Minecraft 1.5

  • I would love to actually see something of this mysterious API they keep bragging about. As someone who has some experience with API design I don't really see how they are going to offer all those features promised at Minecon without rewriting the entire code from scratch.

    As someone who has some experience with management I however work by the statement: "If there is nothing on the table, then there is nothing on the table." Too many "promises" have turned out to be pure vapor-ware to take people talking serious.

  • I am not sure if that works out well. It's like if you put people from the kindergarden and some who just graduated from college together and say: here do a project. It may lack some team-coordination. ;)

  • Why don't they just bring aboard the forge people and put it in the official release?

    Because with how often Forge updates, it would be near impossible to keep making changes to the code as often as Forge does.

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • Why not an overarching API to isolate the current API's from the update cycle?

    "Another API layer should do it" - If a manager tells you this as the result of a meeting you know that you are a) doomed and b) you will have to rewrite the code 3 month after that "this will solve it" layer is finished and released. Thats like if you bring your car to a mechanic because it is broken, but instead of fixing it he tells you to just take the bus instead and then hands you the bill.

  • 1.4.6!?!

    I hate it to update MCP. Especially the NEI-Source! Cant you just stop it? This Version doesnt have serious Bugs, we dont need an Update of it AGAIN!!!

    I might create an instance for 1.4.6 just to check it out, but I hope to friggin god that Eloraam says "screw 1.4.6" and sticks a RedPower2 release for 1.4.5. I've been virtually dying to install Redpower2 on my 1.4.5 instance.

  • Need to resetup your MCP-environment. Again.
    Takes time. Again.
    Adds new bugs. Again.

    I doubt there will be that much of incode change, but it will still take a couple of hours and IS annoying at some point. I mean... FIREWORKS?!

    Have I recently mentioned that you need more people? ;)

    Someone for example who can setup your Jenkins server to automatically download MCP & latest Forge, then compiles and sends you a bug report if any?

  • I wouldn't be too concern with the 1.5 release making some mods obsolete (i.e. Railcraft). Every single time Mojang released a "Mod-wrecking" update, it has always been an ***extremely*** watered down version. (i.e. enderchests ( only one type of chest with no way to set any select "Frequency" (i.e. Everyone on the server has the same shared inventory) and **no Ender Pouches!!!), just to name on off the top of my head. There are others) I 'Never' use vanilla EnderChests. Why use something that the original mod makes obsolete since before the update itself even came out?
    So don't fret over the loss of RailCraft, I'm sure that RailCraft isn't going anywhere. RailCraft offers way too many things to become obsolete by a single MC update. Mojang may try to kill off some mods, but try as they might, they'll never match the quality of the original mods. And that is what we as the people who use these mods love, the quality of the mods, the intricacies and possibilities that these mods add to the whole vanilla experience. It is that that Mojang cannot match. They have created this fine game, but the modders have given it a dimension that cannot be equaled by any updates that coud potentially come out.

    Just my thoughts. Sorry for being so long-winded.

  • They do have some kind of a vision for Minecraft which is pretty low tech. I for myself for example don't use certain mods (like the Ender Chest mod) just because they make things too easy. As everyone still has the option to install that Ender Chest mod afterwards if they are not satisfied with a low-tech Enderchest, that is fine for everyone, but if they put in the high-tech chest right into vanilla, then its unlikely that there will be a mod to downgrade that thing.