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    Excited for the new update! But your device makes all of the dust needed for each of the emeralds from one usage? Seems a bit OP but I will have to see how it works in practice. Granted its hard to make more of them with one Dragon Egg, but I guess it depends on the other materials required and what the materials are for getting the dust to emerald form.

    Glad you are still writing for 1.4.7 for now. I just got an install finished with all the mods I wanted. Will certainly wait for this one before I start playing in my new server. Might be playing with some CC Peripherals to get Sonic music and sounds working.

    These will look great in a display case in my floating castle I plan to build after getting set up in industry. Obviously this will be the reason it is floating :P

    I love the idea of Chaos Emeralds. When mined they should play the sound effect from Sonic 2 .

    I think the Chaos Emeralds could work like the following:

    1 Emerald makes just 1EU/t. If 2 come together it makes 2^2EU/t, 3 make then 3^3EU/t, thats already 27EU/t, but still not really worth it, now to the 4th, it makes 256EU/t. Finally a sufficient amount. But then we got the 5th: it has a whopping 5^5 = 3125EU/t! 6 Emeralds make 46656EU/t, what is almost worth a Fusion Reactor. If you have all 7 then you get 823543EU/t (16 Fusion Reactors) and are unstoppable! Muahahahaha!!!

    It all only works if you put all Emeralds together ofcourse.

    That is way too much energy for anyone that doesn't use GregTech to deal with. While having all 7 emeralds should yield massive amounts of power, the mod will have to add methods to deal with whatever amounts of power that vanilla IC2 can not handle. Like storage units, transformers, maybe even cables.

    Overall though, the idea of this addon is very creative. I never would have thought of using magic gems to power machines. I wouldn't use the gems for storage but just for power generation with the block you add, as suggested before.

    Maybe that block could have adjustable output? Kind of like the adjustable emitter from Advanced Power Managment, but with a cap based on the gems or Chaos Emeralds inserted. That way, you can get multiple packets of a smaller size, if you don't have advanced tech addons to handle the power. But can get the benefits of using larger packet sizes, if you have mods that can deal with it.

    With some refinement and adding of content, this could be a really great addon. I will be watching this for sure, to see how this turns out. I for one, would love to traverse Minecraftia searching for the 7 chaos emeralds. Let us not forget though that there are really 14. Sonic 2 + Sonic and Knuckles :)

    are you sure that you are not doing something wrong, because I made the same setup and it worked beautifully

    Yeah pretty sure. I'm getting around 50 mil eu dropped to a bit more than 3 mil using the second setup. For the first I dropped in 160 mil to fill 16 mfsus, but after connecting them all back it only gave me like 38 mil. But I have been using IC2 v1.115, so not sure if there were changes that would cause that bug. I tried messing with other addon's energy things and they seem to work fine and they don't specifically say v1.115. So it could be my fault. Correct me if I am wrong but 1.112 was MC 1.4.6. I don't have a jar for it to test, but I might be able to drop the mod in a forge dev created jar with ic2 and make it work just to see if it is a version issue.

    I might be wrong, but I think I found a bug. I placed a PESD in a PESU. Got like 50 million eu put in to it. Here is the Setup i used PESU -> IV Tranformer -> HV Transformer -> MFSU. Charged to a bit over 3 million eu then looked at the PESU and it was empty! There is no way the loss should be this high. But I am running IC2 version 1.115 so that might have something to do with it.

    It takes approximately 14 apple juice combined with saplings and mulch to give 20 biomass. which distills down in to 6 biofuel. I ran an experimental study because the numbers from the forestry wiki were leaving me with too much biomass. I must have derped something really hard last night when I was typing it up. I would appreciate it if someone could test it and verify it for me, just in case my installation of forestry got messed up somehow.

    Also, glad you found the creosote oil, couldn't seem to find the values on the railcraft wiki or nei.

    Other than adjusting the honey to the same amount for the apple juice everything looks good. And if you decide to to the the 3uu = 1 oil everything else should scale easily according to my explanation, hence why I based it all off of BC Fuel/Oil.

    Another way to do water could be to take the energy required create the uu matter divided by the energy required to run the ic2 pump which is about 200 eu per bucket since it is basically infinite.

    Got my dev environment working so that's good, hopefully can get around with playing with some things.

    Maybe have Electrolyzed Water and Liquid UU as a refinery recipe and output the charged UU? That way it would also be configurable easily for balance purposes and just makes more sense to me that way. The only possible downside is that it prevents generation of electrolyzed water using UUM which I don't think should be a feature anyway. But it also reduces the amount of coding to have the Liquid Electrolyzer also accept UUM and the Electrolyzed Water. Though I do like the idea of the charged UUM to provide a double processing amount for the accelerator.

