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    Greg, I have an idea to satisfy the people who dislike some of the features of Gregtech. I am not included in this pool, but that is not relevant. Would it be reasonable for you to make a version of Gregtech with just the new content, and none of the recipe modifying?

    Can you craft aluminum foil? If not, perhaps wrapping a standard machine block in that stuff could create electric fencing/cactus. You apply redstone current and 0.5 eu/t per piece of attached fence. For completions sake, how about also adding an electric gate?

    You wondering why, when tesla coils, cactus, and bare cables already do this? Well, because its awesome, and because wearing any type of metal or electric armor negates the shocking effect completely.

    Not sure if this type of thing is already implemented, but if not, this makes perfect sense.

    Running a full stack of Netherrack through the vanilla IC2 centrifuge should give you 4 small piles of blaze powder. Combine a small pile of blaze powder with 1 gunpowder should give you a regular blaze powder. Makes it feasible to get blaze powder without finding any Nether Forts.

    I have a personal request. As you know Greg, my name is on the capelist. I know its unlikely, but would you be willing to compile the latest version without my name on that list? Because on my singleplayer games, I prefer to use Denoflions HD Capes and Skins mod. Your capes override his. If you compiled this special version just for me, I would be very grateful.

    I know this will get buried, but I have a good suggestion to make. Iridium Armour, but not tools. You can decide the stats iridium armour should have, but I was thinking same enchanting power as gold, and let it protect from all potions. The downside, is that it offers NO protection against normal physical damage. The other downside should be that you have to wear the whole set in order to have such protection.

    Should you accept this mission, there is a second, even more optional objective. That is to allow iridium armour to be remolded. First, you smelt a piece of the armour back into an iridium blob. Then you combine it, with a ceramic mold, crafted using 5 brick blocks in a U shaped pattern. This gives you 4 iridium plates. You can either do this with undamaged iridium armour, or with 2 or more pieces of this armour that equal a full damage bar combined. Exploit free I think.

    1. The mod author has stated just a few posts ago that he is working on this mod again, and SMP support is likely a top priority.
    2. Bukkit and Forge are no longer working together, Bukkit mods can be ported to Forge, but not vice versa. This was even on the front page of the Technic Pack a while back, so even evil/lazy people should have seen it.
    3. "i want it to tekkit to nuke my friends :thumbsup:" So many things wrong with this 1 sentence. 1. Grammar is crap. 2. You mentioned the "Clusterfuck pack". 3. Nuke your friends?, clearly they and you are not good friends.

    This got you reported, and did nothing to aid or encourage the mod author. I am sorry about correcting your grammar if English is not your first language or something. If it is, then you are a failure or below the age of 6.

    To everyone else: Did you know that bad mouthing someone for grammar gets you an infraction on MCF? Thats why I do it here when I find time.

    If you got the resources go for solar. If not, then you probably don't have the resources for nuclear either. In that case, if you got Forestry, or can get it, make a few farms and use the excess materials to burn in good old generators. Once you got a wheat farm, peat farm, and tree farm you will be rolling in EU so to speak.

    Bronze tools = Yes
    Electric tools = No? (I am not 100% sure, but I have never seen it done)

    There are plans to add iridium tools, those will most likely be enchantable as well.

    P.S. To any addon developers out there, if its possible, a lot of us would valuable an enchantable drill of some kind that runs on EU.

    Btw, I noticed that helium coolant cell isn't used in the overclocker recipe. Perhaps instead of including it as an alternate recipe, perhaps you could make a special overclocker.

    I like this idea so very much. I suggest make machines run 50% faster per overclocker, and have this effect be stackable, up to 16 helium overclockers. Why so few you say? The upside to such extreme cooling is that the internal circuitry remains very cold, allowing more power to be run through the machine with no negative effects. Such as shameful EU waste. However, the use of such coolant requires occasional venting, and takes up lots of space. Therefore, every 64 machine cycles, 1 helium overclocker should have a 50% chance of breaking.

    Thats all Greg, lets hear some feedback fellow forum people, and threaten, I mean persuade Greg into making us such awesome sauce.

    While I see what you want to do, Cal, I don't think it will happen... IC2 is too independent and big on it's own.

    What you talking bout? I like this idea as a lot, it would give me even more options for how I power my stuff. And who doesn't like having super complicated vast energy networks using multiple mods?

    Note that doing this does not make IC2 dependent on anything. IC2 will still work at it is now but will just have the ability for Universal Electricity mods to power its machines and such.

    I like type three the best. Sounds great for making my entire base daylight lit, but become a bunker in a heart beat if I apply a redstone signal and use obsidian as the target block.

    I personally thing it should be more simplified. An electric version of the RailCraft tunnelbore that moves a great deal faster and runs on EU.

    Recipe: Regular Railcraft Tunnel Bore in the middle. Followed by a diamond drill head, also from Railcraft to the left of it. Then, somewhere on the top row, there should be 1 energy flow circuit and 1 data control circuit, and 1 mfsu.

    Reasons: It makes sense that a diamond drill head and a railcraft tunnelbore be parts of such a high tier mining device. The energy flow circuit manages the EU usage, making sure not to burn out the motor. The data control circuit makes sure that the system has its needed energy and manages placing ballast to make bridges. The MFSU doesn't allow the Electric Tunnel Bore to hold any EU, instead it is used for its ability to draw power from Batteries & Crystals.

    Design: 1 slot for inserting Energy Storage devices into. 1 slot that depleted Energy Storage devices are put into. Then 9 slots for ballast, and 9 slots for rail, much like the original tunnelbore. Also like the original tunnelbore, you will have to use chestcarts to store the output.

    Edit: It would be HAYO levels of awesome if you could also add 9 slots for torchs which get placed every 9 blocks or so, adding yet another level of automation over the original tunnelbore.