Invisible crop issue.

  • For some reason, all the crops I plant are disappearing!

    Upon logging into a server, and sometimes when teleporting to and from places, plants in crops are all invisible. They are still there, and if you harvest them they show up, and if they advance a stage, they show up, until you log off.

    All plants disappear, along with crossbreeders, though the crop blocks placed show fine. Anyone know a way to fix this issue?

  • As it is right now, the last loaded world in a plugin like Multiverse will have the machines and crop blocks rendered properly (unless the last world in the list is the primary world loaded by Bukkit, at which point no worlds will render properly)

    I have also heard reports that the same thing occurs with machines and crops in Mystcraft ages in non-bukkit environments.

    • Official Post

    Nope, doesnt happen with Mystcraft.

    The Problem is, that these Plugins are loading Textures BEFORE loading the Tileentities, so that the Function, which returns the Direction of the Facing of the Block returns 0 (= Facing downwards).