    One other idea for it might be the creation of shaped charged explosives. Not entirely sure of the chemistry of UUM but it could work.

    I really do like the idea of a thermal expansion type configurable faces, makes the logic of what things to input and output simplified. And I see what you mean now for the tanks, would in a way make it a multi-block structure which is cool.

    As for the other liquids, I also agree that it isn't worth a major version release, but maybe just as the other new features get added just slip them in.

    Keep up the good work, I am getting all kinds of excited for this again :D. Glad I could be of at least some assistance. Now to mess around and get those liquid ratios.

    Hmmm interesting thought for the liquid electrolyzer block, kind of like thermal expansion. Though maybe it could have a button in the gui to determine which liquids to accept and output. Atleast in my usage it would require this since more than likely I and possibly others will use teleport pipes with railcraft tanks to provide storage. Having railcraft tanks next to each other would be quite a limitation. Also I would think having it accept power like a machine would be easier since it is implemented in the ic2 api, though id have to see if it has adjacent energy blocks as an option. But if implemented as a standard machine it can be connected via cable or have energy sources placed next to it and just wrench the sides.

    Not to mention it would be really cool if it could take machine upgrades like the overclocker. Though testing would have to be done to get it all just right. Might make this lower tier of power more useful if it can be coaxed in to outputting higher amounts of energy.

    I would be more than happy to run the numbers and balance out all your fluids, just give me some time to write it all up and make it look nice and readable and show the math involved so you can double check it. Due to the nature of forestry it seems there are some ways to interpret "balanced" for some of the fluids so I will try my best to come up with some different options for them. I have a tendency to type fast and spit out text blocks, so let me know if you need any rewording or formatting. Feel free to post my explanation as well if people request it, or if you think people would be interested in it.

    Also, Forestry Crushed Ice would be a good idea to implement. Cause damn bees X( For now I would recommend 1 uu + 1 crushed ice = 2 crushed ice since it is 10x more efficient than water and your water recipe currently gives 10 water.

    I will also probably attach my original mod idea for giggles. I think you will like it, though it is out of the current scope of this mod. Hopefully I can get my dev environment going soon so we can get some cross integration going if you'd like.

    Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Gonna get back to shaking my fist at java and start on that write-up.

    Not sure how long it will take me to figure it out, but let me update my forge to the latest version and try to get it working again. For some reason the ic2 api can't find the minecraft base files. Though I was thinking that if it is implemented as a liquid it could use a machine to produce it. Have it lose functionality with tin cells and just allow it to accept energy and water and output the liquid or accept the liquid and output water and energy. I was thinking about using it in a creative way to create new energy storage items. Though I'm a little confused about what I need to handle in my code and what the IC2 api provides for me as far as the charged energy items go. But alas, I will figure it out at some point.

    On another note, I did come up with a suggestion for this mod though. Liquid ratio options in the config file. Might just be me personally but I think the biomass and apple juice conversions are a bit underpowered.

    Since 2 uu = 1 biofuel
    and 2 uu = 6 apple juice.
    Apple juice provides a 1.5 output gain for biomass so ultimately that gives 9 biomass plus a minor amount of surplus after processing (assuming saplings are used with mulch).
    Since it distills at a 10:3 ratio, we aren't even talking making 3 biofuel for the additional input of materials and power.

    Not to mention the fact that bio fuel has 1/3 the power of regular buildcraft fuel.

    So in order to balance it out I think the bio fuel amount per uu should be buffed, as well as the apple juice along with it to provide some benefit to use it. Afterall, why not just dump all the UU in to fuel?
    I would prefer to be able to store apple juice and process it for a greater amount of bio fuel, so the saplings and mulch added are worth the effort.

    Which in turn means 2 uu + 1 bio fuel = 4 bio fuel.
    Which gives the same amount of MJ per fuel usage.

    If bio fuel remains unchanged that gives
    1 uu + 1 apple juice = 5 apple juice. which gives a slight more than 3 biofuel for every 2 uum.

    If adjusted to the biofuel buff I suggested earlier
    1 uu + 1 apple juice = 13 apple juice.

    That way the recipies are on par with each other, I might do the math for seed oil, but later. Even then the bio fuels are at a disadvantage because they require more tank storage. But that is the price paid for being able to maintain the same fuel types that are easily produced without having to add more tanks.

