[Addon v1.112+] Liquid UU-Matter v0.7.12b (now officially retired)

  • That sounds exceptionally shiny, thank you!

    I need to start playing with ComputerCraft again, especially since I'm making a tube system for it... MiscPeripherals is definitely a must-have when I get around to that.

  • I made an update. LiquidUU 0.7.9 makes the accelerator work with the extra bit in the IC2 wrench API, which honestly wasn't that big a change in the first place.

    You'll also note the version history disappeared -- that's because I moved it to my website, where I also moved the older downloads. If GitHub doesn't want to host binaries, I can do it myself, TYVM. Please let me know if you have any problems with the downloads -- they should just work (including through wget), but if something goes wrong I can actually look at it and fix it now.

  • Project for you - any chance of an NEI plugin? It would of course involve Buildcraft adding functionality for viewing Refinery recipes, unless somehow that's something you're able to add yourself.

  • Hm. I haven't delved into the NEI API much, mostly because mistaqur's been doing such a fine job with his NEIPlugins that I haven't felt a need.

    You're right that adding a refinery recipe viewer would first require that we can query for them -- I might post that as a pull request on Buildcraft later (Edit: Done, and merged), as it seems like a simple thing. Might leave the actual NEI plugin to mistaqur, though, he knows what he's doing with those far better than I am. The accelerator is trivially handled by just looking up the recipes of the attached machine, so no plugin needed there.

    I'll keep it in mind, but with a tube system and the teleporter mod in progress, as well as holidays and potentially a new job, don't expect much from me very soon.

  • Since I can't find a statement on the topic I'll ask here.
    May I include your mod in my small private mod pack?
    Proper attribution will be given.

  • Since I can't find a statement on the topic I'll ask here.

    Whoops, I'll have to fix that when I have a moment. Edit: Fixed -- LiquidUU is now explicitly under MMPL, which, among other things, fully allows mod packs and the like, as long as source is included or linked.

    May I include your mod in my small private mod pack?
    Proper attribution will be given.

    Go right ahead, the only condition is that you have fun with it. Let me know if you find any bugs, all right?

  • So, how noobish would I sound if I said I seem to be drawing a blank about installing Apache Ant and therefore am unsure about how to compile the updated BC RefineryRecipe class? I don't suppose anybody with more knowledge about Java workspaces than I is able to compile https://github.com/narc0tiq/Bu…cipes/RefineryRecipe.java into a class? I feel like a tard for not being able to get my head around Ant X(

    EDIT: Ignore me, found the :201 build of BC on Jenkins that includes the Refinery NEI class.
    EDIT: With no download, and categorized as a Failed build.

  • Mm? I didn't know Buildcraft still had a Jenkins.

    I've compiled a custom version myself in the past, but I use mcp_deobfuscate rather than the ant method. Doing it again now will require that I update my Forge install, which I probably should do anyway. Won't help you much without an NEI plugin to actually call getRecipes(), though.

    Still, let me try setting up a build environment and I'll see about making you a custom build.

  • Hm, I tried to do an Ant compile with the :201 source on Github, but for some reason while running Ant it deletes the "Build" folder before it starts running, and later in the process claims it can't find the right MCP files within "Build". I assume this is just me being dumb with Ant though.

  • I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, but you'll be pleased to know I've successfully built the latest source of Buildcraft... for Minecraft 1.4.6. This is, in fact, about as useless as you might think it is, but at least I've been able to verify that my change didn't actually break the build.

    What's a :201? What Jenkins (the one I know of stopped building Buildcraft several Minecraft versions ago)? Also, telling me about Ant problems won't help, I've never used it.

  • Feel free to ignore 201, I was being derp. That was the latest BC Build on the Jenkins page that is, indeed, outdated. But with the Github build that implements the modified RefineryRecipes.class, I can't seem to compile this build (or even get a working JDK workspace), so I guess I'll hang on until BC 1.4.6 is pushed out officially. For now I'll sit here and watch the liquid UU pool up in the pipes in my walls :D

    Also, just noticed this in my MultiMC console on boot-up:

    LiquidUU: Did not load ThermalExpansion integration: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    IC2v1.110, Forge 445, TE 2.1.5, LUU 0.7.9

  • LiquidUU: Did not load ThermalExpansion integration: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

    Hah, somebody finally noticed! I have the fix for that in version control (the TE API changed, for the better), but I didn't think it was worth pushing another package out, as much as I've been wanting an excuse for a version 0.7.10. Nothing will break too severely when the TE API doesn't load, it's just that the liquid transposer will return an empty cell for every UUM turned into liquid UU. The new TE API lets me specify that UUM turns into liquid UU without any return, which is better than the old API had, but again, this isn't something I'm particularly worried about.

    What I am interested in, however, is Minecraft 1.4.6... mostly because RedPower. I've noticed the link to the Jenkins that's been (according to Kane Hart) published on IRC in a couple of places, and used build 167 to compile against, as well as a custom Buildcraft that I made out of the almost latest github source. So you can now try your hand at LiquidUU v0.7.10-experimental (the Buildcraft I used is also linked) and play with LiquidUU in RedPower. However, note that due to lack of Forestry and Thermal Expansion, the two integrations are excluded from this build (otherwise I couldn't have built it). Once I can put those back in, I'll be happy calling this a 0.7.10 release.

    Edit: By the way, don't be surprised if you crash if an RP fluid pipe passes next to an accelerator -- apparently, Eloraam is keeping me on my toes and passing in a null liquid stack. I've updated the package, now that I've accounted for my silly assumption, so redownload and you should get the fixed version. The unfortunate consequence of the way RP does this is that accelerators won't connect to fluid pipes (rather, the other way around). I may change things up before the final 0.7.10 release.

  • Great mod! Liquid UU looks great in my railcraft tanks. :D Also liking the accelerator, though the one thing that would set this over the top is more uses for the liquid. Though I have no idea what it could otherwise be used for currently. Maybe something will come to me as I am trying to get the IC2 api to play with forge. It's a shame that Electrolyzed Cells aren't implemented as a liquid, would make my mod a bit more interesting and would allow those handy UU refinery creations. Might end up doing it myself if I get the time though.

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