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    (Like a little kid smashing a fork and a spoon in a table waiting for food)


    I want this so bad, to have a nuclear reactor, a armorstand with a HAZMAT suit and a sign: All employees must wear HAZMAT suits prior to entering reactor room.

    And before SirusKing rushes in complaining about the lack of radioactivity in a real reactor: Realism?! THIS! IS! MINECRAFT!!! (kicks physics and realism off the hedge) We demand HAYO and radioactivity is HAYO!

    Maybe you should just change the topic to Fertilizer and Forestry discussion :D .

    I am, and always be a supporter of fallout with IC2 nukes. Radioactivity is one of the main reason why people dont like to build nuclear reactors in real life, but in IC2, its irrelevant. That needs to change.

    To this work:

    .Eu expensive (heat is a major eletric disperser)
    -Not 100% chance of hatching, i'd say 70%

    Other than that, i like it. Also we need a way to do omelettes XD

    It would be cool if we had a lamp that could repel mobs. As is, there is NO advantage on using the luminator vs lamps, except for realism. You cant control them from a distance (energy buffer), they provide regular light, and need a cable connection, which needs to be direct

    The shame about anti-matter is that we will never use it to produce electricity, because the way of producing antimatter right now, is trough electricity, and due to electric loss, the process wouldn't be profitable. It would be of we could "collect" antimatter, just like we do for oil or coal, but the closest masses of anti-matter are million light years away. It could be used in spaceships, as fuel, acting as some sort of super huge battery, but other than that, nothing. (and the spaceship would need radiators the size of Florida just to dissipate the heat).

    About the suggestion. I am afraid that is going to be like many others, loved by the community, yet lost in time and space.

    It's been discussed and discussed again already. IC² won't implement any lighter-than-vanilla-source of light using the Factorization method because it appears to be bugged.

    Bugged like how?

    Wrath lamps seem to work perfectly fine for me...

    Ozone [O3], no Azote

    I meant Nitrogen. N2

    The gas in the atmosphere, Nitrogen, also referred to as azote (term created by Lavoisier, many languages still useit, including mine, Portuguese, tough we say azoto.)

    It constitutes 78.09% of our atmosphere. It is inert, but its presence lowers the concentrations of oxygen. If those 78.09% were also oxigen, lighting a match would make of the Earth a very pretty fireball ^^

    Also, antimatter has a opposite charge relatively to matter, in a way that when matter collides into antimatter, both annihilate, turning into energy at a 100% rate. In numbers, 1/4 of a gram of antimatter is enough to blow a hole with 800m radius. Do the math :). You wouldn't need much to blow the Earth up, heck, the solar System

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    The "I guess you know why ?" was a "I won't say "wait for I-Conflict" because every one know why weapons are kind of denied for now". Seems you didn't xD

    I DID understood that, however, i don't see a reason why we couldn't cut down some work for the mighty dragon Lord.

    Tough i would apreciate even a small post on the blog about industrium, i am starting to think this is just an excuse to shut up people (not to offend).

    You'd better suggest that to GregoriusT. I guess you know why ?

    Dear customer:

    Thanks for your concern. We guarantee that the fact that your are still alive its not a malfunction in our hitman services (where the hell is 47?)

    Now seriously. Yes, greg taking this over would be awesome, he is skilled and very good at making recipes.

    Hello. I know there has been a lot of discussion around nano saber enchanting, altough it has been rejected, i will present to you a form of enhancements, in HAYO form, for better comprehension: (No recipes, because i suck at that)

    Hello potential customer! Here is Viper, from Viper Saber enhancements at your disposal!

    Do you fancy the feeling of finding a enemy with a enchanted weapon and wondering what are his enchantments, and what is he planning? Will you shoot you to that lava pit with knockback? Or set you on fire and watch you burn?

    Then you are probably disapointed with the tactical dullness of the nano saber. Upon spotting an enemy equipped with it, you know what to expect. Increased damage, that's all.

    SO, here at Viper Saber enhancements, we have worked day and night to change that. (We guarantee that the 50 dead cientists found dead in our labs with signs of subnutrition have perished of natural causes) We have developed a series of enhancements for your nano saber for increased customizations!

    Simply create/purchase/aquire/steal from santa a nano enhancement table, feed it with low voltage and you are ready to go! Grab your favourite nano saber, put it in the table with the desired enhancement and its done! For your comodity, we have put a list of the different enhancements:

    Charged Blade:

    This enhancement will cover the blade of your saber with eletrically charged particles, causing devastating damage to Organic tissue. Given that the blade needs charge to keep its effect, this will increase energy consumption.

    -Small Increase in damage to all targets, High damage increase to unarmed or lightly armed targets (The lower the armor rating, the more devastating the blade is.
    -Increased Energy consumption:

    Nano Sharpening:

    A series of nano bots deployed trough the blade work tirelessly to sharpen your blade to Micrometric level, adding increased armor penetration. The bots use eletrcitity to do their job.

    -Small damage increase to all targets, Partially ignores armor, producing more damage.(non eletric armors)
    -Increased energy consumption.

    EMP discharger:

    The blade is covered with a series of eletricity discharger bots, wich will drain energy from the enemy armor. However, the stolen energy its used to power up the bots, altough not at a total feeding is achieved. Our scientists ask forgiveness for this, altough rumors about the team responsible for this enhancement being horribly killed are false.
    The Dischargers will cover the blade, decreasing its sharpeness and his damage.

    -Discharges a bit the enemy eletric armor with every hit.
    -Lower damage and armor tolerance
    -Increased energy consumption:

    Eletromagnetic Repulsor

    Using a series of small devices, this enhancement sprays the enemy surface with iron dust (recovered from the air, so no iron rechargin needed) and applies a eletromagnetic field, kicking back the target. This does decrease the blade sharpness.

    -Kicks back the target (knockback effect)
    -Lower damage output
    -Higher energy consumption

    Energy increase

    A reinforced battery will add a higher energy pool. However the increased height will encumber the weapon, decreasing its striking speed (if not codeable, reduce damage)

    -Higher energy pool
    -Slower attack speed (If not codeable, reduce damage)

    Nano Igniter

    A coating of nano bots that project a layer of flammable substance (also collected from the air) igniting next will cause the target to combust! HAYO! However armor tends to get in the way, and the bots will decrease the blade sharpness

    -Sets the target on fire, losing strenght vs armored targets
    -Higher energy consumption.
    -Lower damage output.

    Light Alloys (not sure if codeable):

    The exchange of the materials of the saber for lighter ones (the original are consumed in the process unfortunatly) will decrease its weight, effectively increasing the strike speed. However this materials are not as fit for attack, and produce less damage:

    -Faster strike speed.
    -Lower attack power.

    I hope you are satisfied dear customer! IN case you have any complains/ requests, death treats, feel free to contact us at 0002-UW11LD1E-291. Rumors about misterious deaths related to this number are false.

    While I am all for the addition for 'better' fighting solutions to IC2, I think that any weapon suggestions are denied until the release of the supposed "Industrial Conflict" PVP add-on that Al and RG(?) have hinted to a a number of times in the past.

    DAy 256.

    We ran out of water yesterday. Jake didn't make it. Poor guy.

    Just like many others, disease, hunger or thirst, we are dying, But we will wait or die trying.

    Maybe we will see it... The mythical industrium conflict... i hope.

    Certainly not.
    If you want EU powered machines producing byproducts try GregTech.

    Ok, thanks for the reply, you can lock the tread now.

    I do have greg tech, i use FTB ultimate. (Makes IC2 so much more rewarding, you actually need to work to get stuff :D )