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    Nanosaber: Hackmaster+12 (Blame SOTMead), shishkebab (Fallout: New Vegas reference. Effective if Fire Aspect is on it), Your Eternal Reward.
    Mining Laser: Pew pew (Fallout), Laser Rifle (Fallout again) IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR.
    Chainsaw: Jason, S.A.W, My little friend, This weapon kills Zombies.

    Anvils have so much abuse potential :P

    To me, there's just not enough featur in UE, compared to IC²: Quantum Armor, Miner, UUM, Upgrade modules ... and I quite like a lot of things in IC², which aren't in UE: Nuclear Reactor system, Crossbreeding ...
    And I actually love GregTech ^^. Moreover, I don't want to criticize but ... obviously, some addons from UE are inspired by IC².

    Quantumsuits are already in it's own expansion, Modular Powersuits. Upgrade modules are in Electric Expansion, but only for energy devices. thankyou

    *wakes up on Rock Raider's ship*
    Me: Where the heck am I- Circle? Don't tell me I'm in the Circle Univere agai- Hey, it's Zulu!
    Zulu: What the hell happened to you? Your legs are robotic and you have no arms!
    Me: WTF?! They didn't finish off my arms? Cheeky bastards
    Zulu: Actually, we teleported you out of there before they finished you off.
    Me: Well, why are there circles here and there. Oh wait *looks closely* They ARE Circles. Well, turns out my phobia of circles only affects me in the shockingly realistic world.
    Zulu: I. wasnt expecting that reaction...
    Me: Last request: Could you please take me to a medical bay? So I can have my arms again?
    Zulu: Funnily enough, we're heading to Earth again, s-
    Me: What the hell is Earth? Minecraftia was our home, right?
    Zulu: Well, if you forgot History class, some Minecraftians found a new planet, that they called Earth. Long story.
    Me: Sounds ok.
    Medical bot: Applying anasthetic.
    Me: Not again... *Asleep*
    Zulu: Put him in the medical tank, and leave him there until we get back to Earth, or you manage to give him arms.

    Spambot: Your legs have been replaced, now to the arms.
    Me: *thoughts* Positives of this horrid experience: I can finally be like Adam Jenson, from Deus Ex: Human Revolution! Downside: I'll be spamming kitchens from all sides of the universe if the Minecraftians don't hurry up.
    Spambot: Applying anasthetic again in three.. Two.. One...
    Me: Not again...*asleep*

    Me: I hope they got the message...
    Me: *thoughts* wait, they ARE converting me into a spambot?! WTF!
    Spambot 2: First phase, the replacement of the legs. For your safety, we will use anasthetic.

    Great. Turns out it was a trap and all the Spambots are flowing into Minecraftia. Well, also, I'm trapped/being held prisoner. Now I need to be rescued, most unlikely chances it will be by a slightly tubby plumber in a red cap, since my guard is literally a mechanical reptile. *message to Minecraftia* HELP! I'm being held prisoner! Rescue me now please! Coordinates in the spambot universe are -9000, 9000. Hurry, or I might be converted into *looks at spambot* this. HELP!

    After I died from circlephobia in the Real Earth, I respawned on GregTech's ship. I jump out of the airlock in a spare Qsuit, and land near the world Limit. *A T&B Inc Ringtone plays, the message from ChaosChamp shows* I have received ChaosChamp's message, and I am awaiting the signal. 3....2....1....KAAAAAAMEEEEEEHAAAAAAMEEEEEEHAAAAAADOUKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Massive A.L.B.A.K.A. Cannon-sized energy beam fires at the world limit. Everyone, including myself, am unsure if that blast was from me Kamehamehaing the crap out of the World Limit, or if that was simply a conveniently hidden A.L.B.A.K.A Cannon) *The World Limit dissipates, allowing quick travel to the SpamBot Mystcraft Universe.*
    Me: *On a secured by reCapatcha radio frequency* Alright people, we only have 7 days before this hole in the Universe becomes too small for us to come back in our smallest spaceship, make the most of it. T10a out. *I walk through the hole in the Universe, with the Minecraftian Space Fleet spaceships drift into the hole after me.*

    I appear inside the Spambot Universe, on the Spambot Continent of KitchenTopia. A spambot greets us by saying 'Hello, would you like to buy a kitch-', but before it could finish, I shoot it in the face with a prototype T&B Inc. PSR-1 anti-materiel rifle. Soon, the Minecraftian Space Fleet arrives in this Spambot Universe.

    I was dropped off back into the Minecraftia realm, where I landed on top of a wreckage of on of GregTech Intergalactical's Mark 8,000 ships.
    Me: 'Interesting, how could a ship built in the last 2,500 years die like this? Oh wait, GregTech's ships became all powerful and unsinkable in the last millennium... Well, it should have a hyperdrive. Wait, how am I breathing? OMFG! Minecraftians can breath vaccu- * realises that I am in a QSuit* Never mind. Computer, scan this ship for a 2,500 year old FTL drive!'

    Computer: 'Nothing detected, all that's left is an empty carcass. Pirates must have been here.'

    Me: 'DAMMIT! Looks like I'll have to run in this thing again..'
    *Runs at over 9000 kilometres per second again'
    *Teleports into strange dimension*
    Menu says: 'Teleporting to Earth*
    Me: YES! I'm comin-*FInds out the Earth in question is the Real Life Earth*-DAMMIT! SO. MANY. CIRCLES!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Greetings fellow scientists! Today I, T10a, have proposed a theory of a power source from animals. That's right, animals! It would work by sucking the mob towards this machine, then it will slowly damage the poor fellow so that it's nervous signal will send excessive amounts of pain to the brain, but as we SHOULD have learnt in Biology, that signal is electricity. The machine taps into this neural energy, meaning the poor animal will NOT feel pain, as the signals will be sent through to the generator, creating a cool 25 EU/t! HAYO! It could have two modes: Passive and Threatening. Passive will not generate as much power/deal as much damage, nor will it suck in the mob, but will still drop what it would drop as if it were killed by your average mob trap! That's right, an Industrial use for Mob Farms! HAYO! And Threatening will suck in the mob, deal the normal damage and generate 25 EU/t, but it will NOT drop it's drops, aside from a rare case of the cooked variant of it's drop, due to it being roasted alive by the machine. But T10a, you say, this is torture! Say that to your hayoish mob farms, my friend.

    I hope you have learnt something, my fellow scientists, but I must work on my machines back home. T10a awaaaaaay! *Jetpacks off into the distance*

    I would recommend the EnderStorage mod, it acts like the 1.3.2 Enderchest but it's got color codes and moar. Also, your PFC can hold a ton moar if you have installed the Iron Chests mod, a Diamond Chest can hold a bit more than an Alchemical Chest from EE2, and doesn't install a ton of cheaty items.

    To simplfy it, just make it: Too cold= freezing into an ice block. Too hot= catching on fire. Just right= 1 heart regenerated instead of 1/2 with hunger, you will regenerate health normally with less than 7 hunger left. ez