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    Ok everybody. I didn't quite know which section to post this on, but support seemed adequate. Pardon me if that is wrong.

    Ok, so I tried messing around with Steam Nuclear Reactors. Awesome, exactly what i was looking for in a nuclear reactor, however, i have some questions:

    1st: Is there any disadvantage in using this reactor mode (excluding the additional turbines, pipes, e.t.c). Will it produce less, or more EU than conventional reactors? Or is it just slower/faster?

    2nd: How much Steam turbines are required? Just enough so that all of them aren't in 100% use mode, or just a little bit more?

    3rd: Could you please post some good layouts (the steam pipes and turbines layout I mean), I always get pipes full of steam close to the reactor, and almost empty near the turbines...

    OK, simple one this time;
    The Defib Unit is a chestplate item. It needs to be charged with 1 mil EU, and will kill all mobs within a small range, whenever you die. Death drains all EU from the pack, and the pack will essentially give you a second chance, so you don't lose any items.
    Anyone who's played L4D2 will understand what a Defib Pack does, restoring a fair bit of health and draining the energy. However, this will completely drain your hunger and saturation, so if you don't get food quickly...
    No life for you.

    1st. You dont need to have played LFD or LFD2 to know what a defib unit. It is one of the most known medical equipments you know...

    I am afraid, as much as this sounds good, it could be overpowered... after you kill someone, that someone kills you and revives...

    I read the title as "Ciderception" :P
    Cider would be cool though.

    Yea, Cider would be cool.

    What about a whole array of new drinks? Wisky, Vodka, Gin. I mean, we have potatoes and wheat. WE could mix in carrots (tough unrealistic), and we would have access to a lot of new drinks and combo's.

    Tough i still think beer needs to be buffed. Speed for 10 seconds is just... useless.

    UU Uranium has been refused due to the possibility of endless power.

    In short: Power - UUmatter - Uranium - Nuclear reactor - power (repeat ad infinitum). The power output of a nuclear reactor is greater than that of the required to make UU (unless you use greg-tech)

    although i will not flame you, this could be used in other elements, but there would always be that jerk that makes diamonds = 1 uum in config and is like "ERMAGHERD I HAZ DIMONDZ!"

    No, its a good idea to lose all the stuff when dying!

    Yep, i agree with SwordDude. You should loose everything upon death, then you have to do it again. Sometimes in vanilla MC, its easier to die than to hunt or build a shelter, and i dont like it.

    Yea, i think it should be just a little bit smaller.

    Then we could make frame missiles :thumbsup: . You know, i kinda like this... a expensiveness way.

    Tough, what we need, is TSAR BOMBA :D . Just getting a little explosive addicted right now... tough i would like, as a side note, smoke and sound effects for the nuke, like ICBM. It is kinda a disappointment to just... boom. And we need a form of radiation that does a little more than just hunger damage.

    The main problem with nuke's, is that they release radioactive radicals and gama waves. The first ones react with your body and litterally change what you are made of on the inside (not good). Gamma waves change the DNA, wich causes malfunctions at cellular lever.

    How about radioactivity nerfing Steve's skills for a bit, but permanently, to simulate the DNA alterations and such. Get exposed too much and you will get a permanent health reduction over time. What do you need? A decontamination chamber. Multiblock device that consumes a shit ton of energy. Kills you if power runs out while you are inside. (and sorry for deviating from the main post)

    Sounds bout right. They should be abilities that are not in armors, so that they are more unique (or atleast with some alterations)

    More health, more attack with bare hands e.t.c sound cool

    If used like Mat said, it could be OP, allowing for Ore-tracking.

    Oh, and ANYTHING is OP if EE3 is installed. simple as that. Diamonds out of dirt...

    Tough i like the idea, i fear it is highly exploitable.

    1st things 1st. Good day Industrialists!, i hope you are well and happy, that is important.

    2nd I beg your pardon if this has already been researched, i DID used the search bar, however i just got flooded by greg/tech posts, and i would like to make a tread to collect suggestions and ideas.

    Now, on to the suggestion.

