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    Seriously, I used to love IC2... like... ever since everything changed... I haven't played IC2 any more.. I know i'm not the only one who hates the new version of IC2... my question: why? It cant possibly be because of popular demand... you guys dont really listen to your users... :( I really miss the fun IC2.. but I guess thats a lost cause now. Feel free to give me all kinds of crap about this, this is my last time here. :(


    in the constructor of the TE? Or somewhere else?

    Here is what happens when I place the block:

    EDIT: is my TE code.

    Hey guys, i was just wondering, how do you use the api to make a block emit eu/t. I was told that the api has everything needed to make a block emit eu/t. For now, i just want it to emit. Constantly. I have tried and tried to get this to work but no matter what i do, it doesn't work. Yes, I do have a TE thank you very much. I really think that someone needs to make a tutorial on this stuff... I mean really. Anyway, sorry for my childish rant. Go ahead and shoot me down. Cya.

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, for a wind farm that is high in the air, I have the power stepped up to EV right. So, if i'm supposed to have a tin cable fuse, where does the fuse go? between the wind mills and the step up transformers?

    Hey guys. I am making a "city" in a creative world, and I am using luminators... so, in three of the currently wired buildings, the batboxes dont lose eu even with the power off. In the other building, the batboxes do lose eu. Correction: ALL the batboxes lose eu, but the one building loses eu a TON faster... and it happens immeadietly. Don't know if I'm just derping or what, but yeah. Can someoen shed a little light on this topic for me please? Sorry for my spelling lol.

    EDIT: i think i just derped. this thread is no longer needed. srry. D:

    256 long range? how to do that? is that default or is it config setting? ill check i guess. D: but anyway, this is a REALLY cool idea... the whole.. world destroyer with mining lasers. didnt know the lasers worked wit deployers... *evil grin*

    This sounds like a chunk loading issue... don't ask me how to fix it. It is intended in vanilla MC that the chunks that aren't being played in get unloaded to save memory. There are blocks in a few mods that load the chunk that the block is in. Two mods that I know of that add a block like this are RailCraft and the Buildcraft addon teleport pipes.

    Ok, but if there are empty slots that arent supposed to be filled ever and the slots are before the slots that are supposed to be filled, the pipes will put the uranium into the slots that arent supposed to have uranium. Example:

    Now, the reactor is a piece of crap but its a good example. What happens when you pump uranium into that? It goes into slots that it shouldn't. Im not trying to prove you wrong because you are correct, I'm just proving my point.

    Hey guys, I was just thinking... what If I got an auto-refueling reactor? I could make a machine that lets me put in the uranium and just pump it in. I could use a retriever for the depleted cells and just use a transposer and a small circuit that emits a pulse when the reactor stops making eu and hook that up with a state cell and a timer and then I would have an auto-refueling reactor. The issue is, I want a reactor that is MKI and has little or no cooldown time. Of course, I could use a state cell to add a cooldown timer but... yeah. Anyway, please tell me what reactor design you recommend. It should be the highest eff possible. Also, there cant be any empty slots because I'll be using tubes to pump stuff in. Also, it can be 6 chamber. I don't know if this is a bug or if it's intended, but I am able to pump anything that can go into a reactor into the reactor through the reactor chambers with rp2 tubes. Is this a bug or does it work for you guys too? I am using IC2 1.95... so... yeah. Anywaym I want high eut and eff and all slots must be used and it must be MKI. Thanks! :D

    As for the on in the thread, theres 2 timers? Maybe I don't completely understand all this... I run the heating config for that ammount of time and then take out the extra uranium? As for the second, I could do that maybe... 1.2 buckets a second.. hmmm.

    Well, I would like to only use nuclear since I wont be using solar farms and geothermal wouldn't work out because my base is going to be high in the air and it would be a pain to do with the mods that I plan to use. I'm really going end game style with this project... I mean, with the amount of automatic processing I plan to be doing, I'm not really sure. I hope to have one or two mark I or II reactors and maybe a breeder. I'm not entirely sure yet on the specifics but... Yeah. So... any ideas on a good breeder that a n00b would be able to understand?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, are breeders worth the trouble? I may be needing them for my little project that i'm going to be doing... As i'm not going to use EE except for a swrg because come on dudes... the swrg. Anyway, are breeders worth it? I dont have a lot of "professional" experience with reactors other than the fact that I like to make big huge casucs with nuclear control but... Really, If I am not going to be able transmute uranium..... I will need a breeder? Please let me know what you think. Also, if anyone has any breeders that I probably haven't seen yet, please let me know. I need the best breeder for a beginner to breeding uranium (no pun intended). Thanks! :rolleyes: