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    No, I understand fluid rectors. I built one that outputs 1kEU/t.

    Yeah, the fermenter powering is a bit of a flaw in my design, because if I only run a single block of the power plant, I get lazy and just use Electric Heaters, which, yeah, would mean I only get 608EU/t.

    I do that mostly because otherwise I would need a station just for the biogas and quite some extra space, which is a problem for just a single block, but if I put 4 in a square, I should be able to get 3kEU/t quite easily.

    But again, the space requirement and material cost of it is much lower than a comparable fluid reactor setup.

    Like I said the reactor would be SEVERAL TIMES more expensive to build, so unless you can get 40000HU/t with a MK1, it is impossible for fluid reactors to ever be worth it compared to a biogas plant.

    And I am pretty sure that my 26880HU/s reactor is about as powerful as it gets.

    The internal components and the heat exchangers just completely ruin fluid reactors with their resource costs.

    I wanted to get a better screenshot, but I couldn't locate the power plant in my testing world. lol So here is an old screenshot.

    Using Thermal ducts because pipes weren't a thing

    I have no idea how you came up with your numbers for the biogas setup, because they don't make any sense at all. 200 Semifluid generators would produce 3200EU/t, but that's not what I am using, I am using 32 Liquid fuel fireboxes, which produces 1024HU/t or 20480HU/s. 200 liquid fuel fireboxes would produce 128000HU/s.

    I am gonna do some maths now, but before that I can say that your design and its efficiency doesn't actually matter at all.

    You are using EU-mode reactors. I don't know if they are more efficient, but if they are, that just makes the implementation of fluid reactors even more worthless, because this would mean that Fluid reactors are completely outclassed by EU-reactors even though they were designed to be way more efficient.

    About space you have a point, that EU-mode reactors are very small, but you cannot build a fluid reactor that would be more efficient than a good biogas setup in both cost and size, which was my main point.

    I am not intending to offend you, yet I really want to laugh at what you said.

    I haven't played IC2 for quite a bit of time, but I believe more than a year ago I have already built a self-sustaining uranium reactor design making use of the replicator. Though that build is not completed (thus not entirely made public), it had already achieved the ability to run on its own with a large surplus of EU. If I remember correctly the fuel rods in it aren't even operating at max efficiency. In terms of the exact minimum efficiency required please refer to this.

    As its output scales with the amount of reactors used, the only thing that makes this thing balanced (at least to me) is its incredibly high building cost, the biggest portion of which is the component cost. Once the cost of the reactor components are cut down it would be too OP for such a thing to be even theoretically possible.

    You might have missed the point.

    Sure you can build self-sustaining reactors.

    But I can build self-sustaining biogas power plants that are WAY cheaper and WAY more powerful and probably also need less space.

    Nuclear reactors are not balanced, they are pretty much worthless.

    The only advantage of them is, if you intentionally build a lot of efficiency 1 reactors, you can quickly burn through uranium to get plutonium for RTG which is good for portable power plants.

    Nuclear reactors are a lot more endgame, especially with an automatic replicator setup, so they should MAYBE also have endgame-worthy efficiency and not be completely outclassed by baby's first biogas plant.

    Well then we have some use for reactor components, but then you have to replace the fuel rods, unlike a pure biogas setup which can run indefinitely until a chunk loading issue starts messing with the steam boilers.

    It doesn't change the fact that Nuclear reactors in all forms remain incredibly inefficient.

    If I combine an efficient biogas setup with an inefficient reactor setup, I just get a somewhat efficient hybrid setup.

    I have to admit, though, heat exchangers are pretty good at powering fermenters. My power plant has the little flaw that starting it up is high maintenance, since a lot of energy goes into electric heaters on fermenters and there is no return for a while because the boilers have to heat up.

    I'd have expected this question what feels like a century ago.

    I think Thermal Foundation took Buildcraft's place in most things, its pipes are based on Buildcraft's I think and they work perfectly with IC2 or just about any mod.

    If a mod's pipes don't work, then they don't use Forge correctly.

    The Steam generator or Steam Boiler is a completely passive object that turns heat into steam.

    The Steam kinetic generator or Steam Turbine when equipped with a Steam Turbine item converts Steam into distilled water and KU.

    The Kinetic generator turns KU into EU.

    The Steam Turbine strangely accepts input of distilled water, so you have to make sure that no pipes or machines could be trying to put water into the steam turbine.

    I did some maths and the reality is: powerful reactors are completely worthless.

    The most powerful fluid reactor I could come up(26880HU/s) with is only 133% as powerful as my Melon Power Plant(20480HU/s) while costing several times as much. It's also not more compact.

    Granted, the melon power plant costs a lot more tin to build, but in total material value that doesn't matter because replicator is a thing.

    As long as the reactor components remain excessively overpriced, nuclear power plants will never be worth it and the only use for uranium that makes sense is a lot of very inefficient reactors for plutonium production.

    This also makes lead a lot less useful, because a low-efficiency fluid reactor is a lot worse than a low-efficiency EU reactor.

    Is there some big game changer I'm missing or is Uranium really just for depleting ASAP?

    Ok, so I wanted to craft some bronze dust, but the ic2 bronze is not in nei. There's only Thermal Foundation bronze dust. Even though it says it accepts any "dustCopper" and "dustTin", the ic2 crushed copper and tin do not seem to be identified as such. What can I do about this?

    Crushed ore is not a valid metal dust.

    If you wanna use crushed ore to make an alloy dust, you have to smelt it and then macerate it again.

    If in the modpack you play metal dusts obtained this way can not be used to make bronze powder, then the modpack creator isn't very good at what he does.

    Since every modpack has TiC anyway, you can use a TiC smeltery to make alloys.

    A friend invited me to play the Direwolf pack and in there I have a power plant that uses fluiducts and a Steam turbine.

    The Power plant normally generates exactly 512+256EU/t, which is HV. Of course, since Steam turbines can be random sometimes I did arm it to accept EV spikes.

    The Fluiducts we use can transfer 600mB of superheated steam every tick, which should be at most 600EU packets, so far away from the 2048EU limit the power plant can tolerate

    HOWEVER, often I go back to my power plant and find that the HV cables on the kinetic generators and once even the HV transformer were destroyed, which can only mean there was a IV spike.

    Now it seems that Steam turbines have an internal buffer of steam that is WAY TOO LARGE as it seems to accept enough steam to emit a packet that goes beyond even IV.

    By all means it should be 100% impossible for this setup to emit IV packets. It emits 512EU packets on average and beyond 600 should be physically impossible due to the way Fluiducts work.

    Does anyone have an idea what is happening?

    And since Direwolf uses industrialcraft-2-2.8.111-ex112, is this maybe a problem that was eventually fixed?