[1.4.5][IC1.109][Forge]Condensed Blocks[V2.0.0]

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    v2.0.0: [1.4.2] Mirror

    I'm done. Now my Condensed Blocks can be used with IC2. This Version looks for a IC2 instalation & Config and then adds the Recipes based on the IDs. Solong no one changes the Block names in the config than this mod will support all Versions off IC2 for 1.4.2 :)

    Have Fun with your Extrem Condensed :Rubber: or :Rubber Log: or :Resin: or some others :D

    New Changes:

  • Wait, so you can burn these compressed blocks in generators? That is a lot of energy storage... And a lot of UUM to fill a diamond chest with these blocks.

    EDIT: Can you place compressed redstone blocks in energy storage units?

    This would make some crazy fuel if it could be used in a canning machine.

    Arrows would be handy to be able to be compressed.

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  • No i want the mod so that you can use the version without IC,BC etc So i can't use the api
    Maybe i will add an Advenced Mod Version (Condensed Scrap Boxes as Amplifiers, Redstone as Energy etc)

  • No i want the mod so that you can use the version without IC,BC etc So i can't use the api
    Maybe i will add an Advenced Mod Version (Condensed Scrap Boxes as Amplifiers, Redstone as Energy etc)

    I know that there is a way to check if a mod is installed in java. I don't know how off the top of my head but it has something to do with checking if a class is defined. That way you can have one build with all of the code for the mods and only activate mod specific code when the mod is loaded. http://www.minecraftforum.net/…l-ironchests-42-cats-142/ Here is a mod that does it. Maybe you can ask nicely for help with figuring it out. Might be a bit more code now but will save code in the long run and having to manage multiple versions. I guess I should have made my last post a little more clear cut, Compressed Coal will burn as fuel in a generator? I'm not sure if that part is implemented since it isn't necessary to use the IC2 api for it. If not it wouldn't be hard to fix, just add it to the forge fuel dictionary with that check if installed code.

    This would make for easy base construction and having lots of power in a small space.

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  • According to F4113nb34st the code for detecting if IC2 is loaded is

    boolean loaded = false;try
    Class.forName("ic2.common.IC2"); //will throw exception if not loaded
    loaded = true;
    }catch(Exception ex)

    EDIT: Copying and pasting messed that up a bit

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • IC2 does it. And for the people having issues with Chrome blocking the Minecraft sites, there's a link right below the go back button that lets you proceed to the page.

    Yeah, forgot about that. Another possible way to do it would be to put all the IC2 specific code in a try-catch block and catch Exception without checking if the class is loaded. In theory if it isn't it should throw a ClassNotDefinedException or something similar and just skip over the ic2 or other mod specific code, assuming you don't want any additional behavior if it isn't loaded. But I haven't tested that so I can't confirm it. And nevermind on my question again, since I just read the title of the mod in the minecraft forum thread and noticed it required forge, ill assume it uses the fuel dictionary.

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  • I already have that in. And yes you can use Coal Blocks as fuel in Gens. But this isn't ic2 code it's just simple furnance code ^^

    And ofcourse im looking for an solution for adding some features which are mod specific (like massfab amplifier) but befor that i will add support for other mods like Gregte, RP2 (when its out...), Forestry, BC, etc ;)

    • Official Post

    GregTech-API-Calls for getting my Storage-Blocks:

    getGregTechBlock(0, 1, 3 ); // For getting one Silverblock
    getGregTechBlock(0, 1, 4 ); // For getting one Rubyblock
    getGregTechBlock(0, 1, 5 ); // For getting one Sapphireblock
    getGregTechBlock(0, 1, 7 ); // For getting one Aluminiumblock
    getGregTechBlock(0, 1, 8 ); // For getting one Titaniumblock
    getGregTechBlock(0, 1, 9 ); // For getting one Chromeblock

    returns ItemStacks with stackSize=1 of the Blocks. (If my untested API works)

  • - 10.11.2012 v1.7.0 Addet Mod Support for Forestry
    Addet Mod Support for Modular Force Fields
    Upgraded Mod Support for IC2
    Addet Mob loot Condensed Blocks
    New Forestry Crate Inspired Item Block Textures

  • Update v1.8.0

    - 11.11.2012 v1.8.0 Addet Railcraft Support
    Big Bug with Item Blocks fixed
    Charcoal can now have its own Block instead off sharing with coal (Look into the Config)


  • Many thanks for making this mod :)
    Was about to go crazy for not having my Alchemical Bags to fill with stuff :P Now I can just compress it and keep on mining :)

    Your download link seems to be goofed up a bit, as it has the industrial-craft.net part before it, hehe
    And your mcmod.info file seems to be saying it's still 1.7.0 :)
    And lastly, your minecraftforum post is a little out of date on the version numbering too :D

    Another edit, hehe:
    At a glance, it looks like you didn't add a Rotten Flesh block, maybe you can for the future :)

  • Downloadlink: Fixed (i need to use ' ' instead off " ")
    mcmod.ifo & minecraft post. Mhh yes they need some love :D
    I need to update the infos in the next time. But im atm working on my cable utility mod :/

    Currently i didn't add any eatables (carrots, potatos, bread etc)
    I will add them in the next update togheter with feathers.

  • If this was posted as an addon to IC2, then why does it say forge if IC2 is already forge?

    If you have never heard of the Farlands, you're missing out.

    The farlands supports GregTech