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    I became very annoyed over the past 3 days. Why you are thinking? RedPower2, thats why.

    1. Its laggy and the codebase could likely be improved if Elo would just let other people help here through the use of a slightly more open software agreement.
    2. Its buggy, for the same reason as #1.
    3. So far the bugs include 2 things. Random covers going missing off my tunnel bore. Entire chunks of frames and/or block breakers vanishing.
    4. I know these are bugs because I turned off creeper block damage. I also had not 1, BUT 2 RailCraft anchor carts loaded with 16 pearls at all times using enderchests, located a few blocks apart on the machine. The machines were feed unlimited blutric power, once again using enderchests. The items from the dig head where of course put into my sorting system via, you guessed it, enderchest. The entire machines was less than 9x9x9, so now way did it go outside of the range of the chunk loaders.

    At this point I have lost 4 tunnel bores to these bugs, 3 in SMP, 1 in SSP when I got so pissed after losing the first 2 in SMP. I am going to try a Frame Quarry, and if that fails to work, then I will surely as all hell remove RedPower from every MutliMC I have and go on a months long crusade to modify RedPower2 for my own use until it isn't buggy as fuck.

    No censoring, I am very annoyed, those machines cost a lot of resources to build.

    Little present for people that like Greg capes and use an HD skins and cloaks mods like me.

    HD GregTech Capes:…90h/

    HD Greg's Personal Cape:…

    Greg's Personal is just a yellow recolor. I will do the BrainTech capes tomorrow, time permitting.

    Sizes are 2x, 4x, and 8x the originals. Nothing fancy, just a resize with some smoothing.

    Edit: Greg's Personal Cape is for Greg himself. I would like it if nobody had the guile to use it, without his permission.

    Edit 2: I will do recolors or slight adjusts for individuals if they want. Say something like a green logo and black background.

    Let me pile on. Very simple concept.

    Dough Mixer.

    Multiple Block Structure.

    Doesn't require a lot of EU, maybe 1eu/t while running.

    Has internal water tank.

    1 wheat, 1 sugar, and 250 millibuckets water make 1 raw dough.

    Raw dough gets cooked into bread.

    This could be very nice way to expand GregTech, you could have different dough recipes, for things like pie or cookies. A nice little gadget for people just starting out in a world.

    Bonus Suggestion: Advanced Dough Mixer

    Uses 4eu/t.

    Automatically cooks the dough, giving you bread right away, without the extra step.

    Recipe involves canning machine, extractor, and furnace, for obvious reasons. (In my mind)

    Me jelly. I lost my old world due to carelessness. Don't mine straight down. I learned that the hard way. Of course I was carrying every piece of IC2 and GregTech stuff I had. I then landed in a cave and breathed a sigh of relieve when I remembered my rubber boots kept away the ladies and fall damage. Then some ass of a spider pushes me into lava, and I could not jetpack to water fast enough. I was so pissed, I just deleted the world and started fresh, not worth it trying to get all my stuff again. (That of course flew into the lava)

    You might ask, "WTF Would You Carry All That Stuff On You!". I was moving my base to bedrock, to protect it from my little brother that enjoys nukes.

    Short Story: Carry water bucket when moving base to protect from nuke happy family members.

    Steam = Hot Gaseous Water

    Heat Rises = Pushing Blades to Turn Magneto AND/OR Causing ThermoElectric reaction

    Hope I got those words right. Makes sense that steam would work in any turbine, as long as its a closed loop in which the steam can not escape before hitting the blades.

    List of Mining Tech in My Current World, its about 1 week old.

    1. Wood Pic
    2. Stone Pick
    3.Iron Pic
    4. RedPower2 Gem Pick
    5. ComputerCraft Mining Turtle
    6. 3 Diamond Picks (1.Fortune 2.Silk Touch 3.Unbreaking)
    7. RedPower 2 TBM

    #7 is a WIP, as I need some tech first, the list is as follows.

    EnderChests for Transport of Batteries and Raw Resources
    Sorting Machines & Tubes for Processing Resources
    IC2 machines for Processing, plus the power needed to run all of these
    Extra Dimensional Barrel Upgrades for Storing 1024 stacks of stuff like copper and tin ingots
    Lots more Blutric Power, as all my current power is used to fuel an automatic stone brick maker, and my tree farm that provides fuel for my turtles.

    I play with GregTech with all hard settings enabled, so its rather tough to get stuff like blaze rods, and macerators.

    I would say that having 2 or 3 mining turtles digging from layer 16 to layer 5 is much better than mining by hand, even with max fortune enchant. They dig out a 64x64 area each, so I dig out roughly 120k items and blocks per run. Usually nets me about 24 diamonds per turtle, per run. Each run takes about 2 hours, so I get half a stack of diamonds every hour, and the system is totally automated using GPS, when they got low on fuel, they pull out an EnderChest, grab fuel. They dump their items into another EnderChest, which is pulled from using a filter, into barrels and chests. Cobble, and sand are both voided.

    I just AFK overnight, I have never gotten this many resources before in a world.

    Also, we are not responsible for breaking some POS that was bought at Walmart. MineCraft is fairly resource demanding. If your not using it, go check out Optifine. If you are, make sure your using the latest Java, and 64 bit version if your OS is 64 bit. If that doesn't help enough, I suggest buying a gun, some bullets, then give your old computer a send off. Finally, go buy something that isn't overmarketed or from Walmart, or build your own computer.

    P.S. Discrete Graphics card is a must, even if you don't normally play any games, you won't believe the difference a $150 card can make.

    P.P.S (POS = Piece of Shit)

    P.P.P.S Computers function like humans. The need an air intake, and a second fan for an outlet is good.

    P.P.P.P.S Getting tired of these by now? lol

    Faster ways to mine? May I introduce RP2 tunnel bores and CC turtles? How about the ever popular IC2 miners? The smallest working fully self sustaining tunnel bore is around 3x3x5 or something really small like that. Then just make the drill head as big as you want until you hit the limit for the amount of power your enderstorage charging system can send in 1 pulse of the redstone, or until the bore hits 1k blocks.The only diamonds required are for the handsaw and drawplate, which are needed for crafting items used in assembling tunnel bore, not maintaining it.

    4 hours work for a semi functioning prototype eh? Mind posting some proof, right now all I have is your word which is worthless to me on the internet.

    2 - 3 days for an experienced programmer? If anyone knows 1 of those, hook us up. I will personally encourage the whole community to donate enough to pay for a weeks worth of work if what you say is true.

    100 times faster? I call bullshit right there. Also, your going on about how an experience coder could do so, yet how do you know? How did you get this "expertise" on coding in Java? I know there are some major problems with code behind the scenes, but not enough to boost performance that much when they get fixed. Cause what your really saying in theory is that my crap laptop that I play Minecraft on while traveling should start getting 150fps, compared to 15, just based on who is coding the game. Also, that would be a 10x boost, not the "100 times faster", you claimed. Who in hell would need a game that could render somthing at 15k fps? At that point I would want more flashly nice stuff in the game bogging it down lol.