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    Now RP has solar panels and electrical wires.

    And an electric furnace. and that's just the Prerelease of "blutricity"

    Whats next? Will we have a blue-macerator and a RPQuarry. ;(


    ADV machines V2.1
    Dynamo V1.31
    IC2 1.15
    BTW 2.98
    ADV Solar panel V1.15.1.2
    Mobile Pump
    Wall Forcefeildgenerator V0.9.6pre

    Can you find my problem?
    It works if i remove dynamo.

    oops :whistling:


    in next Version of WallForceFieldGenerator i will include first part of a Holographic Projektor Mode.
    Expemple: if you place a dirt block on the outputface of der WallForceFieldGenerator the ForceField will be look "dirt" ;) ...

    CPU load issue .. is working with thread pools,hashmap,... ... and various phases (create , update , destroy,... ) that reduction the cpu load ...

    YES! now all you have to do is make a option to make it pass through...

    Hmm, how would you conceal the projector itself? Will it take on the form of the block you put in it and it is projecting? Or would you need to cover it with blocks? I assume it would be directional and project the image from its "face".

    take a look at the wall force feild demo video. if he added antoher option of haveing a block pass throughable, and added block camoflause (place a block in GUI to make Force Feild look like said block), then we have a hologram projector!

    I fear Elo is biting off quite a bit.

    I'm under the impression he's trying to basically recreate BC/IC in his own mod to create one super Technic mod. At least that seems to be his long term goal. Also his computing system seems way overcomplicated, only people with a serious understanding of computing will be able to do the most trivial of tasks using it, Al's seems to be more of a control system that's simplified.

    dont forget some of BTW!

    FYI: Eloraam is making the same (similar) thing: