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    We have forestry backpacks so i don't think we need another bicycle

    Since when is the fact that an item is avaliable in another mod an excuse for the IC2 team not to do it?!

    I know, IC2 doesnt have such things as pipes or whatsoever, but this idea seems nice, plausible, well tought and educated!

    If Albaka and the rest of the team think is worth it, then they will add it!

    Well thought OP. :thumbup:

    I'm not certain who, (it may have been greg) but someone once said IC2 is all about providing answers to vanilla stuff, wheat farms? We have the agriculture system. Potions? Who needs those, we have booze. Diamond armor? We have quantum. You get the idea, they are sort of improvements on things that already exist in vanilla as opposed to "better ways to obtain stuff". While your idea seems like it was thought out, I'm not certain it fits the overall theme of improving rather than making things easier to obtain

    Well, i tried. Can someone please lock the tread or mark it in the "rejected system" please?

    "This isn't even my final form.png"

    By the way, we hate (Most of the time) Fancy things just for the sake of being fancy in here. So like i said, the recipe that are now in Vainilla MC are fine as they are.

    Well... maybe fancy wasnt the best choice of words.

    What i meant was that, as you may have noticed, IC2 and other mods give you better ways to obtain stuff you can obtain in early minecraft, trough a different and better method, bread skips that.

    Yes there are AUTO FARMS, but some people are too stupid/ lazy / busy during an alien attack to do so, so i tough this would be a nice way to do so. Simple and expansible.

    Good day and thanks for the criticism!

    No official Comment about = Good as a "No" from the team... (Or W/E from them too).

    Also no from me, the recipe works how it is just fine, why bother changing it at all?

    I just thought that it would be nice to have a fancy and more efficient way to make bread (raw wheat to bread sounds a bit mumbo-jumbo to me)

    Also, the regular bread recipe wouldn't change, this is a new one.

    Look at my luck, the first person to answer was a "certified asshole" MinecraftGhast

    Hello IC2 fans!

    First of all, great mod, it is awesome, and im in here to try and give an improvement to it.

    I've searched with the terms "wheat", "wheat macerating" and "flour", two decent results popped up: 1 small tread without official opinions and already lost in time. The other was in the comments of the recent tread "Chemical Engineering", but as there was no real topic about it, i decided to start my own.
    (I've done my homework, dont flame me please)


    It is really simple. 1 Wheat in a macerator = 2 flour. Flour + Water = dough. Dough in a furnace = 1 Bread, simple enough?

    Although simple, this can easily be expanded:


    Dough + cocoa bean + egg = chocolate dough. 1 chocolate dough in furnace = 6 (?) cookies.


    :Copper Dust: = dough
    :Bronze Dust: = egg

    :Copper Dust: :Copper Dust: :Copper Dust:
    :Copper Dust: :Bronze Dust: :Copper Dust: = 16 (?) Raw DONUTs! (cook em and you have donuts!(better versions (and tastier) of the cookies)
    :Copper Dust: :Copper Dust: :Copper Dust:

    Using chocolate dough instead of dough will get you CHOCOLATE donuts!


    Using chocolate dough instead of wheat in the cake recipe will give you... (drums).... CHOCOLATE CAKE (better version of the cake)


    Chocolate bread! (1 chocolate dough and a bread)

    And so on...

    So, what do you think? Please leave your creative and EDUCATED answers in the comments below!
    Awesome day to you kind sir (or lady).

    Name: Radioactivity

    Description: I've checked a couple of pages in the suggestion forums, but I've found nothing, and i don't know whether this is planned or not, so here goes:

    Radioactivity. Right now, you can swim in uranium or get close to a fully functional nuclear reactor without even a itch, and i was thinking if that couldnt change. At first radioactivity would start having simple effects, like miner fatigue, weakness, e.t.c, evolving to heavier symptoms with excessive exposure like blindness, combat weakness. At extreme levels it would start subtracting hp from the player/mob.

    Things like uranium cells or ores wouldnt have much of a effect, but a full-fledged nuclear reactor could kill in a few minutes.
    A nuclear explosion or a meltdown would leave fallout in a large area.

    To protect yourself there are several methods. To contain things like uranium ore, a small box (radioactive container?) wich worked sort of like the toolbox, but would only keep uranium cells, ores and other alike. To protect yorself from environmental radioactivity like a nuclear reactor, you would need a HazMat suit, or a NBC suit (higher combat resistance), but you need the full set to protect yourself. The hazmat breaks very easily under combat, unlike the NBC.

    Every block has a "radioactivity resistance" value, wich determines wheter the block can or not allow radioactivity trough (hiding in a dirt shelter wouldnt be the best vs a nuclear fallout. There could be a "fallout shelter" block, with a high radioactivity resistance, but few explosion resistance (you still need reinforced stone to survive a nuclear attack.

    To detect the radioactivity level, you could use a Geiger counter, wich would make those "sounds", the faster= more radioactivity, showing a screen where you would see if the radiactivity levels are too high or low enough


    I haven't thought much about this, but the container should be made from a derivation of refined iron and maybe coal dust. The Hazmat and the NBC, well, im clueless ?( . The geigher counter would involve copper, iron and redstone. and the fallout shelter could involve construction foam and stone/ gravel/ reinforced stone. Ill leave the dev team to decide.