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    Once you get this mod how you want it, I recommend talking to Kentington, author of the famous Rocket Science mod (Once it is updated of course.), and see about a collab or something, as it appears, based on both how the two add-ons are & the future plans for both, that they could easily mesh. I'd think that one of the mech suits would be epic for exploring Mars 8) and killing whatever stands in your path, and the superconductors & fusion reactors would be a near must-have for these suits for quick charging. Make sense?

    Here's a link for quick reference, although with how popular the thread is ATM, it might not be necessary: [Addon v1.95]Rocket Science v0.89 - flying autominers, missiles, and nuclear fusion!

    I'll leave with a present: MinecraftSquid . That is all.

    Some of the ideas are really interesting. Especially the cooling towers, alarms & fire detection things. Those I'd use in a heartbeat. Some, as previously said, are dicey at best. Lighting & multi-block machines. As previously stated in more words: minecraft's lighting system needs a lot of work. And if you want multi-blocks in an add-on, talk to Greg, he uses those in his add-on extensively. Odds are, this won't become core IC2, but might make it to add-on. Admittedly the possible cross-compatibility sounds intriguing with how it is proposed. Hmm... Well thought out. Just difficult to add as a whole. (From what I know about modding & Java that is.)

    Why did you prefer to not update to beta builds? Was it potential instabilities, errors, corruption, etc.? Or something else entirely? I've always wondered that, but never bothered to ask as I assumed that it would go unanswered...

    Although I have to agree, IC2 does enjoy staying in PR state for extended periods, not many other examples come to mind for other mods that do this. Ah well, it works, so who cares?

    I look forward to trying some of your add-ons... (I would have if Redpower hadn't come out... Sorry, but Redpower takes priority. Even over Optifine.) Especially Adv. Generators & DeFence... Although Bio-diamonds has my interest for carbon plates. But I digress.

    Don't hate on this, but what about being able to make 'iron' golems from aluminum or other ore blocks, just having a constant potion effect on them based on composition metal. Like Swiftness I from aluminum or Strength II from titanium... Stuff like that.

    I always wonder how to use magnetizers in series (For lack of a better term), I just thought I was too inept with them :pinch: , but all I had wrong was stacking them directly above one another, and then falling off. Repeatedly. Anyways, glad to have found this thread.

    I'm gonna miss this addon after I finally update to 1.4, after skipping 1.3... So useful to go to a jungle, go crazy with a diamond axe & Timber, cook up 6 stacks of charcoal to make fuel or solar panels... (My Railcraft Tunnel Bores ate almost 75 stacks of coal in 3 days... Insane I tell you. And that's just 2.)

    Fusion power.

    A more powerful alternative to fission reactors (The kind currently in IC2...). Maximum generation of a current reactor is 2,400 EU, this suggestion could manage up to 5-7 times this figure. Nuclear engineering principles still apply.

    (Going to try to illustrate... Bear with me...)

    Plasma generators would be used to make the main fusion reactor.

    Plasma generators would be made like this:

    :Copper Ingot: :Advanced Circuit: :Copper Ingot:

    :Tesla Coil: :Advanced Machine: :Tesla Coil:

    :Energy Crystal: :Advanced Circuit: :Energy Crystal:

    (The energy crystals represent Lapatron crystals...)

    Created: 2 plasma generators.

    The fusion reactor would be a simple upgrade of the basic reactor:

    :Iridium: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Iridium:

    :MFS-Unit: :Reactor: :MFS-Unit:

    :Advanced Circuit: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Advanced Circuit:

    (The MFSU's represent plasma generators...)

    Created: 1 fusion reactor.

    For the fusion fuel cells, a hydrolysis machine (Upgrade of electrolyzer) would have to be made with an electrolyzer, 2 advanced circuits, & 2 refined iron. Like so:

    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    :Advanced Circuit: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Circuit:

    Created: 1 hydrolysis machine.

    (The advanced machine block represents the electrolyzer machine.)

    To make the fuels cells, just put :Electrolyzed Water Cell: in, power & wait.

    1 water cell becomes 1 hydrogen cell (AKA fusion cell...).

    Next would be extreme high-voltage wire, made of mixed metal ingots capable of handling >2048 EU with minimal loss. Crafted like so:

    :Rubber: :Rubber: :Rubber:

    :Metal Block: :Metal Block: :Metal Block:

    :Rubber: :Rubber: :Rubber:

    Created: 16 wire.

    Second to last would be a higher-capacity version of the MFSU made with extreme-voltage wire, 4 MFSU's, 2 transformer upgrades, & 2 energy storage upgrades. Needed due to power from reactor MAY overwhelm MFSU's. The upgrades can go in any corner, just the MFSU's & cable need to be like this:


    :HV-Transformer: :Cable: :HV-Transformer:


    Created: 1 EVSU. (Extreme Voltage Storage Unit.)

    Lastly would be Extreme-voltage transformers.

    :Energy Crystal: :HV-Transformer: :Energy Crystal:

    :HV-Transformer: :MFS-Unit: :HV-Transformer:

    :Energy Crystal: :HV-Transformer: :Energy Crystal:

    Created: 1 EV-transformer.

    (The MFSU represents a EVSU...)

    When I saw the title I was thinking a placeable weapon system. Sorta like the picture.

    Capable of putting holes in everything under the square sun of minecraft short of bedrock & reinforced stone(And glass...?) And of course needing a reactor/MFSU to power it. Say 375,000 EU/shot to fire at full power. Mid power can't bust through ore blocks (Lapis block, diamond block, etc.), metals, machines, & obsidian. 1/4 power can't break through more than 12 blocks of stone. 1% power is worthless except for demolishing a wooden house...

    If something like this is added, I'd suggest to focus on the placeable one first, then work on a portable one afterwords.

    Maybe recipe for 1 shell would be:

    Iridium plate in the center, 4 iron blocks directly adjacent, & advanced alloy in the corners.


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    "Unnecessary, OP, too destructive."

    Depends on the cost to determine if it's op. If it takes more resources than to make an entire quantumsuit & all the machines involved, then it's not op.

    Unnecessary? Maybe. Awesome? Hell yeah. :Nuke TNT: could be considered 'unnecessary', but people seem to like it...
    Too destructive? New concept to me... :pinch: