Though it is possible to read the contents of them from the translation files. Has anyone added the information contained in them to wiki?

    I realize the BC quarry isnt part of GT but as really the one single block that GT changes from another mod, I assumed that its considered a 'staple' item. The only way I was able to make the Miner attractive to players on my server was to make the BC quarry take 10x the power, which is about 1000 eu/t to run it at full speed.

    Didn't the diamond drill require a whole bunch of high-level GT machinery to be created (namely blast furnace capable of smelting titanium) or was that changed in 1.7? At least back in the last version of 1.6.4 the miner was VASTLY cheaper to make than BC quarry, as long as you didn't use the diamond drill in miner.