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    I would beat you with your own arm, but I have a feeling even that wouldn't send the message across.

    Quote from NEI: Warning, latest NEI breaks many plugins, they will need to recompile. If you get NoSuchMethodError with RecipeTransferRect in your crash log. Notify the devs and revert to

    Is that easy enough to understand?

    Quote: It's not Soaryn's fault. It's not RG's fault. It's not Gregs fault.

    Damn, that leaves the bogeyman as the only possible suspect in this case. After all, no one could possibly think that the mod devs are the one the created the temporary issue.

    I will now let it die in peace, leaving you with that slightly comedic response.

    I like this idea quite a bit. The only requirement that this needs is that you have to use the Electric Wrench on loseless mode, even for the Batbox. Also, when doing this, it should store as much energy as possible in your armor and storage devices in your inventory, before storing the remainder in the storage device.

    P.S. To the above poster, there is a rating system. 1 line replies are sort of pointless.

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    Edit: For those of you who like that idea and live near Calgary, AB, Canada.…ern-calgary?q=maple+syrup

    Edit #2: Its the bacon that comes in the bucket, not sure what the Maple syrup comes in.

    Sorry about the mistakes. That was just a quick explaination to help the OP get started with IC2. Didn't want to go into complex stuff like Packets, and weird machines like the Mass Fab that takes unlimited power.

    Ok, I will tell you the basics of IC2. First off, there are 4 machines you will need in order to create everything in IC2. The macerator, compressor, extractor, and furnace. The macerator grinds stuff into dusts. The compressor makes stuff smaller. The extractor helps pull all the resources out of stuff. The electric furnace is faster than a cobble furnace. These all take a certain amount of EU/t when running.

    Macerator = 3eu/t
    Compressor = 1eu/t
    Extractor = 1eu/t
    Electric Furnace = 2eu/t

    You will need to power these machines using a generator. There a number of different types of which you can use Google to get more info on.

    Regular Generator = 10eu/t Output (Only when you give it stuff to burn)
    Solar = 1eu/t Output (Only during day and when weather is good)
    Water = 0.025 eu/t for every adjacent water block or 1 eu/t for every bucket or water cell inputted (Only when the bucket or cell still holds water)
    Wind = 0 - 5eu/t (Varies based on altitude and random wind)
    Nuclear = 5eu/t to Several Thousand (Based upon very complex reactor layout possibilities and # of uranium cells)

    There are a number of different cables as well.

    Copper Cable = Carries 32eu/t or less. Every 4 blocks of cable, it losses 1 eu/t.
    Gold Cable = Same loss as Copper Cable, but can carry 128eu/t
    Tin Cable = 5eu/t or less, losses 1eu/t every 40 blocks
    Glass Fibre Cable = 512 eu/t or less, same loss as Tin Cable
    HV Cable = 2048eu/t or less, losses 1eu/t every block

    In most cases, the best cable is Glass Fibre.

    So what you should do to get started in IC2 is make 1 of each of the basic machines listed above. Then get some energy storage, and enough power generation to power the machines. Then just start making what you feel is needed. Lots of fun IC2 stuff. Endgame is things like MFSU and Quantum Armor, but thats way to advanced to explain here.

    Thats the purpose of IC2 and Minecraft itself, do what you want and have fun.

    I have a very HD skin (1024 x 512). I am thinking about making my chest look like it is glowing like the power core of a Mr. Tony Stark. However, I would like to make a HD IC2 texture pack to go with it. I need to now if I can make the front of the chestplate transparent. That way when I put IC2 armor on, I look like Iron Man.

    P.S. If Sentimel, the Gravisuit Addon maker sees this, is it possible with the Gravi Chestplate? I am totally making the Gravisuit look like the War Machine if its possible. (Now were to find a mod that adds a shoulder mounted Gattling Gun?)

    Dear god, I just read that article and now I have to see what HOIC looks like. I found LOIC to be very effective. To think that HOIC is an improved version gives me a shivers. And you are an evil human being, I just downloaded it, I know have to resist the temptation to take it for a test drive. Not that I would ever do such a thing, but are the IC2 forums & wiki HOIC & LOIC proofed?

    Anyway, this is way off topic. Back to creating my own custom Minecraft skin and totally not digitally nuking the shit out of stuff.

    Quote: 3) Result blocks will be on the top of block.

    Does that mean that it will make the block of cobble appear on top, or will it spit it out in item form? Also, can it automatically output cobble into any inventory next to it? If not, that should be a highly considered feature to add for future versions.

    Edit: What happens if I set the EU config to 0? Will it automatically make infinite cobble? Personally this would just be space and lag saver for me. I don't want to pay EU for something could be made for free however.