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    I had the same one, but didn't know it could be related with that mod. Are you sure it is ?

    Yep, it caused random crashes and I couldn't create a new world. When I downgraded to 0.7.8(a or b, don't know) everything worked fine.

    It still tends to crash but not because of this mod, it's because I don't keep the game in the menu long enough to load all textures. Those crashes are really rare though.

    32 fusion coils?!?! DAF?!?!?! You said it was going to be similar in cost, not a whole lot more expensive (unless you nerfed the expensiveness of the coils by quite a good chunk, those pesky neutron reflectors piss me off due to the insane amount of copper they require).

    Also, got a few suggestions for recipes:

    1.) Add an aluminium plate + 2 redstone = 1 basic circuit board I liked the really similar crafting recipe after you introduced the wire mill, I would like it to return.
    2.) Add 1 Coal -----Distillation Tower------> Coal Coke + 1 Creosote cell and 2 Wood -------Distillation Tower-----> 2 Charcoal + 1 Creosote Cell and make them take about 20 seconds to make. It would make my factory so much faster :D

    I'm not planning to update to 1.5 for most likely a couple of months, it will take time for all those awesome mods to update. Even though I'm barely making this decision due to the new click and drag distribution system, it's so awesome, but it's not in 1.4.7 ;(

    Will the new fusion reactor have the same fuels/fuel times/energy produced?
    I'm getting a ton of random crashes lately, I blame it on my new graphics card :(

    Got some questions about the new fusion reactor:
    1.) Are there any fusion coils involved in the setup?
    2.) What are all those random fusion reactor-looking blocks?

    I ain't updatin' to the new version, I don't trust it :S

    Anyways, great work Greg :D, but I'll wait on some more info before updating.

    Can I get some help on that machine texture crash thing?
    Basically it happens when I right-click on a GT machine which has changed texture to advanced machine block.
    It crashes! AGHWLOUGHL!!
    Using version 2.82a.
    I would post the crash log but pastebin doesn't allow more than 500 kb files :(
    Any ideas on another site which hasn't got THAT small limit?

    @Greg: Why didn't you put the first ones with aluminium give 2 instead of 1 (They are made of Iron/NIickel, Bronze/Brass, I call them tier 1 MM Ingots)? It was always like that before if I remember correctly.
    I don't know why didn't you put the tier 1 ones with aluminium instead of Tin/Zinc give 2 Ingots, it's stupid because aluminium takes a blast furnace to make and all other recipes with Aluminium in the 3rd row give 1 more MMIngot. Just doesn't make much sense.

    There is already a speed option for the blast furnace. Greg told me in a PM that he won't add the option to change the grinder speed. It really is balanced and if it took like 800 EU, it would be OP.
    There should be configs for all other machines.
    I also suggested a Super Transformer with 10kk EU storage and adjustable EU/t and EU/p output. Guess what, he didn't not deny it. Seewhatididther?

    !! BUG REPORT !!
    Found a resource eating bug with the fusion reactor where if you don't pull out the empty cells when you start the reaction, all the helium cells will be lost after fusion cycles are done.

    EDIT: Fusion Power Engineering Industries® Making Fusion™ Automation Chamber© is DONE!!! YAY!!! Now it's possible to automatically Make Fusion™. Some screenshots will come in a later post, it's not really a chamber but more like a testing lab.
    It's constructed mainly using Logistics Pipes, but includes RP2 which is the ONLY mod that is capable of extracting 1 Cell of both Deuterium and Tritium every 51.2 seconds precisely. RP2 filter extracting every 51.2s is making this possible. Otherwise some major thinking would be needed to make logistics pipes do that.
    The best part is that it makes Deuterium and Tritium faster that the reactor can fuse it!!!!! HAYO!!!

    I got a suggestion in terms of those useless chlorine cells which just hog up my cell-chest. Add Hydrochloric Acid which in combination with some electrum dust and possibly Invar or Aluminium instead of tin would make 3 or 4 RE-Batteries. Would finally make some use of those cells. BTW I know I can extract them to empty them, but I want to have some in stock in case you add something which will eat up my Chlorine supply.