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    "Some cleanups"

    *looks at the past two pages*

    What posts did you not delete?

    And yes, it takes quite a long time to load from my desktop. Using my iPad, I have no such problems.


    Post RichardG censorship: Good work censoring my posts RichardG. You know who else censors people who say incriminating things about them? Dictators. Obviously you don't want people seeing that chat log for some reason, or the contents of the cape list file, which leads me to believe that you're trying to hide something very naughty, possibly even illegal. You disgust me.

    Come to think of it... That was a simpler solution, but it is not only a cape list, it is also intended as a difficult to dodge blacklist as well.

    Difficult to dodge blacklist my ass. The Technic Platform has an option to force users to install a modpack to a different directory when it's downloaded. Every single one of those packs that are blacklisted employ this method of getting around the blacklist. This isn't about the blacklist. This is about IC2 grabbing files off the internet that could be easily hardcoded into the mod, or be given a config option to turn off.

    Using Greg's method of turning off my internet after logging in, with IC2 still installed, it shaved about 10 seconds off my FML startup time. That means that it takes 10 seconds for it to grab a file, that is used to give people capes.

    @Magus Union

    I like how you think this is about removing DRM from IC2. If you had checked, you would see that that DRM doesn't even affect those packs, as they force the user to install the pack to a different directory, meaning that RichardG's check for the file path is completely ineffective. This isn't about removing DRM, this is about removing a pointless feature that makes it impossible for some people to even play IC2 because they can't get the text file from the server (not because they have a bad connection, but because the server does.) I'd even be okay with RichardG adding a config option to turn it off. But forcing online version checking and cape checks on users, especially when it's done in the main thread, is a terrible idea.

    Actually, yes, I do know how much time goes into making making a mod, because I'm making one right now. And here's the thing, it's not just three seconds. As Greg already said, if the downlod servers have a bad connection, the game will just hang at the Mojang screen, waiting for the servers to repsond. So even if my connection is good (which it isn't) if the download servers that these files are hosted on ae bad, I won't be able to play at all.

    How many mods? It takes me 1 min and 15 secs to load minecraft with 93 mods.

    92 mods according to FML. It probably doesn't help that a lot of these mods are doing online version checking already without providing a way to disable it.

    I have such Option in my Config, just to clear that up once again...

    I know, and it's one of the things I like about you. You provide some of the most extensive configs I've ever seen.

    I'm fine with mod authors doing online version checking and getting a cape list off the internet, but if you do it in the main thread, and you don't ffer a way to disable it, you are terrible. Imagine if every mod did this. That's 2.5 seconds of extra startup time for each mod you add. In a heavily modded game, this could mean several minutes spent waiting for mods to grab files off the internet. It already takes FML about 3 minutes to finish loading all the mods I have installed, I don't need that time made even longer because some mod developer wants to give himself a cape.

    TL;DR Put an option to disable online version checking/grabbing the cape file.

    If you do online version checking/grabbing text files off the internet in the main thread, and don't provide a way to turn it off, you need to go die. That is my opinion as a developer and as a gamer with a crappy internet connection.

    Ok time to try and create a new account promise I will not try to troll again but really I am loving ic2

    That's like shooting someone in the face, then saying "Okay, time to change my identity. I promise I won't shoot anyone else."

    Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the point.