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    I don't think anyone asked you this question.
    Can you tell me how does the Fusion Reactor behave when using one of thoes EU-consuming recipes?
    If constantenergymachine = true does it nullify it's progress when no or a low amount of EU is supplied per tick.
    If it's false, does it pause progress until you add energy or does it still go on with the progress. My logical answer would be that it pauses until you supply EU and then it continues. How does it work when constantenergymachine = true if the that rule applies to it?
    I want to know that so I can do maybe more automation.
    BTW Have you worked on your automation system so we can recreate it for the Fusion Reactor as there is an image place holder on the community driven wiki?

    Did you consider like making an Energy Buffer type block which would have an adjustable output (1kk max. it would be made with a super condensator), maybe a custom packet size (like the quantum generator from advanced solars) and a 10 million EU storage (Lapotronic E Orb)? It would be quite nice. It pisses me off that to buffer some EU I need a storage unit which has a max. output of 2048 EU/t which means I can't keep the EU/t rate without having 16 of them to use the Fusion Reactor voltage. Please consider this suggestion.

    I recently (two Days ago, that was the reason for the long Update delay) joined a Server. The fun thing on Servers with OP Mods is, that if I dont use said OP Mods (Soul Shards for example) and am better than the Host himself, it's quite like an awesome Achievement. Currently I'm powering my Base with 7 Diesel Generators and 2 Combustion Engines, from an Oil Source close to my chunksized Base.

    Chunksized base? I like using those, too, pretty convenient for chunk loaders.
    What does Soul Shards mod do? I read something about it but I don't know how it can be OP.

    MC 1.5. The Update to that MC-Version in particular will take longer as usual, as I want to change/add several major things.

    I'm pretty skeptic about that as it sounds like things are gonna get expensive and I just realized you need 12 Stacks of Copper Plates (6144 Copper, 96 Stacks), 3072 Coal/Tin Dust and 192 Be Cells for the fusion coils.

    GregoriusT wrote:

    Well, I was mining, and didnt even recignize the Gravel under me. That + Connection Lag + No Armor as usual = Death Trap

    Are you playing on a server or SSP?
    I don't know about you but I always forget to make armor. I wanted to make the jetpack for so much time but everytime I get distracted by something. Once, those distractions made a gigantic hole in my nuclear power plant. I want to do something and then I forget about it and do something else.

    Anyways, you said you will apply a bigger fusion design, when's that coming?

    I always forget doing that... WHY!?!

    I don't know. My memory ain't so great.
    A lot of nether ores are waiting to be processed as I don't want to lose materials.

    And about that Machine explosion thing. Add the option for it as you mention in the mod description "... Allmighty config". It isn't all mighty if you can't turn that off :P

    You need more heat inside the machine. You do not need more heat or fire on the components outside the machine that control the inner bits where the processing actually happens.

    Make sense?

    Also, one interpretation of more advanced casings is that they are better at insulating the inside from the outside, so less heat is lost to the environment, allowing it to reach a higher temperature with the same energy.

    But it still cools down while it's in water, right. You can't do 100% isolation with no heat lost.

    Please add a config option to disable machine explosion when on fire, it already happened to me in my testing world, at least it's not in the main world.
    And please fix the Power Crystals' nether ores, the 7 of them I told you about. They still give the same amount of materials the normal ores do.

    Is it intentional or a bug if you disable MMIngot in the rolling machine that no other recipe of yours uses the rolling machine? I know that heating coils used to be made using the rolling machine but now they're not. Metal Posts should be made using the rolling machine but they're not either.