    But then if you implemented config file adjustments of all of this each server owner could adjust it as they saw fit, though having better balanced conversions to start is a nice idea.

    Damn, I have way too much free time on my hands to mathematically figure all this out XD But my super powerful and eco friendly power generation setup is going to be worth it. The joys of railcraft, forestry, cbm, and ofcourse ic2.

    Great mod! Liquid UU looks great in my railcraft tanks. :D Also liking the accelerator, though the one thing that would set this over the top is more uses for the liquid. Though I have no idea what it could otherwise be used for currently. Maybe something will come to me as I am trying to get the IC2 api to play with forge. It's a shame that Electrolyzed Cells aren't implemented as a liquid, would make my mod a bit more interesting and would allow those handy UU refinery creations. Might end up doing it myself if I get the time though.

    Some further suggestions:

    Maybe add the ability to dump redstone compressed blocks and the like in to energy storage blocks like regular redstone? Unless it does work already, I can't test it until my mods finish updating and i can update my server.

    Stackable potions would also be an awesome addition to this, though should be a config option since some might view it as OP.

    IC2 does it. And for the people having issues with Chrome blocking the Minecraft sites, there's a link right below the go back button that lets you proceed to the page.

    Yeah, forgot about that. Another possible way to do it would be to put all the IC2 specific code in a try-catch block and catch Exception without checking if the class is loaded. In theory if it isn't it should throw a ClassNotDefinedException or something similar and just skip over the ic2 or other mod specific code, assuming you don't want any additional behavior if it isn't loaded. But I haven't tested that so I can't confirm it. And nevermind on my question again, since I just read the title of the mod in the minecraft forum thread and noticed it required forge, ill assume it uses the fuel dictionary.

    No i want the mod so that you can use the version without IC,BC etc So i can't use the api
    Maybe i will add an Advenced Mod Version (Condensed Scrap Boxes as Amplifiers, Redstone as Energy etc)

    I know that there is a way to check if a mod is installed in java. I don't know how off the top of my head but it has something to do with checking if a class is defined. That way you can have one build with all of the code for the mods and only activate mod specific code when the mod is loaded.…l-ironchests-42-cats-142/ Here is a mod that does it. Maybe you can ask nicely for help with figuring it out. Might be a bit more code now but will save code in the long run and having to manage multiple versions. I guess I should have made my last post a little more clear cut, Compressed Coal will burn as fuel in a generator? I'm not sure if that part is implemented since it isn't necessary to use the IC2 api for it. If not it wouldn't be hard to fix, just add it to the forge fuel dictionary with that check if installed code.

    This would make for easy base construction and having lots of power in a small space.

    Wait, so you can burn these compressed blocks in generators? That is a lot of energy storage... And a lot of UUM to fill a diamond chest with these blocks.

    EDIT: Can you place compressed redstone blocks in energy storage units?

    This would make some crazy fuel if it could be used in a canning machine.

    Arrows would be handy to be able to be compressed.

    uranium (dust) + glowstone dust + redstone + SU battery for extreme throwable light! =D

    When the "throwable thingy" hits a block it could spawn "invisible light blocks" [like Gregtech Qhelmet fix] in a radius of 5 blocks from where it hit so it could illuminate a big area.

    Would be an interesting use for uranium, since there aren't any that I am aware of outside of reactors. You'd have to get a fair amount of uranium dust per ingot to make it worthwhile. But it also does increase the value of SU batteries.

    Maybe we can develop a way to create tritium for the torches? It might also be able to be used in the night vision goggles. Maybe allow water cells in a nuke reactor and have the water absorb the particles from the uranium for a set amount of pulses and have behavior like breeding uranium cells, except with a much lower requirement of pulses. Heat would affect it the same way.

    Wow, this looks really good! Not sure how rendering works in minecraft since I haven't played with that code before, but why not have the colors configurable? Especially if you had it accept a color code with an alpha channel, it would allow customization of transparency. Example: #FFFFFFFF (8 values instead of the standard 6). Maybe even make all the hud boxes independent. Again, not sure how it works, but maybe add textured background support to the boxes? Combined with standard texturing of the screen provided by helmets in minecraft (like the pumpkin). We could really see some interesting and creative designs out of this. Have a sci-fi looking texture surrounding the field of view, then combined with the customization options this mod would provide, could be something amazing.

    On a side note: Since you said something about a tier 4 tech mod, the thing I would recommend first is power storage. Since some of us already generate high levels of power but don't really have an effective containment method. :thumbup: Not really sure how you'd extend the generation part to keep up with the increased storage, but if I get any ideas I will message you.