IndustrialCraft2 - Version 1.5.1 - Dynamite Not Exploding

  • The dynamite makes all the sounds associated with explosives but for some reason, it appears as a "Missing Texture" block when thrown. The dynamite doesn't destroy ANYTHING whatsoever. It just makes the explosion sounds and that's it.

    I'm running the game without Optifine but I still encounter the same problem with explosives. I am running the game with Forge API and have the other following mods installed:

    DrZhark's Mo'Creatures
    Balkon's WeaponMod

  • Wait, IC1 is updated for Minecraft 1.5.2? Or is there a version of IC1 called 1.5.2? I recall that IC1's versioning system only used 2 numbers and a dot...

  • There is BiomesO'Plenty for Beta 1.7.3? Wow, that must be older than EBXL then.

    1.7.3? Are you kidding? IC1 v4.73 was the latest for Minecraft Beta 1.3_01, so 1.5.1 (or more likely something like 1.5_1 or 1.51) would be for Beta 1.3_01 or even an earlier Minecraft version!

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