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    I was on my way to the Creeper Planet when suddenly all my ship's systems died, including life support.
    Me: Dammit, I thought I got this thing repaired after that reckless Asteroid Race. Wait... That's EMP da-
    *I faint*

    I wake up a few hours later, and realize that the emergency life support has only 20 minutes left. I first stop my ship, then I race to the stasis chamber, and I hop inside, and set the stasis pod with a minimum non-wake period of 6 weeks.
    Me: Good luck to the fellows fighting the spambots.

    At Mojang City...
    Me: The goddamn traffic! I can't get to the spaceport. *pulls out RPG* This'll have to do. *rocket-jumps my car ahead of the traffic, discovering that the traffic jam was caused a man eating doughnuts while parked in the middle of the road.*
    A few hours later of chaotic driving...
    Me: Made it to the spaceport! Now I need to get to my private ship... Scarily enough, this spaceport is empty aside from some security.
    Officer: Security pass, please.
    *I show him my Spambot War 1 Veteran pass, and I'm allowed through to the shuttle bay*
    Me: Phew, 'bout time I got into space again. *enters spaceship, discovers a noob hiding in refuge*
    Noob: What... This is your ship? Sorry, but it's mine now.
    Me: *I draw my Braintech Shredder Machine Pistol* No, I paid for it, it's mine.
    Noob: I was here first, so it's mi-
    Me: Waste of space... Yuck! *Uses gravity gun to throw the noob's carcass out of the ship*
    After a successful launch, T10a is now in orbit of the Moon.
    Me: *looking at Minecraftia, which is slowly becoming a desolate wasteland, with lava pools visible everywhere* Man, thank god I got out while I could. Best of luck for those fighting or escaping right now.

    Me: Twenty years of calm, oh boy. All these things that the spambot war made that are now helpful for daily life, oh my!
    Me: God dammit, I told them to stop with the Missile Based Mail System!
    Me: Fire the counter missiles! I don't want to become a half deformed blood puking cesspit in 10 minutes!
    Radar System: Request Confirmed!
    *rocket flies off, destroying the missile, spambots fly out of the missile*
    Me: Oh no. Well, might as well finish the job that we started 20 years ago!
    *Laser beam fires from the Spambot horde, destroying my tiny shack I used as a cover for the T&B Inc. Outpost Mk. 3*
    Me: Well, looks like it'll be harder this time. *flicks a lever, with a sign next to it saying 'EMERGENCY RAILGUN SYSTEM'. Railguns soon come out, obliterating squads of lesser spambots, while merely denting the bigger ones*
    Me: Shit just hit the fan, I'm out! Computer, take everything that's in my Storage System, and put the drives into the Emergency Ender Chest, so I can rebuild after this Second Spambot War ends! As for the liquids, pump them into the Ender Tanks for later use! Dump all the water and lava, I can make that later. As for the bees, take them all from their hives and put them into a disk drive, and put them in that same Ender Chest system! As for you, activate the MFFS System and hope those spambots haven't figured out a way to breach an MFFS Field! Never fear, I have a copy of your installation program for later revival! *I hop into my Escape Ship, flying off towards Mojang City, unaware of the dangers that may await there...*

    Mentlegen, it is obvious we have a spambot problem but please, don't reply to bots! If we reply, the douchebags, and real, profiteering corporations behind the spambots will think we're interested, and will send more! And then it gets worse if you keep replying! :thumbdown:

    In a nutshell, the reply button is not your report button for spambots, the report button is obviously that. Most of you will be aware that replying won't help, this PSA is for people without a clue of the consequences behind replying to a spambot. Also, I believe many a user have replied to a bot, including myself :S

    Although the hordes of spambots do make an interesting story, but that's in the off-topic section.

    Meanwhile on RockRaiderAlpha's spaceship...

    Medibot: Welcome back T10a.
    Me: Thanks. You have no idea what it's like to have your arms and legs ripped off and only having the arms replaced as a living being.
    Medibot: I'm sure it's traumatising.
    Medibot: You are still in post surgery recovery T10a.
    Me: Dammit! How long will it be?
    Medibot: A few days, but I have a experimental Insta-Recover Stimpack direct from the Ministry of Medicene right here.
    Me: Use it.
    *Instastimpack is applied*
    Me: I FEEL MUCH BETTER! We must save Minecraftia!
    System AI: Sorry buddy, but the system Minecraftia has been relocated. So therefore it will be a week instead of 46 minutes till it hits.
    Me: Excellent. Hold on. My gPhone is detecting something from the star. Wait. OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING? System, I am detecting a strange entity coming from the supernovaing star with my gPhone. I have no idea what the hell it is, but it has just rushed towards the system Lh'owon. And is destroying everything in sight, planet by planet. It's energy signal is showing as a form of Chaos, but what the hell is Chaoschamp doing with that much power? No, chaoschamp is too tame for that power. I suggest we-
    Me: Sorry.

    Me: Are we there yet (for the 9001th time)
    RockRaiderAlpha: YES. I'll just be restocking our supplies at the local space station, it will only be a few days.
    Me: Ok, just remember to buy a potion of healing.
    RockRaider: I'll get the medical bots on that.
    Me: Thanks.
    *Rockraider leaves*

    *Medbot arrives*
    Medbot: How are you feeling?
    Me: Just fine, still without arms though.
    Medbot: I'll work on that. Prepare for T10a's limb restoration surgery.
    Me: Great. *asleep again*

    My chainsaw wil most likely end up as the boensaw, the Übersaw or the Amputator.

    Why isn't there an explosive-driven player-launcher in IC2? We could name it the Rocket Jumper.

    Or the Sticky Jumper. You have no idea if it's going to be a grenade launcher or a rocket launcher.

    even moar names:
    Machinemuse's Modular Powersuits:
    Power Glove: Kamehameha, Falcon Punch, Hadouken, Saiyouken (HOWEVER THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SPELT).
    Power Suit (Applies to all pieces of armour): Mjolnir MK V, Mjolnir MK VI, Poor man's qsuit, HEV Suit.