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    ok so let's run a quick scenario:
    -for some unknown reason, you've bred, consumed, and 'nuked' your supply of uranium.(the whole world, not just your personal stash)
    -so you hook up(we'll assume you moved it, rather than built a new one) a mass fab to your solar array, maybe attach an auto-crafting table to produce uranium.
    -infinite stone machine(look into one, they're great) being mined for cobble, then fed into a recycler, then fed into the mass fab. we'll assume this is powered by a prebuilt redstone engine power plant. (your primary power was nukes, how else did you burn all that uranium)
    - roughly 166,666 eu per UU matter
    -with the exception of the start up uranium bars, you could breed yourself back into business

    -with one issue, i have yet to find a recipe for uu->uranium

    CASUC reactors are not overpowered imo. it is one system built on top of another...the whole concept of IC2. you still have to maintain and change-out components of the reactor and supply it proper conditions. i had a breeder reactor melt down because i used a casuc setup, but too many re-enriched cells for both the passive and active cooling to handle even in a SCRAM state. it went up, i had to look at what i was doing, and make adjustments.

    long story short, i got power hungry, and it blew up in my face (a feature i'd like to see more of in IC2)
    all part of the game as far as i'm concerned. if you want balance, only use base generators and bat boxes.

    i like the idea of tier upgrades... something along the lines of ...fission->fusion->antimatter->omg how do i control this let alone use it?!

    it is my opinion that your first mass fab should only be the beginning of something much...much greater...

    something to shove solar-spam out as a primary source later in the game.

    [omitted long post better suited for a different section]

    mine is a much more simple setup:
    1. get homebase set up. (solar cells over watermills usually ends up being my primary)
    2. get 2 reactors built, one 'superbreeder' (8->20+ ratio), one primary power (4 cell)
    3. begin construction of the Executor (super star destroyer)
    4.???(haven't got there yet)

    i've had to restart construction 3 times. 1 ragequit due to miscalculation in the construction, 1 ragequit due to it being on Singleplayer (wanted to show it off). currently still building it on my server.
    only thing i would change if i could right now is that the bottom of the ship is currently below the clouds...should have started it higher up

    oh, did i mention the primary materials are reinforced stone, netherbrick, and reinforced glass? this isn't an easy build.

    big projects prevent ragequit...set out to build SOMETHING.

    i support this, however, i do have somethings to add:
    -yes, there needs to be containment/cleanup options.
    -containment vessels should basically be a reactor minus the power/breeding capabilities. they produce heat, they melt down (bigger mess), do proximity damage if there is too much in them and have to be cooled.

    --no, i don't think there needs to be any recipe to break it down. i'd even consider tossing the material into lava a method of disposal that should be looked down upon, so it shouldn't be able to be 'picked up.' however, the material should 'decompose' over a very long time if it is in a containment vessel. (let's face it, even if it was 24 hours of game-play, it's just going to sit and generate heat. this is no problem on servers, and single player shouldn't have much of an issue, because i for one have left a game running overnight for such things.)
    -this material shouldn't do damage to mobs, and might actually empower them (creepers to charged creepers, pigs to pigmen, spiders become poisonous)
    -as for transport, a 'hazpack' (backpack) that acts as a container, and is used with a tool (electric hoe?). the hazpack is put in a slot in the containment, where the material decomposes. the hazpack should hold 10 units and emit .5 heat for each unit of waste in it.
    -the waste, when on the ground, should use the same algroithm as lava for spreading. you have to get the source block. (make it a yellow lava 'cloud' with half a heart damage?)
    ...not to railroad your idea, but my thoughts on it.

    maybe the containment vessel could be supplied eu for containment...the more waste in it, the more eu it is going to require (ghostbuster's anyone?)

    i personally like the idea of the maps all being smp-based.
    "hey man, that's a cool setup you have there"
    "you want to join me?"
    "sure! (insta-join)"

    the searchable crafting index i'm not so keen on, as it takes away from looking up the recipe AND usage players got when they had to go to a wiki. now if it only held recipes you've already crafted...i'd not have a problem with that.
    does this effectively kill TMI? (i didn't like TMI, too much trouble)


    what we are running:
    Forge Mod Loader v3.0.196.366
    Minecraft Forge
    Buildcraft A-3.2.0pre7
    IC2 v1.107 open beta (d/l and installed 10/18/2012)
    Snyke7 's Transformers 1.4
    IC2Nuclear control v1.3.2

    still waiting on redpower...

    no griefing
    all reactors need to be inspected before they are turned on the first time. we don't need craters i couldn't judge reactors if i wanted to anymore. just make sure you have a containment building.
    Feel free to tie into the main eu grid, but no mass fabs on the grid
    please be respectful of other players.
    Signs are important...they mark, explain, and warn

    new players will be given a free bed and map by me the first time i see them.

    i need some clarification on the reactor displays.
    when i use a digital thermometer with the reactor i get
    water evaporate 8400,
    melting 14280.
    the reactor information panel displays this:
    max heat 16800
    melting 14280

    this has me a bit confused. i always thought the melting point was when the reactor went super-critical(exploded). is this a error in the display or is there a super-critical threshold over the melting point?

    after closing minecraft completely, restarting my computer, and loading the game, i am no longer able to recreate this issue at this time.
    i believe it has something to do with the map having been converted from an older version...the cables have to be remapped by the game and saved in the manner exiting the game uses.

    i am running minecraft 1.2.5, ic2 v1.95b, and buildcraft 2.2.14

    when i load my world, return from a distant trip or the nether, none of my batboxes, mfe's or mfsu's output energy. this requires me to destroy the first wire and replace it in order to start eu moving down the line again. however, i have batboxes outputting directly into batboxes, which requires me to remove and replace the whole box before the adjacent box will discharge.

    i used to see this problem only with the reactors(as far as ic was concerned), which required a similar change for the same conditions, i have not confirmed that the issue exists in 1.95b yet as i have not constructed a reactor as of yet. i noticed that the reactors did not have this issue if they were not running when they were loaded into the map.

    i also saw this issue on buildcraft's transport pipes until the latest release. (i know you don't support buildcraft, but might ask them how they fixed it?)

    if this is in the wrong section, please feel free to move/rename it.