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    I don't think fire bats are vanilla btw. That was why I brought it up. Some jerk in one the mods added Fire Bats LOL. Is there any chance maybe impossible to some how detect that kind of entities and actually dump them into a txt file, from there you can take entities and maybe have a config setting you enter their ID's into one for extra hostels and one for extra passive. Sort of like how forestry does to add new ores :)


    That would be good ol' Azanor who added fire bats to the Nether :p

    Up until recently I worked in the electrical industry. Copper IS more energy efficient that aluminum (it has lower resistance). The reason aluminum is used so much in the industry is that it's much cheaper that copper. The price of copper has spiked for the last decade due to the ramp up of China's economy. When you use aluminum in place of copper, you need to up-size the wire gauge to carry the same amount of current. Copper is so expensive now that quite a few palces have a problem with copper thieves stealing their power cables.

    This is true, the difference though is that compared to copper aluminum is much more common which is why it's much cheaper to use than copper.

    That's why I won't install mystcraft (+ dense ore world + easy teleportation) and maybe RC. Because to me, this is clearly cheating. Why should you use something else than 30 geogen to get UUM + energy suppliance ? There is no reason with these mods :/

    Hopping I'm not doubleposting ... *someonemightpostduringI'mtyping*.
    Edit: Oh no, I failed.

    Meh considering that I only use gen-thermal power just to get me started most of the lava I gather is going to be used later on for other perposes. Once I get the resources I'll be making a windmill tower solar power station using compact solars (omg so much resource use with these.) and of course Nuclear energy (you can quadruple your energy amount from nukes by hooking up 4 HV cables which connect to HV transformers which connect to MFSU, so lets say the basic 1 hook up output of a 64 million EU reactor, 4 cables = 4 times 64 :p and according to the IC2 developers this isn't an exploit or a bug but a feature.)

    eventually though I'll set up some lightning rod stations and eventually a fusion reactor.

    Alright next question sorry about the double post, what is a good way to generate power early game, right now we are running over of generators.

    I kept on using netherrack powered geothermals until I got my second nuclear reactor online.

    You will need Thermal Expansion and a netherportal and running even 3 geothermals will chew netherrack like it's going out of style.

    I got by using just 5 magmatic engines, 2 magma cruciples and one redstone power cell.

    Even better if you got mystcraft and railcraft installed. Make a pump station in the middle of a giant lava lake and plop a pump down in the building. Set up a mystcraft portal link book for where you want rail cart to appear. Do the same in the overworld, not set up your rail system ;) you'll need liquid loaders and unloaders, 2 holding tracks, 2 powered tracks and of course a tank cart. Also two mystcraft portal frames to stick those link books into :P

    about cables/wires, one thing I didn't understand about the HV cables and yes it's refined iron... but iron... IRON SUCKS AS A CONDUCTIVE METAL. There I said it... no really iron is the worst kind of metal to use for conductive wiring. 1 it'll overheat and melt itself, so in this case I think aluminum should take it's place... then again the whole wire/cable system seems rather messed up and not make much sense to me.

    O_o what texture pack are you using?

    yeah, the sole reason of that slot is so that you can pump lava via bc pipes/TE conduits to it, and process 64 lava stills for tins and coppers.. same for the H2O slot in the Industrial Electrolyzer..

    Well I know what I'm doing with all this extra lava I have from the nether... I got a railcraft tank full of 10,368 buckets worth of the stuff lol... and this is usually used for geo-thermal power generation and Thermal Expansion Magmatic engines, though the engines will probably go once I get some industrial steam engines or forestry electric engines going. The again I'll probably use the steam for steam turbine. Out of all the engines for buildcraft power, the Transformers addon and Forestry's Electric engines with bronze tubed circuits are the best to use.

    Its not that hard to just put them into an Extractor to empty them. Also, did you know about Adv-Circuits being able to use Silicon Plates? I guess you now have a use for all that Silicon.

    Heh I've been taking advantage of the other optional resources gregtech adds to do things instead of wasting certain other resources. Silcon plates alone... can make a lot of solar panels which can then be turned into lv, mv and hv panels from compact solar panels.