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    I got another one. I just added a core heat exchanger on albijoe's design and it runs a full cycle. I also changed a few components to make it cheaper.

    1375.83 HU/t, no reflectors, efficiency 12.28


    I was messing around with the fluid reactor designs and I got two high HU/t and stable reactors by slightly changing the fuel rod/reflector arrangement.

    1367.8 HU/t, 3 reflectors, efficiency 19


    1359.83 HU/t, 1 reflector, efficiency 13.08


    A short lived type of reactor design relied on heating up coolant cells (or vents for tighter timings) in an EU reactor then cooling them down in a fluid reactor to effectively double the energy production. In stopping that, damaged reactor components will now claim to not be usable in a fluid reactor once damaged.

    Since I don't think it is necessary to create a new topic for posting my ideas about the type of reactor that Chocohead mentioned, I'll post my ideas about this reactor here.

    To my knowledge, the type of reactor that Chocohead mentioned is still possible, just with more manual work. The player can break the pressure vessel of a fluid reactor, turning the fluid reactor into a EU reactor, thus being able to put the heated coolant cell in, and then repair the broken pressure vessel to get a heated coolant cell in a fluid reactor and generate double the energy. I can't think of a simple way to fix that though.

    I think this type of reactor is quite balanced overall. Although this type of reactor can produce more energy per fuel rod, it is much more expensive than a conventional one and meant to be used in late game to save precious uranium/plutonium when not duplicating uranium/plutonium via uum (I'm not sure if I got that right). As you know, using this type of reactor requires an eu reactor, at least 1 fluid reactor (perhaps 3-4 to dissipate the heat in time), a bunch of things associated with the fluid reactor, and an optional logistics system to transport the coolant cells around automatically. Therefore, it is only achievable in mid-late game when resources are plenty enough. As a consequence of high power generation by using mutiple reactors and getting the components in and out of the reactors in time, this type of reactor is quite risky since it is much more likely to lose a component and any one reactor meltdown will cause devastating destruction. Also, designing such a fully automatic safe-running reactor complex is a difficult and interesting challenge, too. I'm curious why they are removed and I hope they can be re-implemented.