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    Before asking other modders to help you should show them you are capable of doing modding in first place. I suggest you do some simple mod, doesn't matter what it does. You could just copy random features from other mods if you like, it'll teach you the basics of modding (and force you to learn coding in the process).

    Then don't make drama out of it. "silently not loading" means as less drama as possible. Just let him have his way.

    You should check the IRC logs of #TiC channel (whatever the correct name was) to see how mD was actively trying to sabotage GT. Though that specific message was written long before he even became aware of the existence of oredict scanner. Let alone that it was added by GT.

    I like how RG said pixelmon is similar to what Greg did with TiC while ignoring stuff like this:
    [13:49:30] <@mDiyo> Fair warning, I am likely to make GregTech silently not load with TConstruct installed in the near future.

    Putin didn't randomly annex crimea, the crimeans voted 97% to join with russia.

    In some parts >100% of people voted. Where have I seen this before ...

    The much greater majority of people in crimea are ethnic russian anyway.

    Yes, since it's native inhabitants were forcefully deported when USSR invaded them the last time

    So why are people upset about it then?

    Let's see. Russa sent their troops marching into a sovereign state to take over their military bases.
    They ignored the three-party treaty between them, Ukraine and US about nuclear disarmament of Ukraine and keeping it's borders intact.
    They had gunmen at voting booths "securing" them.

    I'm awfully glad that the bronze night took place years ago. If that happened today we'd have tanks on our streets "guarding" people looting women sanitary pads and alcohol.

    As for gays, all they want is equal rights to all other people. Nothing less, nothing more. What Russia has done is basically made it illegal to even say that being gay is not a choice.

    More on Putin speech:…-putins-speech-on-crimea/

    Every time the radius is bigger, it takes more chunks to be made than the previous size. As the sides of the square of loaded chunks gets longer, so does the number of chunks Minecraft has to make, which would explain the non-linear increase.

    Yes, obviously, and I already accounted for that. Problem was, increasing the total amount of chunks by 2x increased the saving time by MUCH more than 2x.

    Yes and that's exactly the problem I have. I render the map with unmined as it's several orders of magnitude faster than exploring in-game but it requires the chunks to be generated. For my ideal home I want to have a village in not too insane distance and without "player forced" generation I wouldn't be able to see them.

    Forcing the spawn area to be insanely big generates everything in those chunks. Only problem is I apparently have greatly underestimated the time it takes to flush them to disk. It's been about 4 hours now and 2/3'rds of the .mca files under region are still basically empty. It took a LOT less time when the area was 4x smaller. I guess there is some sort of non-linear increase of processing time for some reason (garbage collector/memory trashing overhead?).

    You should write something that generates Chunks instead by loading them for a second. This is much easier.

    Coding-wise it can't be easier as my current hack only needed me to change 3 constants :)

    Would generating a chunk also generate vegetation layer/objects/villages/oilspouts? When I did something similar with worldedit plugins it didn't do it.

    I'm quite sure there is only one that has something to do with fluids and output/export in it's name.
    Also I believe there are <15 different upgrades.

    Sorry, can't run MC at the moment to check it out myself.

    Usually when I start a new (SSP)world I teleport around in creative mode in search for a nice home near good biomes. It's a slow and tedious process due to not being able to use optifine on my laptop (stupid intel IGP!) to speed up chunk generation. I finally got tired enough to hack together a version of server file that has the spawn area of 257x257 chunks so that this massive area gets generated in one go when the server starts :D

    Only problem is it takes a LOT of memory since MC won't even start writing anything to disk before entire spawn area is generated and you quit the game. It writes stuff during server stop. To generate that big area I needed to assign MC ~14GB of RAM and it took about half an hour to generate. I have no idea how long it takes to actually save it but it seems like it'll be at least an hour or so. For an area 1/4'th the size it was relatively fast and needed "only" 8GB of RAM. Interestingly when the world finally loaded it was running at 80FPS with ~66k loaded chunks :D

    I know there are some mods out there that do something similar in-game but everything I tried were a bit wonky. They did generate chunk and blocks but they didn't generate any vegtation, snow, villages, BC oil or anything else like that.

    I've been playing that since you (it was you i think) mentioned it. I'm on newpix 577.
    I got lots of tools but that thing doesnt end. It is just consuming my TIME!

    Yeah, it probably was me. I lost my progress at around newpix 500-ish, ~8 glass ceilings and WW castles per newpix when the fan of my work PC gave up and the whole machine was replaced (yay for bleeding edge laptop! Boo at it not having real GPU. Intel 4000 series is good enough for modded Minecraft, though). Restarted and I'm at newpix 315 with 10 ceilings and WWWW castles per NP :D

    Using scripts, though. Playing manually I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am at the moment.

    Being lazy is part of the requirement package to become a half-decent programmer. You need to be lazy to write as little code as possible instead of pumping out mountains of spaghetti.

    It always saddens me when people measure the "value" or "goodness" of their stuff in lines of code or how many lines of code they produced in X amount of time. People like that don't really know what programming is in my opinion.

    If Mojang finally gets that new system where blocks are only referred to by their naming system, then we wouldn't need packs in general for configuration sake...

    There is still room for packs that reconfigure things enough to make it into a consistent package. E.g that planned 1.7 GT server thingy where mctweaker is used to add other mods to GT tech tree. While everyone could do that manually vast majority of people won't bother and rather get a pre-configured pack.

    ID conflicts themselves are generally a minor issue. Fixing those in my hand-made 80-mod pack takes about 4-5 reboots of MC. Fixing duplicate ores a few more minutes. Overall it doesn't take much to make things run. It's a whole different business trying to figure out what mods are stable enough to be used in first place and modpacks (should) do that.

    Probably all 1.7 reworks will be on the initial build. There will be enough time to release those.

    I would assume that as well. Just a direct port of current GT to 1.7 wouldn't make much sense if porting+making the intended changes together take less time over all.

    Also, a LOT of mods aren't updated to 1.7 anyway and many that are are unstable. IIRC Forge itself is having some issues or at least used to not too long ago.