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    At least they are legit users (hopefully) and not someone who's nabbed the source to the Anon's HOIC and is pissed off at Forge for whatever reason. THAT would be scary as hell.

    Its LOIC btw. Low Orbit Ion Cannon, no idea why that name was chosen, but damn is it cool sounding. I once downloaded LOIC just for fun. Turns out that shit works. I targetted by own website, needless to say it worked. I am glad that Forge is getting all that traffic, and that the changelogs are still available, I need to read those things to see when bugs get fixed.

    Feel free to ignore this but here is my suggestions for this mod. First off, you need to add a diamond chainsaw, that is a middle teir chainsaw. Crafted much like the diamond drill, 3 diamonds in a triangular pattern with the original chainsaw. I don't know the exact amount, but whatever percentage the diamond drill is improved over the original drill, the diamond chainsaw percentage boost needs to match. For your tools, they need to be crafted using 1 lapotron below the tool, 2 circuits on either side of the lapotron, and 3 osmium plates in a triangular pattern on top like with the crafting of the diamond drill. These tools should store 1 million EU, be 50% faster and use 100% more power, by default, but be changeable in the config. They should also be teir 4, I think diamond drill is teir 3 mining tool? There are some Metallurgy 2 ores that can't be mined using a diamond drill for this reason.

    Ok, so its actually 4 individual lines? Thanks for the help. Time to get down to business.

    Just so I can can come back for a refresher:

    Line 1 tells the recipe its input
    Line 2 tells the recipe how many inputs are needed
    Line 3 tells the recipe its output
    Line 4 tells the recipe how many outputs are given

    Edit: This might take more than 1 day, I have decided Forge is worth it in the end, I don't want to have to distribute a server and client package, just 1 clean bundle. Plus with Forge I can make less base edits.

    Ok, thanks for the help. So the following code is what the macerator recipe should look like correct? addMaceratorRecipe (mod_weaponizedmetals.oreTungsten, mod_weaponizedmetals.dustTungsten 2)
    I will try it tommorrow, if all goes well I will have a beta version out with world gen. One of the main features is that it adds nikolite and tungsten to world gen for 1.32, allowing people to collect that stuff before RP2 is released.

    I have already alerted the coroner and bought a plastic tarp. Here's how this will go down. Kakermix will get word that Gregtech is awesome. Kakermix will try to add it to the ******* pack. It will not work and users of that pack will pound sand until they install it themselves. Users who don't want to spend time on doing it themselves come here and complain, because we all know that its quicker to complain, wait for reply, and then still not get it. Finally, numerous people from IC2 forums will get pissed at person who alerted Kakermix to the existence of this addon. This results in death by various extremely methodical means. I will then wrap corpse in tarp and tell the coroner that it will have to be closed casket funeral.

    ******* = Censored to due to extreme vomiting upon site of word

    What the author said isn't entirely correct. EE basically blocks the fly function of other mods, so they will work together, but you will have to use the Swiftwolfs Rending Gale from EE if you want to fly. A whiles back someone created a patch that allowed fly functions from both mods, but he took the files down. Maybe if you find him and shoot off a pm, he might be able to help you.