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    Crops will despawn if their growing requirements are not met.

    This can happen when it's too dark, when the crop hasn't been watered(this is separate from farmland turning into wet farmland) and similar.

    It especially happens with high-stat crops, they are hard to keep growing sometimes.

    What are your circumstances?

    I have no idea what these are but judging this as a reactor setup of some kind, this outputs 2*3*4*4=96Heat per second and you dissipate only up to 20

    There is actually a trade-off, because the Semifluid generator is MUCh faster than the liquid fuel firebox. SO I guess you trade efficiency for speed.

    Generally any time you have a choice of using heat or direct electricity, the heat version has the same efficiency with a stirling generator, but more with a steam boiler.

    I was super amazed when I heard about the pipes.

    But how do they work?

    Despite their tooltips, they all only transfer 400mb/s for me.

    ...and yeah I'd still like to be able to pick up upgraded machines.

    EDIT: Okay, their transfer rates are right, but only theoretical. Since they try to move half of the fluid backwards they can't be used with something that accepts the fluid they contain as source and if there's no pressure, they are REAAAALLLY slow.

    Reactors have been made not being affected to outside environment (at least that's what I believe). And, this is like an outside vent, a random one that doesn't need much materials.

    You can power the reactor through a repeater and a block, and use a cobble generator to constantly replace the block once it melts, or you can use the configurable redstone behavior of EU storage blocks, plus some redstone and wiring. I mentioned before that te blocks don't get affected.

    Thanks for the info, but in the version I have they still produce infinite lava when turned off, so it's not necessary to find such a solution. I just wish it was.

    So you mean that the upgrades don't drop when machines are picked up? This helps a lot especially when moving machines.

    You don't have to turn all machines off, you just have to break the cable(s) that will connect to the machine when you place the machine and connect the cable again afterwards. You can also use a big amperage at low voltage, which is what I did in my old survival world. I've managed to get ~15k EU/t by connecting a lot of transformers to MFSU.

    There are steam designs that don't require a big pipeline and there are already fluid pipes in IC2 now.

    Wait... just so we are at the same page

    The IC2 version I currently have:

    1. When machines are picked up they drop all upgrades.

    2. The only direct fluid transfer systems are fluid distributors and upgraded tanks, which are both absurdly expensive.

    Is that no longer true in the current version?

    Is there something like an up-to-date IC2 wiki? Seems like a fairy tale.

    I am sure someone must have suggested this, but I couldn't find it, so here it is.

    Why can't we pick up machines with installed upgrades? :Advanced Machine:

    When you have a big pipeline, it often contains machines of varying power tiers, so some of the machines will require transformer upgrades. :HV-Transformer:

    But whenever you want to add a machine, you have to first turn the power off, because otherwise your machine explodes. :Nuke TNT:

    And whenever I build a fluid reactor it starts overheating and I turn it off and go look for the part of the pipeline where I forgot the fluid ejector upgrade. :Empty Cell:

    Thoughts? :Quantum-Helmet: