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    quartz would be VERY bad for solar panels, for it reflects and absorbs most of the radiation that incides on it (the common quartz, some types are more crystaline, like watch quartz). Glass is used because it transmits almost all of the radiation, and even so, solars have a 14-16% efficiency.

    Sounds very cool. I love multiblocks bacause + realism + cost. Tough i wouldn't expect this to show up anywhere other than greg-tech, you should go suggest there.

    Thanks. Well i hope someone will do this...


    The idea is nice, but like sworddude just pointed out, Nuclear reactors have just been redone, the devs must tired of them. Still, i would love this as an addon, i already use reactor steam mode, given its more realistic.

    Steam doesnt burn you. It cooks you. But it is hot so you will get damage.

    Steam can be ejected of machines at very high temperatures, of course, water steam formed by water at 100 degrees only cooks, but ejected from a machine at 300, 500 or 800 degrees (whatever temperature you feel like, it only needs to be high), and it will burn you.

    (Like a little kid smashing a fork and a spoon in a table waiting for food)


    I want this so bad, to have a nuclear reactor, a armorstand with a HAZMAT suit and a sign: All employees must wear HAZMAT suits prior to entering reactor room.

    And before SirusKing rushes in complaining about the lack of radioactivity in a real reactor: Realism?! THIS! IS! MINECRAFT!!! (kicks physics and realism off the hedge) We demand HAYO and radioactivity is HAYO!