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    Just showing to you what a Fusion Generator can produce (from Advance Power systems which is an addon for buildcraft) if we are going to convert its power to IC2 using Transformers 1.2 Addon. :)

    Converting Power using EV Pneumatic Generator. it draws 1248 EU/t!

    The good thing is, this fusion reactor never explodes to your face.

    [UPDATE] Due to my burning desire for Ultimate POWAH, i've built a 4 fusion tokamak, which draws a total of 4990-5000 EU/t! uber HAYO!!

    Stop using Technic pack and use a newer version of IC2 and you'll be able to do a 6 chamber setup.

    I'm currently building a 6 chamber design that does 2070 EU/T, ice cooled (7 ice a second). The ice is manufactured using a two snowman, 12 block breaker per snowman snow collection setup. It produces an absolutely insane amount of snowballs. I have those feeding into a large collection of singularity compressors to make ice. Total energy usage, with overclockers, is under 500 EU/T. The system makes close to 64 ice a second.

    I've already dispatched technic pack long time ago :). I tried trial and error method when installing mods. Currently, there are 50 mods installed in my minecraft folder.

    somehow i got this error after loading your two worlds (Clean Slate & CASUC edition).

    Heya I downloaded this mod and installed it using your directions but all of the GUI/HUDs of the machines (except the fusion reactor and seperator) are messed up.the characters are to the bottom right, an example is that the number of missiles in the Targeting system is in between the X position hundred and tens could i possibly fix this? (oh and BTW i have no idea how to use the URL image thing so i just attached the images, sorry)

    same here ^^

    I'm having a trouble when placing a HV Wooden Pipe. It crashes my Minecraft.
    Click the spoiler for Error Report.