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    Hmm I'm gonna take a wild guess here but... if you have redpower 2 installed the ore gen for Gregtech, mainly the sapphire and ruby ore spawns for gregtech are auto-disabled even though the configs are set for ore gen to true in the configs, so I'm guessing this means that it prefers redpower 2 ore gen? Am I correct with my assumption?

    LMFAO @ bolded part.

    I expect to see lots of whining because of it :D

    An option to re-allow a vanilla bug? Sounds unlikely. Though the config does have an option to allow duped eggs in the Siphon.
    But Greg, with no dupe issue, I can either have the Siphon running, OR make the Holy Planks! I guess I could make a Sky Mystcraft World, which seems to always spawn an Ender Dragon, hilariously enough.

    O_o what!? I've never had that happen to me in skylands mystcraft age

    Indeed the requirement for steel isn't that bad, I mean there are three ways to obtain it... well actually 4 but I have it disabled for some of the mods. One, Universal Electrity or was it Atomic Science? Two, Metallurgy 2 which can can get by mixing iron dust with manganese dust. Three, Railcrafts last furnace which only requires coal coke to run but you better have a good supply of coal coke and finally four which is the industrial blast furnace which only requires a stack of coal dust per 32 iron dust so you need a good deal of coal dust but coal is quite easy to find since it is the most common of the ores to find in the world.

    I agree. I like the fact Gregtech can makes your life easier once you've got the machine for. That's what makes gregtech so enjoyable: there is more and more goal to reach, and by goals I mean: something that'll make you more efficient once got.
    Also, I think the Windmill recipe should include something that need the blast furnace, so you wouldn't be able to get green gen before it.

    basically in terms if you think historical green gen way back was very inefficient so they didn't use it. They used the coal/oil/fuel (dirty energy resources)

    In the terms of gregtech your basically doing the same thing. In order to make that green tech you need to use dirty energy sources in order to get your first green tech energy generation going ;)

    Now I can totally see why some people want a pollution effect thing going on with the atmosphere an all.

    I know a great Invention: PISTON DOORS!!! they look more awesome, than regular Doors.

    damn straight I just reminded myself of that! only problem I see is... there unfortunately aren't any reinforced stone, iridium reinforced stone or iridium-reinforced tungesten-vacumesteel covers as it is the only plausable way to make a piston door in a enclosed space with red alloy wires from redpower 2.


    note entirely true with what I said... there is a way but the method I was thinking of above would require a 1x2 door with pistoned blocks being in the 1x2 area and pistons being above those spaces. Now if it was a 2x2 door things would be different. This would require a complete redesign of my house though to accommodate that change.

    bit of a question now... will the grinder recipe work on Redpower tungsten?

    ignore this... lol I answered my own question by looking in NEI

    Also... Nitrogen alone can't be used as a fuel you need to combine it with methane, carbon, hydrogen and compressed air cells to make nitroglycerin cells which can than be combined with diesel and coalfuel cells to make nitro-diesel and nitro-coalfuel cells.

    comparing the two fuels though nitro-diesel is much more energy efficient when burning for EU but in order to make diesel you need oil which is non-renewable. Coal on the other hand is renewable if you have a huge and I mean huge matter-fabricator factory outputting UUM

    nitro-coalfuel liquid being burned = 48k eu
    nitro-diesel liquid being burned = 400k eu

    Hmm noticing a lot of console spamming from this line... keeps getting spammed and making huge log files.

    [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.emitEnergyFrom:
    ic2.core.block.wiring.TileEntityElectricMFSU@731ea93f is not added to the