[Suggestion]Iridium + Uranium + misc = H-bomb

  • Iridium + Uranium + misc = H-bomb

    The H-bomb would be more destructive, so destructive that it wouldn't drop any item blocks at all.

    Setting off an H-bomb should cause several times, maybe a full order of magnitude more, damage strength than a normal nuke. It should also set -anything- flammable that's within 2-4x that radius on fire.

  • -1

    nukes already push the limit of lag IMO

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

  • When Kenington can get around to updating Rocket Science for Thermo-nukes, he will... just be patient...

    Would anyone like to try a Slowpoke Tail?! Only 1 Million Yen!


    this isn't about arrogance or ego, I have a block that I put a lot of freaking work into

    Every Mod Author, in existence. And yet, you STILL say otherwise.

  • And why should there be iridium in the recipe?
    Heck, the only place you mentioned hydrogen itself was in the name "hydrogen bomb".
    You probaply don't realise how complicated even a Teller-Ulam design is.

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  • "Unnecessary, OP, too destructive."

    Depends on the cost to determine if it's op. If it takes more resources than to make an entire quantumsuit & all the machines involved, then it's not op.

    Unnecessary? Maybe. Awesome? Hell yeah. :Nuke TNT: could be considered 'unnecessary', but people seem to like it...
    Too destructive? New concept to me... :pinch:

    :Nuke TNT: = Answer to all problems. Including that creeper camping right outside the door of your glass house.