    Most of us have seen Thaumcraft 3 research system. It is rather nice, and it makes sense that a stevie that doesnt know how to make a wooden pick is unable to build high tech stuff. That doesnt happen in IC2. There is no researching or leveling up needed, only resources, so i will suggest a research system for IC! (Open to suggestions)

    So, first you would need lab gear. Build a basic Microscope (wood and glass), a basic centrifuge (Iron, redstone, e.t.c) and you will also need a chemical lab and a note pad.
    It works this way:

    You gather an item, lets say redstone. You take it to a microscope, place it and analyze it. You place redstone in the GUI and press "Analyse". A bar starts growing slowly (The more advanced the item, the more time it takes, but never more than a minute or two). If you take out the GUI, the bar will slowly decrease. after it completes, you will get a fact. It will get stored in the microscope, you get your notepad and right click it to gather the fact (EX: Redstone in a basic Microscope: It seems that the material is fragile, yet highly conductible of certain tipes of signals). By using different equipment you will get different facts. (EX: Redstone in a centrifuge: Composed mostly of minerals that fuse at low temperatures).

    So, you gather facts, take it to a research table and right click it with the notepad were you have your facts stored. They will transfer and you will see the facts listed in categories. Type of equipment > Tier of equipment > Material. Double click a fact and it will transfer to the research area. Combine facts together to obtain blueprints. (EX: High conductivity of redstone + Light focusing of glass + Thermal resistance of diamond = LASERS! Now you can write a blueprint\theory. This takes more time, in case of high tier research could take 10 to 20 minutes. Now right click the blueprint and TADAAAAA!! You can now build mining lasers.

    However, by researching teories\blueprints, you can develop new tiers of research equipment. Research optics and you can build more advanced microscopes. After you research computers you can use a computer and CD-s instead of a research table and a notepad (faster that the previous ones, tough you can only use CD/s with eletronic microscopes for example)

    Eventually, by researching AI, you could build robots. Sentry, Cargo and Researcher robots. Right click a computer with a research robot and he will research the techs you assign him to, so that you do something else (tough the robot is slower than you at researching)

    One thing that you could build, more for the lolz, you be a scientific coat (boosts research speed and makes you feel like SCIENCE!)

    Eventually you could combine facts, theories, robots in order to research everything, things like a nuclear reactor, quantum armors, everything!

    Here are a few suggestion for tiers of research devices:

    Research Table > Computer > Nano computer
    Notepad > CD-s > Nano USB
    Basic Microscope > Microscope > Eletronic Microscope
    Basic Centrifuge > Centrifuge > Quantum Centrifuge
    Basic Reaction Table > Laboratory > Nano lab

    Maybe we could even research GLADOS :D .

    So, what do you think_

    @Above IC2's Textures are on the list of the best mod textures, because they look very good together with vanilla textures.

    @Topic A 2x2x2 metre safe? That wouldnt be save!

    Yes, the textures are nice, but that's is what they are, textures. I was saying that we could have more complex models other than a cube... like in VOLTZ machinery has diferent models, Geo gens have a main body machine, a cylinder, e.t.c. Complex models, tough that would make texturing harder.

    I also suggested ( a long ago) that we could develop a chemicals system in IC2, extracting chemical components from plants, e.t.c. Mixing them to create both helpful and deadly potions. This kind of things could be made that way.

    Tough i guess we will have to wait for the mythical industrium conflict to arrive (sometimes i even doubt about it, but heck. A team who can make electricity and nuclear reactors in a Java based game, surely can develop guns for the same game.

    But imagine... IC2 + ICBM...

    It was a peaceful day. In the town of mineosia, the main mineral producer of minecraftia, it would look like a day just as any other. The war with the MC empire seemed to change nothing...
    Until, on the skies, black dots approach. Trough the day they grow bigger, and a terrified population realizes: MISSILES! The city defense system kicks in, but it is not enough... The missiles hit and instead of exploding, a greenish fog starts to appear. Stevies realize they die in a few seconds breathing the air. It is chaos.

    1 week later. A Special force from minecraftia with gas masks move in for damage evaluation. What they saw, they never forgot. Death. Everywhere. Corpses still lie on the ground, both stevies, kids, animals and soldiers alike. They all die the same. Plants are all dead. Everywhere, the greenish tone of death. Mothers holding their kids in the arms, desperately trying to protect them, lovers hugged in a last hug. Chemical Warfare may not destroy the terrain. But it brings Death itself. MC empire will pay for this horrific attack.

    Missiles fly from country to country, until there is nothing left. Death is victorious. Only a small population hidden underground, made by civilians from both countries survives. They will rebuild Block. But it will never be the same.

    I like it. So far Nano sabers are the only weapon IC2 players have (till the mythical industrium) and they just dont do enough damage. Lots of machines could be buffed by a cost. But i think the cost should be upped and it would be better as a addon, suggest it to greg. he is pro in making expensive recipes.